This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


4602 Second Street Suite 4
Wine Tasting
Mon-Sat 12-6:00PM
(530) 747-2044
Mark West

Rominger West Winery closed on April 28, 2012. On that day it hosted its final Last Saturday, an event that occurred monthly. Live music was provided by Marty Cohen and the Sidekicks. In its final month, the winery featured green and sustainable vendors from the local Sacramento area.

Created in 2004, Rominger West Winery strives to fill a gap in the wine market with their small-lot artisan wines and a focus on sustaining and encouraging local agriculture and community. With a tasting room and warehouse located in Davis, Rominger West brings wine country to your front door and opens your eyes to beautiful handcrafted wines designed to go well with food and reflect the local terroir. The winery can be rented out as a multipurpose space for private events like receptions, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties and the like.

Facts about the winery


Rominger West winemaker Mark West had worked in Napa for a number of years when he met Charlie Rominger, a local farmer with Rominger Brother Farms who was growing grapes for wineries in Napa. Mark felt that Charlie’s grapes were of such a high quality that they needed make a plan to produce their own wine together. They decided to pick a site, grow grapes and create a delectable wine from Yolo County. Rominger West was born. Charlie Rominger and Mark West both grew up in Yolo County and their winery remains true to their roots. Rominger West focuses on sustainable farming and local conservation and reuse of resources to support and encourage the economic viability of rural Yolo County land and farmers. Rominger West wines are handcrafted with as little machine interference as possible to produce wines that have been gently cultivated and nurtured throughout the winemaking process.

Today Rominger West Winery is growing in Yolo County, becoming more and more involved in the community, supporting local organizations and encouraging sustainable agriculture. With the 2011 harvest finished, they are looking forward to bottling new wines over the next few months and are eager to share more and grow with the community.


Current releases (Available for sale by the bottle in the tasting room and at select store and restaurants. Tastings poured 12-6 Mon-Sat in the tasting room)

2010 Grenache Blanc- Yolo County 2010 Rominger Ranch White -Yolo County 2008 Chardonnay -Yolo County 2005 Chapman Vineyard Red -Yolo County 2005 Chapman Hill Syrah-Yolo County (available for tasting or for sale in carafe, but not currently bottled) NV- Tailwind Red -California NV- Tailwind White -California

In barrel – (Not available at the moment)

2006 Rominger Ranch Red - Yolo County 2006 Herren Vineyard Red -Capay Valley ( **Organically farmed grapes from Capay Valley.) 2011 Rose - Yolo County

Weekly Specials

Thursday - Happy Thursday 4:30-7:30 pm Special pricing on all of our wines by the glass. Live Music. Special Pricing: Glasses are served at two special prices, $6.50 or $9.00 depending on the wine

Monthly Events

"Friday Night Live": 5:30-7:30, mellow live music and wine by the glass. Unwind after a long week!

Second Friday - ArtAbout 5:30-7:30pm Be a part of this Davis tradition celebrating local artists. Each month, a new artist is displayed on our walls. The reception is free and includes wine tasting and live music. $Complimentary

Last Saturday - 12:00-5:00pm Every last Saturday of the month, join us for live music, wine-tasting, local vendors and good food. $Complimentary

Tasting Room Information

"Rominger West Winery provides wine tasting Monday-Saturday from 12 to 6 PM. Wine tasting outside regular hours or for large groups can be made by appointment by calling 530-747-2044. We also have space available to hold events. Think of us for your next business meeting, fundraiser or birthday party."

Yolo County Wine Tasting Map



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2009-09-16 15:37:47   I have personally never been to this place, and although I like wine, I am turned off of going here simply because of the fact that they are taking over the events board in this Wiki with all their advertisements. I feel like the events board is a space for community events and not one that private businesses should use for free advertisement. Since most of the events are recurring, I think that a more appropriate place for these postings might be the "regular events" page. —mydiaz

  • While they may have gone a bit overboard recently, they are hardly the worst offenders. I have personally encouraged them, and many other organizations, to post their events on the Events Board. They have many one-off events, such as the one I attended yesterday (2009-10-11). Among corporate/businesses, they are one of the best. Their whole existance is based around sustainable agriculture, plus they have been generous in giving back to the Davis community. Let's not criticize them for what is really a DavisWiki events board policy matter. —SteveDavison

2009-10-14 10:26:20   What a wonderful surprise! I just happened to stop in this weekend after checking out the new Target (its across the street) and it was lovely! They were having a Fall Festival with live jazz, free tastings and there were even local vendors selling crafts and gormet treats. I was truely impressed with their wines as well (try the Chapman Hill Syrah...its delish!)! I fully plan on returning sometime soon...they mentioned something about specials on Thursday evenings. —pattom

2009-10-26 14:24:16   We just held my husband's 50th birthday party here, and I highly recommend this as an event site. They bent over backwards to meet our needs. We had abut 70 guests, about 20 of which were small children. Rominger provided an area for the kids to play (with supervision). The kids were able to draw with chalk on the floor and play other games, while the adults sampled wine and had real food and conversations. It was a perfect venue for this. —JenniferHolman

2009-11-06 13:31:48   Please do post your calendars on your website, and do include quick links to them from this page (they're hard to find on your website). If you want to put them on this page, I don't have an objection either. I don't think it's a good idea for them to be published on the events_board though. Let's keep the events_board for one-off events, either single day or multi-day, but not month-long general calendars. Do keep posting special events there though. I hope you consider this a polite request. —SteveDavison

2010-02-06 12:19:07   I finally went here recently and was pleasantly surprised by the tasty wines. The music events look like they should be fun as well. —EdHenn

2010-02-26 09:16:20   I went last night (with husband and son) to hear jazz singer Natalie Armstrong. The music was fantastic, and I hope her group comes back often! Acoustics and lighting for the singer and musicians were not great, but they are supreme performers. Oh yeah, I drank a glass of nice wine too. There were some munchies, but not quite enough. I'm planning to go again, and I hope to encourage my friends to do so also. —NoelBruening

2010-04-14 15:46:07   Rominger West is the best kept secret in Davis. We love Happy Thursdays- the staff are all very nice and the wines are outstanding! —RenewDenim

2010-05-13 00:18:07   Rominger West does one thing right... They have great employees and great events. The problem lies(sp) with the wine. Before I go on, I really like this place. The wine rates a D plus to a C minus. The Reserves are OK but not worth the $40 plus a bottle. I'm sure they know this. It is always a treat to attend events, just hope the wine improves. —spook00

2010-09-09 18:02:11   The customer service here is amazing. The hosts and hostesses are extremely considerate and helpful. The atmosphere is nice and it was fun listening to a live band (although the music is loud enough to inhibit talking with anyone). They have tasty snacks out at the tasting as well. The problem is really the wine. I only had a Syrah, so maybe the others are better, but the Syrah was very acidic although it did have a nice robust flavor if you ignored the acidity. I will come back to try the other wines, but I don't have high hopes. —RachelPeters

2010-10-02 17:38:48   The atmosphere is great and the people are fantastic. The wine was very nice, and really reasonably priced (much less than the $40/bottle an earlier reviewer noted - perhaps they've altered their prices?). We look forward to going back for the live music. We've been looking at the place for years as we drove by it, and we're really glad we decided to actually stop in today! —S.O.S.

2011-10-09 18:33:35   My son and I have attended many of the Thursday afternoon live music events at this Davis winery, and we are always pleased with the free appetizers, the live music, and the beverages. The last time I went, I asked what they had for my (10-year old) son to drink. Immediately the proprietor went to the kitchen to fetch him a juice box, and she wouldn't let me pay for it. I gladly paid for my wine, which was rich and tasty. With the lush smell of wine, the delicious food and drink, the pleasant decor, the commitment to the Davis community, the excellent customer service, and (often) the live music, Rominger West Winery offers a welcome cultural experience. Highly recommended. —DrandyJones

2012-04-27 09:31:19   It's closing? That's awful! Anything we can do to reverse the situation? —Chamoudah