Roller Hockey is a sport related to hockey played with roller skates and distinct from field hockey or indoor hockey.

Once upon a recent time, UC Davis had an outdoor roller hockey rink, complete with boards, glass, floodlights and electronic scoreboard! Later on the rink was even outfitted with a smooth, non-abrasive skating surface. IM roller hockey teams played at the La Rue Road rink, as did the UC Davis Roller Hockey clubs and other local teams. Unfortunately, the rink fell victim to the construction-happy school that is UC Davis; rink pieces were sold off (through the Bargain Barn), and the area was converted to a very well lit basketball court. Currently the Health and Wellness Center is under construction at this site.


However, just around the same time, the DISC came into being. The most specialized of the Davis fitness centers, the Davis Indoor Sports Center was a popular destination for roller hockey fanatics. The DISC offered facilities for inline roller hockey, indoor soccer, and other sports, and offered childrens and adult leagues, lessons, and playing time for local leagues, UCD Roller Hockey clubs, and UCD IM games.

Speaking of IM roller hockey, well, it too was another casuality of costs and reloction. With the move to the DISC, team entry fees became exorbitant, deterring most casual players and dwindled participation to zero.

UC Davis Roller Hockey

The UCD Roller Hockey Club is part of UC Davis's Sports Clubs. The Roller Hockey Club competes at the collegiate level throughout California.

Adult League

The DISC hosted the adult league hockey games. Most games are played throughout the week at night. Anyone 16 years or older can join a team and play. The season usually last 3 months or about a UC Davis quarter.


As mentioned, the DISC offered lessons, leagues, and pick-up/skate-and-shoot times. A little-known secret is the West Manor Park off of Lake Blvd., a City of Davis public park with a fenced-in, roller and street hockey surface, complete with face-off circles and goals. There are also, of course, countless parking lots in Davis where pick-up roller games can take place.