Faculty Profile
2247 SS&H
(510) 221-8876

Robert Faris is an associate professor of sociology at UC Davis. He received his PhD from the University of North Carolina. In Spring 2011, he was teaching SOC 2 and SOC 120. In early 2011, his studies on the nature of school bullies made headlines around the world and caused a large number of blogs to discuss his findings. He is the older brother of actress and Scary Movie lead star, Anna Faris, and brother-in-law to actor Chris Pratt.

On his UC Davis profile, he lists his research interests as "Social psychology, social networks, adolescence, violence and delinquency", and states, "My current research uses longitudinal social network data to understand the interplay of social integration, social status, aggression, and influence processes. Another primary interest is aggression, and how it is structured in networks".





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I read on Wikipedia that this dude is Anna Faris' brother... Can anyone confirm/deny this? —AngusEubangus

2013-05-06 12:57:18   Yes, he is Anna Faris' brother. He has confirmed it himself. —EmmaButton