Comments from Sam's Mediterranean Cuisine dating from 2008 and before:

2004-11-15 20:38:10   If you want crunchier falafels with onion, go to Ali Baba. Otherwise, Sam's is great. - MarieHuynh

2005-03-20 23:34:46   The chicken schwarma (sp?) is one of m absolute favorite foods ever! —SusanParson

2005-06-06 22:00:09   The falafels are good, though they would be much better if they had some Tapatio Hot Sauce available. Ali Baba has said Hot Sauce, but their falafels are not as good in my opinion, so it's quite the predicament. —BrandonKeene

2005-06-13 16:07:41   The owner's son, Mo, recommended the chicken sandwich to me a while back. Its really flavorful and definitely my favorite thing on the menu. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-06-17 04:57:31   I like both Ali Baba's and Sam's Med, can't we all get along? I like the variety at Ali Baba's better (daily specials..mmm), but I think the Falafels at Sam's are better. I've also since tried the Turkey Burger on a recommendation (surprisingly tasty) and teh Chicken Sub (Very good, chicken slightly dry). In comparison, I think Sam's has better food service, and you can't beat the Schwarmas. —AlvinTsao

2005-07-08 09:34:06   First of all, I don't think that the Controversy section above is relavant. The only "Occupation" I care about is having one of Sam's spicy chicken shawarmas occupy by belly! The food there is excellent and the staff is friendly. 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up! —JustinLing

2005-08-31 02:37:51   For the Sam's employees: I heard that Sam's gets pita bread shipped in daily from someplace? Is this true? I also heard that Sam's was looking into starting a hookah bar but the city didn't allow this? Is that true? (I'm just curious and I thought I'd ask knowing that some Sam's folks are looking =) —PhilipNeustrom

2005-09-01 13:27:07   Sam was the first person to apply for a hookah bar permit Davis. The permit is still pending. —JimSchwab

2005-09-04 01:05:21   "Sam's Mediterranean/Politics" if you feel like reading about it. Some people would rather you didn't. Up to you. —IrenePark

2005-10-05 19:02:17   Sams has the best chicken shwarma over rice in the entire world. Trust me this guy makes the tastiest food in Davis. Do not go to Ali Baba if you really like middle Eastern and mediterranean food. I would be surprised if you would be unsatisfied here. Go try his shwarma over rice now!!! —SameerDutt

2005-11-09 23:18:38   Sams is one of the finest restaurants in the town of Davis. The owner and staff are kind and courteous. The food is great as many students, families, and professors have known for many years. It is authentic and flavorful, and basically the best kept secret in terms of restaurants. Lastly, the price for any menu item is very reasonable. But don't take my word for it, try it out, and see why his customers are loyal. —DrSoltero

2005-12-23 10:03:50   I was going to get a cheeseburger, but they didn't have anymore beef, so the girl recommended a turkey burger. I got it with cheese and it was great! I loved the mural on the wall too. —NickSchmalenberger

2006-01-18 12:37:05   good, fast service, and fabulous bread (more naan-like than pita). best chicken schwarma in davis, but still rather salty. i haven't tried it yet, but i hear the chicken sub on a roll is great. —AhuShahrabani

2006-03-04 19:39:15   First time I went there, I was extremely impressed. I wish they were open on Saturdays. I go here once a week for my comfort food. One of my favorite places in Davis —AlexGarcia

2006-03-06 19:43:18   Both shawarma selections are good, reasonably priced, and filling. I prefer the chicken for health and ethical reasons, but the lamb is delicious as well. Forget about the controversy, this is a city built around a fine educational institution. There are few people here, especially proprieters who largely serve students, who will not discuss almost anything with you if you ask them. Come for the food, not the politics. —AviBirns

2006-04-03 15:00:23   The chicken shawarma is absolutely delicious. It was very filling and the pita had a nice texture- not quite naan and not quite bread. The chicken pieces reminds me a little of tofurky. Does the cashier girl always scowl like that? She looked like she could've used a nap. —JennaChan

2006-11-15 16:54:46   Sam's was the first place I ever ate when I arrived in Davis and I've NEVER been disappointed. I'm a huge fan of their vegetarian-friendly menu and intimate family-friendly atmosphere. Sam and his kids always greet my family and I with a smile, and I'm always sure to bring out-of-towners to his joint for a killer lunch. My wife is a hard-core meat-eater and raves about the cheeseburgers and chicken shwarma. Sam's is exactly what I hope for in a college-town restaurant: small place, great value for your dollar. I can see why they have such loyal customers. —VivekMathrani

2006-12-20 10:58:48   The best falafel sandwich in town. I wish they would put their excellent fries inside the falafel. —ScottWeintraub

2006-12-27 23:04:36   Im a third year at Davis and am very sad i hadent found Sams earlier. The guy recomended a Shawarma something ive never tried and it was great. You have to trust a man with amazing eyes. —EricaMcbride

2006-12-28 00:10:02   You can't talk about Sams without mentioning Sam. He is a great guy and has a great way of making everyone feel welcome. —PeterStanzler

2006-12-28 23:55:44   I like their beef shwarma over rice. You have to ask for over rice, or your shwarma will be wraped, without rice. —JohnWong

2007-01-24 20:52:40   Had the falafel here last week and geez... was it ever good. Totally delicious on a fresh pita with crisp veggies and yogurt spread. I also split a baklava with one of my roommates and it was also quite delish. This was my first time here and I will definitely be coming back. —StacieTownsend

2007-03-17 14:36:41   Reliably fast service, reasonably priced food, and a hummus you can't beat! The food is much better than Ali Baba's and the people working here are helpful and nice. The hummus I always get has olive oil drizzled on it and has hints of capers. —CandiceWang

2007-03-29 01:14:56   Vwry nice, staff and cook. Schwarma and falafel were great. —JarrettNoble

One of the first places I tried in Davis. Sam's is awesome, though it has a few problems because of its smallness, they serve some great food. The kabobs are excellent, especially the spicy lamb, but their baklava is a bit dry. The service, is sometimes fast, sometimes slow, it depends on the crowd, but it is always genuinely good. If you are not in a terrible hurry, this is an awesome place to eat and chat with friends, the outdoor seating is especially nice for this. ~DavePoole 30th March 2007

2007-05-01 12:02:29   This is the greatest restaurant in Davis. It also has the best mediterranian food outside of the middle east. I have looked, I have searched, and It's hard to find, another restartant like Sams, like Saaaaaaammmmmssss. Ali Baba's got food but it's nothing like Saaaaaammm's... —William.Peacock

2007-05-01 12:03:16   Holler. —William.Peacock

2007-05-02 20:39:46   I think this is a good place to get some nice falafel and hummus in a pita. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-15 20:28:06   simply delicious! I love the falafel and the schwarmas. I'm sure other things are good too, but I always seem to order the falafel - so good! Great customer service, and very quick, even when busy. —MaggieJacoby

2007-05-21 20:06:51   I certainly enjoyed their falafels. I was skeptical about trying it here because the place looks a bit shady. But I was glad that I did. Their fries are good, too. Free soda Mondays are great! —BreeButler

2007-06-05 16:03:35   I'm completely addicted to the chicken shawarma. I tried my first one on Picnic Day when I was hung over and it was still delish. Now I have to go at least once a week. I just had one today. And yesterday too. They're so good. And the staff is awesome and very friendly. —MollyeKt

2007-06-09 20:32:46   Best fries in town. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-06-10 21:21:46   The people that work here are reallly nice. the beef or chicken schawarma with the yogurt sauce is what i'd recommend (they're soo good). they have yummy falafels too. —MissBelomy

2007-07-02 15:29:21   I had the lamb kabob last Friday (it was the special). Oh sweet holy mother of dog was it ever delicious. I don't think I've ever eaten a more delicious baby animal. —ArlenAbraham

2007-07-12 16:05:19   I just came back from a trip to Israel where I bought falafel several times from some Jerusalem Palestinians. It was fantastic. So when I came back, I decided to try the falafel at Sam's. It wasn't the same thing at all. A good falafel shop has condiments such as: fried eggplant, olives, pickled cauliflower, pickled turnip, lightly fried cabbage, chopped lime, olives, and other stuff; as well as tahini, hot sauce, and mango sauce. Sam's falafel has just lettuce, tomatoes, and tahini; and the tahini is okay but too thick. Also the falafel balls are too big and fall apart too easily.

Not to mention, the falafel in Jerusalem was $2 (at several places), while at Sam's it's $5.

I applaud Sam's for trying — the restaurant is okay and the people are friendly — but it could be much more than it is.


2007-08-03 17:19:56   Wow. I don't think it's fair to compare the prices of a local mom 'n pop store situation in Yolo County, CA, USA to the prices in Israel. It's hard to believe but the prices of food items in restaurants don't just cover the ingredients, but the land costs, lighting, employee wages, etc. This is why a Samosa here costs nearly $2, when I can easily fly to India and buy one from a street vendor for $.05. —JesseSingh

2007-08-10 14:05:14   i'm too addicted to this place. i have not been disappointed with any of their food items, but it is always a toss up between chicken schawarma and turkey burger when i go there. also, i noticed that they have been trying to improve their fries. i can see the gradual changes and they are starting to add spices to make them better. —SaThai

2007-09-18 23:17:34   can someone tell me if Sam's accepts Visa? I need somewhere to take my parents to lunch and my dad LOVES falafel! —ArianeMetz

  • I'm pretty sure that they only accept cash.

2007-09-19 09:57:36   FOOD=A, SERVICE=sometimes A sometimes B. The owner is really friendly and he looks like a really nice guy. One day I order food TO GO and I got one small juice from their fridge and I thought they already put it on the plastic bag (with food)—I just left. At home, I checked my meal there was not juice in it. I called them, the young man picked up the phone and he just BLAMED me. I recognized him he never smile at all. I wish he won't be cashier anymore. —SoMeOnE

2007-10-03 21:51:28   Best burger in town, I think. I did a jig in my head when I took my first bite today. —ElisaHough

2007-10-09 22:12:40   i had the Chicken shawerma from Sams and there was overly done spice on it. My friend got the beef shawerma and he said it tasted awful. From all the hype i have read in this site i have to give this place 2 thumbs down. Most of my reviews of resturants are pretty good, but because i ended up throwing up the next morning i just had to comment on my experience here. —JasonKong

2007-10-20 20:43:18   Sams is the best. I have eaten there, at least 400 times, I am not kidding. I am surprised you got sick Jason, I've never gotten sick from Sams. Maybe hang over ;), something else you ate? For everybody's info, Sam only puts spices on shawarma if you request it. The prices are really good too. He is a really nice guy, and he has given me tons of free sodas. There is nobody else like Sam, he is one of a kind. —Daniel.M

2007-10-21 01:35:02   The beef shwarma is to die for. Not just a regular happy death either. This is worthy of an excruciating death where you get your arms and legs torn off while everyone you know, even your dog, mocks your very existence.

It's that good. —IDoNotExist

%% My girlfriend read your comment and suggests that, if you are going to exaggerate that much, you need to go to Ankara, Bursa, or Florya in Istanbul and eat real doner/Iskender kebap at the renowned Uludag restaurant. —MaviGozler

2007-10-24 01:00:50   Ok Im an OG Sam's addict Vet and Im here to speak nothing but the truth! Sams goes so hard, and real sams bosses get the mixed sauce on your shawarma. But dont think cuz u read this, u can get that mixed sauce, you gotta earn it. Only when Fatima or Mo recognize you and show you love, can you then dare to ask for the special mixed sauce. Ok, also their is nothing better to accompany your Sams than a Suicide soda at the fountain, again u gotta be a tripple og to realy know what im talkin about. People also sleep on the baklava. and this for those talkin that controversy shit, you pollute the air I breathe. Israel has the third biggest military in the world, 2nd biggest nuclear program, and just got a 30 billion in US AID over the next ten years and ya'll are trippin off SJP having a meeting at Sam's??? —PowellDeGange

2007-10-25 20:12:00   This is for Mr. Jason Kong. You are so just can't eat spicy food, LOL.....four thumbs down for you..... —Patricia

2007-11-08 22:45:37   i got the chicken was very pissed since back home in so cal..the kabobs basically at sam's it wasnt even a kabob..just grilled chicken dripping in some kind of tasty sauce i guess with salad and pita..i was mad..i jsut wanted some decent rice.and chicken kabob..also my friend got the falafel from here...the falafel balls are a long chunk...they dont bother to make the balls...whatever i guess if you really want some of this food..go for it..but for 645 for a crappy falafel and kabob..dont go here..go to crepeville or anywhere else.. —MAIRA

2007-11-29 15:17:26   Uhhh... I've eaten here probably a million times in my lifetime, and I've never gotten sick. The food is also not spicy in the least. I do recommend asking for Extra Spicy on your food. Yes, this is my third posting on this page.—William.Peacock

2007-11-30 20:33:34   Sam's Restaurant is such an awesome place to eat. I always crave middle eastern food and this is def the place that i love to eat. I would have to say that the entire menu is awesome but my favorite is the chicken kabob on rice. its awesome. The customer service there is great too. They welcome you and if you ask for their opinions they are very honest about what you should pick. I was looking at some of the other comments and one caught my eye and it was MIRA....i dont believe that you went to the right restaurant if you don't like the food there because it is delicious and its not expensive in comparison to other places. Everyone in Davis should try Sam's Restaurant cause you will not regret it. —rocky112

2007-11-30 23:58:01   I love Sam's, could eat here like every day. The Shawarma (all kinds) is literally some of the best food I have found in Davis and I lived here over Twenty-One years. Who cares about the politics - Its not even poltiics allowing a meeting in a restaurant its just business. Allowing people to eat at one's establishment and being friendly with regulars is not a sign of agree with that other person's politics but rather a sign of someone who is trying to keep customers happy. The Atheist and Agnostic group meets at Woodstocks that doesn't mean Woodstocks is Anti-Christian. It just a business owner being smart and his food is so good that is another way that he is being smart. I will continue to eat here because it is good cheap food. —BenjaminRosenstein

2007-12-02 15:30:20   I have been going to sam's for as long as it was established.I tried absolutely evrything on their menu, the food has always been top notch as well as the service.For someone like MAIRA to say that the falafel is one big chunk,please get your facts straight because the falafels are always made in balls.You also said that the falafel is 645 but for your information it is 4.99,and why would you compare a middle eastern restaraunt like Sam's to a french restaraunt like crepville knowing they are 2 absolute different types of food.They also have shawarma over rice and kabob over rice only if you order or call ahead of time(knowing from experience).For whomever said that the food was too spicy,they only put spicy sauce when told so.For MAIRA 5 thumbs down for you and 6 thumbs up for Sam'S. —johnathon

2007-12-19 15:21:02   Sam's is the best mediterranean food in Davis. I love the shawarma over rice and would eat it everyday if i could. The shawarma wrapped in pita is also delicious and Sam's Cheeseburger surpasses "Burger's and Brew's" hands down. I have yet to find a more reasonably priced and distinctively appetizing restaurant with such a friendly atmosphere. —adcooper

2007-12-19 21:14:39   I get the falafel sandwich when I go there. The family's always very nice and welcoming, and the food is always top-notch. It greatly bothers me that some people may ignore this place because of their supposed political leanings. Good food is good food, and there's nothing political about a kind family who owns a great restaurant! Period! —thelonepiper555

2008-01-10 02:56:24   Always friendly service. The owner recognized us every time after our first visit. The falafel & grape leaves are great. The crispy fries are even better. I love that they have my favorite chili-garlic hot sauce here. —AprilAries

2008-01-12 21:25:16   I really love this place, the owner/chef is always nice to customers. I love their Shawermas (B&C) over rice plus dolmas. The price is not high at all. As an undergrad—I can afford it. —Lorna

2008-01-14 12:13:43   Look at Tuesday!!! —MrJonny

2008-01-29 13:56:57   I have been here about 3 times—food is always GREAT...... —randiv

2008-02-08 16:10:32   Just went there for my first time. Ordered the lamb kebob. It was really good, except what I expected was a shish kebob on a skewer, but what I got was like the chicken shawarma, only with lamb kebob inside. Not was excellent and the lamb was perfect...just not really what I expected. I'm a huge fan of kebabs. I highly reccomend everyone to try this place at least once. The decor on the inside is great, too, and the music kicks ass. —boristheblade

2008-02-19 23:00:52   The falafel is soggy (too soggy), I prefer the cruncier ones at Ali Baba. However, the bread and sandwich toppings are better at Sam's. Oh Sam's could you just make your falafel crunchy please! —mj

2008-02-21 19:37:36   just tried the chicken shawarma and kabob. both were very good and the price was right. they kinda take the place of the wraps I used to eat at new delhi chaat cafe. —BlairGoss

2008-02-26 19:13:16   Sam's schawarma over rice is the bees knees. The only problem is that you have to wait until after 2:00 pm to get it. I think that's when they make the rice, for some reason. —PhilChiu

2008-04-13 12:52:40   My friends and I go here a lot because the prices are so reasonable. I love their falafels. Although eating there can get a bit messy (don't wear a white shirt like I did), it is definitely worth it. The special free drink offers are great, too. —LizV

2008-05-14 20:40:02   I love this place —JK

2008-06-06 22:47:01   I had fries from Sam's for the first time the other day and they were REALLY good. I was back for more today. Yum! —EliseKane

2008-06-11 19:55:02   Really nice service and good food at a good price. I can't complain about anything —AnnaF

2008-06-20 17:39:15   The food is SO EFFING GOOD... I love gyros and have had them from a BUHJILLION different places, but this not only seems the most authentic, but also REALLY reasonable. You have a full stomach for 6.50. AND - they have specials so on certain days you get a free drink - SMART for being so close to campus... That kinda shit wins over broke college students LOL. And, the staff is REALLY nice and welcoming, which is so rare these days. I love Sam's. Would have it over MU COHO food anyday. —joeistheish

2008-07-20 15:46:49   Had the Dolmas (grape leaf thingies) and they were great. Going back there soon, what exactly are the chicken shawarma and the Greek Veggie Sandwich? Is the veggie sandwich vegetarian? —davisGeek

2008-07-23 21:43:04   Oh god, just ate an entire beef sharwaramamamaramamawama over rice and am ready to pass out. Loved the cucumber-tomato-feta salad. The extra 2 bucks is worth it (over the regular shawarma w/ pita) cuz its like 3 times more food. —davisGeek

2008-09-01 13:36:37   I just got back from my second trip to Sam's and I have to say I'm in love. The chicken shawarmas are amazing and for $5.99 you get a lot of food. I've tried various other middle eastern dishes while on tours in the middle east and I have to say that Sam's is spot on. —TheDavisMarine

2008-10-15 11:08:43   Chicken shwarmas are to die for. Def oneof my fave places in davis. —StephZhu

2008-10-16 14:24:50   This place gives me too much food for my money! I can never eat it all!!! —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-11-07 23:02:26   I have been there a few times and have never been disappointed. If you are especially hungry, try their humongous Shawarma over rice. —Xenophon

2008-11-12 23:33:11   Ahhh...Sams. I love this place, especially the outdoor seating! I only wish that they didn't only accept cash...I rarely have it on me and since I changed banks I haven't been able to find an atm near campus... —ArianeMetz