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The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) provides electricity to Sacramento County. It is a non-for-profit and publicly-owned utility with an elected board of directors.

Yolo Annexation

In January 2003, parts of Yolo County (i.e. Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento) started a feasibility study looking into switching from PG&E as electricity provider to SMUD. A map of the planned expansion as well as Yolo County Board of Supervisors agendas and documents are available at http://www.yolocounty.org/SMUD/default.htm.

On April 20, 2006, the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission approved the annexation. SMUD may become the electrical provider for Davis, Woodland, and West Sacramento (as well as areas between them) as early as 2008 if voters in Yolo County approve Measures H&I and voters in Sacramento county approve Measure L in November 2006. Measure H passed with 51% of the vote and Measure I failed by 10 votes. Furthermore, less than 40% of voters in both Sacramento and Placer Counties were in support of annexation, which means that, even if H and I both passed, annexation could not continue. Therefore, PG&E will remain the electricity provider for Yolo County.


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2005-07-12 10:30:55   Having lived in Sacramento, I see this as a good thing. Their rates are cheaper and they have much better customer service. Unfortunately PG&E will still be the gas company. —RogerClark

2006-05-31 11:40:17   I've been in Sac for 5 years now, and I also have only good things to say about SMUD. Where PG&E is well known for polluting land (i.e. the hexavalent chromium in Hinkley) SMUD's claim to fame is investment in renewable energy resources (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMUD). —LeightonHinkley

2006-06-02 18:45:53   Public control of public resources, what a shocking idea! —KenjiYamada

2006-10-20 01:01:11   vote! —MatthiasGropp

2007-12-02 10:59:52   I'm not happy with SMUD in Midtown Sacramento. If you have basic good habits and conserve energy, you won't use much, and you'll end up with more expensive bills than PGE's: SMUD adds a $5.00 a month service charge which is pretty lame. —EdWins