The Reorientation Guide This link is currently broken do to various reasons so I'll try to put it on the wiki directly. The current of May 07) website doesn't allow for the upload of pdfs.

The Reorientation Guide is a publication created by the ASUCD Campus Center for the Environment. In the spirit of helping the environment and saving paper the publication is available online cce_reorient06.pdf.

2007 Edition

Last word had it was in Creative Media's hands to finish up, no idea where it's at right now Printed copies are now available, but no digital copies yet.

  • Map of Green Locations


  • Reorientation on the cover is misspelled
  • The fonts on the map are trashed, a good copy will be posted here shortly

2006 Edition Featured Articles

Artwork/Layout Designed by Creative Media


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2007-11-16 16:50:21   where are the guides available? —PxlAted