Robert Crumb, AKA R. Crumb, known as "the man credited with founding the underground comics movement" (2006-03-30 SN&R page 3) used to be a resident of Winters. He was immortalized by Terry Zwigoff's documentary "Crumb" (1994), not to be confused with an earlier film "The Confessions of Robert Crumb" (1987) which Robert did of himself. In part of his book My Troubles With Women he goes to the Blue Mango and visits some other people in Davis.

Robert had a band, "The Cheap Suit Serenaders," in which he played the banjo. He performed regularly at the Blue Mango and the Antique Bizzare. Robert and his wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb (also an underground comics artist) now live in France.

He was a co-founder of the Davis newspaper The Flatlander. Before that he was co-founder of Winds of Change, also in Davis. Original R. Crumb artwork hung in their office hallway and was used as the masthead for the publication.

A new comic art contribution by Robert Crumb to the cause of AIDS education is also on The AIDS Trap Brochure.