Ryan Meyerhoff was a member of the ASUCD Senate, having won his seat via a countback election to fill the vacancy created by former Controller and Senator Eli Yani. Meyerhoff ran as an independent candidate in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election, earning The Aggie's #2 endorsement.

Meyerhoff graduated with his B.A. in Political Science in 2012, and his J.D. in 2015 from UC Davis' King Hall. He held various posts within ASUCD and the Administration.

Past Roles:

During his undergraduate and law school career, Meyerhoff served as lead or assistant counsel in numerous high-profile student government court cases.  As a result, presidential candidates have been disqualified, student fees were invalidated, and controversial legislation was ruled unconstitutional.

Candidate Statement from his Winter 2011 Senate race

Hello fellow students. I’m Ryan Meyerhoff – a 3rd year Political Science major. You deserve a responsible government that can be held accountable to vote how you want *your money* spent. Therefore, I hope to use my experience to bring an Independent voice to the ASUCD Senate.

My Platform:

*FREE PARKING:* I will work with the Transportation & Parking Administrative Advisory Committee and TAPS to get free parking on campus by 9PM instead of 10PM.

*NO PICTURES ON BALLOTS:* People should vote for qualifications, not appearances.

*NO NEW FEES*: I have spent 3 years fighting for lower fees on the Student Fee Advisory Committee to the Vice Chancellor. As a Senator, I will do my best to kill any new campus-initiated fees for our student body.

*RESPONSIBILITY*: The meat & potatoes of a Senator’s job lies in voting on bills and working on the ASUCD Budget. I promise to scrutinize the budget to ensure responsible spending, vote on bills in a level-headed manner, and work past partisan divides with the interest of the whole student body in mind.

*EXPERIENCE*: I am a veteran within your government, serving on the ASUCD Supreme Court, as Chair of the Elections Committee, and as a member of the Business and Finance Commission. I’ll use my experience to cut red tape and ensure that students like you have an efficient and effective student government.

~~~ I know how good government works – I recognize a good idea when I see one and will support the quality projects of fellow Senators, regardless of their slate. I have been serving you since freshman year, so I know how to accomplish my goals. I only ask that you allow me to continue serving the student body as your ASUCD Senator. ~~~ Vote for Experience & Leadership. Vote for Ryan Meyerhoff ~~~ Facebook me with your questions.


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