1735 Oak Avenue
in the Oak Avenue Professional Complex
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Robert V. Phillips, DDS practices dentistry.

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2007-04-13 09:38:40   Dr Phillips is a great and gentle dentist, plus he has a treasure trove of DHS Yearbooks in his waiting room going way, way back. —EdHenn

2007-04-13 10:32:51   My whole family sees Dr. Phillips. I love that he uses warmish water for rinsing — helps with the cold sensitivity some of us old guys suffer. Also, although he doesn't have virtual reality goggles or any other fancy high-tech gadgets to distract you, he seems to be up on the latest in genuine dental technology (though really, how would I know?). Plus, his magazines are always up to date! —DanLawyer

2007-04-13 16:05:56   He has been the family dentist for years, it's good times. I love the train sets that line the walls —StevenDaubert

2009-01-13 13:08:11   Very friendly and personable, and seemingly very reasonably priced (we recently moved from the Bay Area so my expectations may be off). It's too early to tell for sure about the quality of the work, but the experience of having it done was certainly as pain-free as could be expected and I've had no problems so far. I also appreciated the fact that he did not seem to be trying to "upsell" services as many dentists do. —DataPoint

2010-07-22 03:50:28   I love the whole staff at his place. They're always very friendly and have lots of schwag to hand out. I've been going here my whole life and even as a child going to the dentist was actually a TREAT, never something dreaded. I've never had a cavity and I'm sure I owe my healthy teeth at least in part to the great care I've received. —KBathory

2011-01-08 11:35:19   Dr. Phillips has basically been my dentist for my entire life (I vaguely remember a brief stint at Dr. Mollitar's with a horse puppet involved for showing me how to brush my teeth...or maybe that was a dream? XD). I've had sensitive teeth for a long time but I have never had any problems. I also have fairly chronic TMJ disorder, which makes it hard to keep my mouth widely open for long periods of time, and they are always very accommodating about this. I'm pretty certain it is due to Dr. Phillips lecturing me (kindly) on dental hygiene as a kid which has instilled in me a life-long aversion to fuzzy teeth. The result: I've never had a cavity :) —Anja

2011-05-20 08:40:23   The best! I heard Vicki is about to retire thou! —StevenDaubert

2015-12-09 19:30:08   Would not recommend at all. They totally screwed up the billing of my last dental office visit. It took them almost a year and a half to send the claim to my dental insurance. By then too much time had elapsed so the insurance was not obligated to pay. I had to pay all in full for something I had insurance for. I am very upset that the dental office never let me know the bill had not been paid yet. Also, they had all the information they needed to file the claim in time but according to my dental insurance they never did. Dr Robert Phillips office staff made a mistake and then they made me pay for it. I wouldn't want to be their patient if they can't take responsibility for their mistakes. Also, they used to have a great dental hygienist but when she retired they got a different one who really isn't that good. Too many "ooops" often leading to my gums bleeding. I wonder why I didn't change dentists sooner then this. —Pittiplatsch

2016-03-28 23:02:35   I would not recommend this dentist for anyone who has a permanent bottom retainer. Last week, I went to get my teeth cleaned at Dr. Phillips. Earlier in the morning, I had gone to the orthodontist to get my removable retainer and my lingual (permanent) bottom retainer checked. Everything was fitting well and my permanent retainer was well intact. As the afternoon rolled around, I went to my dental cleaning at 12 pm. As I had previous experience with my lingual retainer breaking due to rough movements in my mouth, I notified the hygienist to be careful with it. She made sure my lingual retainer was intact and secure. About halfway through the cleaning, I noticed the hygienist continually picking at my retainer. After about 3 more minutes of picking I became increasingly anxious. Around 1-1:30 pm, right after I returned home, part of my lingual retainer suddenly detached. My gums were swollen from the continuous picking so I had not eaten anything since the cleaning. My mother immediately called my orthodontist and Dr. Phillips's office and notified them of this incident. The orthodontist and the dentist then called each other and arrangements were made to reschedule with my orthodontist to re-glue the retainer.The following day, I had the appointment with my orthodontist and everything was glued and re-done. The receptionist at the orthodontist said she would charge the $130 on my mother's credit card first, and then the dentist would return the money into her account. However, a few days ago, we received a letter from Dr. Phillips's office saying that after consulting with the hygienist, the hygienist had verified that my retainer was secure and consequently they would not take responsibility for the retainer breaking. Of course my retainer was secure BEFORE the cleaning and picking- the hygienist did not check it afterwards!! Overall, a very unpleasant dental experience and terrible communication that resulted in unanticipated costs to me as a patient. —estie_chan