Professionally Managed by Yolo Property Management
Manager: Sharon
2121 Glacier Drive
(West Davis, near the intersection of Covell & Denali)
Leasing Office Hours
Weekdays 9:00-5:00
Unit Amenities
Central Heat & Air
Wash & Dryer in every unit
Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove & Microwave
Cable access
Community Amenities
Free Covered Parking
On-Site Laundry Facilities
Fitness Center
Media Lounge with HD Flat Screens
Study Room with Computer & Printer Access
Free WiFi in Clubhouse
Cats allowed
Pool & Spa
Tennis Court
Handicapped Access
Water, Sewer & Trash Included in Rent
Courtesy Patrol by Patrol Plus

Saratoga West Apartments offer Studios through 4 Bedroom Apartments ranging from $1,050.00/month to $2,700.00/month. Fall 2016 prices are listed below. The complex is located on Unitrans P/Q bus line and is managed by Yolo Property Management as of 2009. Prior to this, it was managed by Jon Berkley Management, Inc. in conjunction with Glacier Point Apartments. The pristine units, plentiful amenities and spacious floor plans make Saratoga West one of the most attractive places to live in town! Community amenities include a fitness center, lap pool and spa, tennis court, barbecue area, media loft and internet lounge with free WiFi. The spacious apartments feature a washer and dryer in every unit, ample closet space and beautiful interiors. Saratoga West is within walking distance to Safeway, CVS, Jamba Juice, Peets Coffee, Dos Coyotes and much more! For those working at or attending UCD, we are situated on a 2 mile bike path to campus and on university bus lines.

Studios: $1050.00-1099.00/month

1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom: $1225.00-$1275.00/month

2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms: $1615.00-$1665.00/month

3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms (Townhouses): $1995.00-2045.00/month

4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms (Townhouses) $2600.00-2700.00/month


View from a north-facing apartment, looking across Covell, early Jan. 2010 Mornings are delicious at Saratoga West


To learn more about other rental housing options in Davis, please visit the Housing Guide as well as the Apartments page.

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Note: Shirley, the old manager, left the complex sometime in late 2010 or 2011. The old assistant manager, Sharon, now manages the complex. Chances are any reviews complaining about "rude" or "abrupt" management are out of date (though it's worth noting that most residents got along very well with Shirley).

2009-01-05 19:48:00   I was interested in potentially renting a 1 bedroom with den. Can someone who lives in one of these units comment on the size/ it worth the price? —Davinder

  • Obviously my response is too late to be useful for Davinder, but in case anyone else is wondering... My wife and I have lived in a 1 bedroom + den for almost a full year now, and we'll be remaining next year. We (ok, I) wanted an office, so we were looking at 2 bedroom apartments around town until someone recommended this place. Frankly, I love it. The kitchen is spacious with loads of counter space. There isn't a huge amount of storage in the kitchen, but we got two 3-shelf baker's racks (those free-standing wire bookcase-looking things) which fit perfectly into the kitchen and give plenty of space. The bedroom is quite large and has two closets (wife was thrilled to discover that!) with a big sliding glass door leading out to a balcony/patio (depending on whether you're on the first or second floor). There's also a small, locking storage closet on the patio/balcony. We're able to store all of our camping gear, skis, ice chests, and some sporting gear in there, although it's pretty much packed to the ceiling. In terms of value, it's not cheap, but it's not unreasonable. With a couple of distinct exceptions, it's a pretty quiet complex, the amenities are great (washer/dryer in the apartment, really nice lap pool, decent exercise room open 8:30am-10pm daily, etc.), the maintenance staff is really good (from our experience; not everyone agrees, see the other reviews), and they put out free coffee and donuts/cookies every weekday morning and afternoon. It's significantly more expensive than, say, a 1BR at Americana Arms, but it's cheaper than most of the 2 bedroom apartments in town for those who just need an office. I highly recommend the place for those who don't mind paying slightly more for quality. —TomGarberson

2009-01-18 20:56:02   I live in a 2br/2bath, and I must say that for the high price tag, I am not that impressed. They are probably one of the nicer/newer complexes in Davis, but they are raising the rent to $1360, and I think that is a bit much for a pretty basic apartment. The kitchen sucks, I am unable to open several cabinets and drawers due to their odd placement in relation to appliances and such. The dishwasher opens in front of the sink which makes it impossible to wash dishes and load the dishwasher at the same time. They also have a sort of strange pet policy, which limits you to having 1 cat only. —kmitchell

2010-01-12 15:00:48   Saratoga West.. where do I began..They charge you high prices and do half ass work in the apartment itself and around the complex. Our apartment has not been cleaned for I think over three years now and it took some teeth pulling to get our apartment to be cleaned. Also the management staff is friendly but forgetful, Shirlee she's old and needs to work on remebering important facts like turning rent in on time to recognizing who is not getting a deposit.Sharon I feel cant do anything besides put out cookies, write on a pad and 2nd everything shirlee says. Both women are nice but not made to be landlords. Shirlee she doesnt know She needs to retire she is very forgetful and really slow. she doesnt understand the leasing process and doesnt take responsibilty if she did something wrong. I believe as a ex leasing agent you need to be on top of your maintenace and tenants make sure things are done correctly and tenats are happy. I would never leave my office until things are deposited into the bank and paper work is taken care of. The maintenace guy does everything from fixing toilets to painting walls, to fixing electric things why is he doing this??? if you only have one maintenace guy he should be certified to do all things not just a "fix it guy" thats why things are falling apart around here and they choose to raise rent, but refuse to use the proper people to fix things right.Places that cost this much should have a maintenace man living in especially since they dont think that having a washer full of water and a dryer that doesnt work for two days is ok until monday..its funny the quote "Well if you can live with it then we won't need to do anything" is the same quote Shirlee said to me when my washer dryer was out of commission and when our apartment carpet was filled with carpet stains that in the end we would be charged for because there was no turn over nor a walk through. I would not be renewing nor would suggest people to live here especially if your asain and speak ok english she is very very rude and disrespectful. I hope this gets to the main office and they take these comments seriously because you have a lot of angry tenants that have all put in there feelings on this comment. Please change your ways become responsible if you made a mistake, be accountable for it stop blaming us tenats for your lack of taking care of business. I have personally called the office acting like a I wanted to rent out the place just to see if I would get a nice person on the other line, and I didnt it was Shirlee acting rude as always like she had so much to do, but she didnt I told her I was looking for a one bdroom and before I could say bedroom she said "it's all filled we only have studios" RUDE RUDE RUDE!!! can I finish my sentence, but to go in the office and see her and sharon laughing at god knows what really pissed me off it showed me that they were not serious about their jobs. Whoever is the boss of these two ladies needs to come in and do a inspection of why they are here wasting time when there are plenty of ppl who would love and do this job right. NO EXCUSES!! NO EXCUSES WE ALL PAY TO MUCH MONEY TO BE TREATED AND FOR SARATOGA WEST TO BE SO CHEAP WHEN IT COMES TO MAINTENANCE GET IT TOGETHER!! —Jaylen

2010-01-12 15:42:24   Is Shirlee the older woman with white (curly I think) hair? A bit snappy or brusque? —EdWins

2010-01-17 14:43:29   I absolutely love SARATOGA WEST!!! The management is very caring and very professional, The maintenance always get things done in a timely manner, and more importantly the apartments are unlike any other in size in Davis period!!!! To live in Saratoga West is amazing. I wouldnt trade this place for any other!!!!!!Keep up the good work managers!!!! (and oh yeah, lets not forget to mention that delicious donuts, bagals, coffee, and special dinners they provide just because!!!!) -Melissa, current resident!!! :) —mmuganzo

2010-01-17 14:52:30   And for the person that made that awful comment before, if this place was/ is just that terrible may I ask why you have yet and still continued to live in these apartments year after year??? Remember that this site directly affects the managers and their jobs. If there is serious problems with attitude and protocol with the management, I would first check my attitude and the way I come at the managers and the situation. Reading your comment makes it seem as though your professionalism is non-existent and therefore needs some altering, which can therefore lead to a hinderance in you receiving solution to your problem. -Melissa a current resident :) —mmuganzo

2010-01-19 13:59:44   This is in response to Jaylen’s letter who feels that, while we (the staff at Saratoga West office) are friendly and nice, we may not be doing our jobs to their standard. Please know that it is very important to us that all our residents feel they are being treated fairly and with respect at all times. Please except our sincere apologies if you feel that we were rude to you in anyway at any time.

While our full time maintenance staff can usually fix most minor problems the same day they are reported, any repairs that require the expertise of an outside vendor mean that we are dependant on their Monday-Friday schedule. If a washer (which appears to be your case) breaks on a Friday it may not be possible to get a service technician in to repair it until Monday. We understand being without a washer for two days is an inconvenience, but our coin operated laundry room in the clubhouse is always available and we are happy to provide reimbursement to mitigate the situation.

We do hope that you have enjoyed some of the extras we do for our residents - like free Starbucks coffee, donuts, granola bars and fresh cookies Monday through Friday. The continental breakfast we served during the last two weeks of fall quarter was a big hit; I hope you had a chance to swing by for bagels and cream cheese, fruit, and drinks. If not we’re planning on having it again at the end of winter quarter and we hope to see you there. We also hope we see you at our upcoming “Pie Day”.

We are sorry to hear that, after three years of living at Saratoga, you do not plan to renew your lease for next year. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your remaining months at Saratoga a pleasant experience.

The Saratoga West staff


2010-01-19 14:16:43   My wife and I are in our first year at Saratoga West and signed a new lease for next year pretty much as soon as it was possible. We love it here. I can't speak for anyone else, but from my experience the management is excellent and very professional. We've needed things done 3 or 4 times so far, and each time maintenance has dropped by within a couple of hours and taken care of the problem.

Shirley has been a little abrupt a couple of times, but always professional. She requests the information she needs to take care of your problem and gets the business side of things taken care of before chatting. The first time it happened to me it came across as borderline rude, but once the business is done, she's very friendly.

I love the great gym here, as well as the beautiful pool and hot tub. The events held by the management are also a real pleasure—the breakfasts during finals (not that I have finals anymore, but they're still really nice), the dinners, and the daily coffee and cookies and whatnot are all extremely nice.

As several people have mentioned, Saratoga West is somewhat expensive. It's definitely pricier than many of the other complexes in town (e.g. my old place at Temescal). As a result, it draws a higher proportion of grad students, families, and non-students. For people in those demographics, though, believe me: that's a big plus. It's quieter than most of the large complexes in town.

I'll also mention that although I was concerned about parking based on the comments here, parking hasn't been a problem at all. I've only had to park on the street once in about 5 months, and I can get one of the covered parking spots right outside at least 1/3 of the time. Either it's better than it used to be, or it's just not much of a problem. —TomGarberson

2010-05-07 00:10:35   A week ago, I was looking for a nice place to stay for fall quarter 2010 for my kids starting 2nd year and 4th at UCD. I agree with some of the tenants currently living at Saratoga West, the two ladies at the office are a bit rude. I don't know and don't understand why they are so ill manner and upset to answer some questions regarding vacancy. The senior manager was rude and interrupted my sentence (the elderly lady). I'm just asking questions, no harm done, I guess she don't like certain race moving in. I feel sad, uncomfortable and shock that we have this blockage/problem in this 21st century for my / our kids to live in. Not to mention - the current tenants living and experiencing the cruel environment and surrounding of poor management. Just imagine, most of the current tenants are kids in college, someone's daughter and sons away from home, studying and coming to management for help and support. Find no comfort and help in the problem. As a concern parent and financing the apartment, I believe management and upper management need to listen and do more (fix the problems). ~Parent —newcustomer

  • Is there a reason you think race is a factor? As you noticed, a variety of people have found the management here to be abrupt/rude. How does race factor in? Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure I've seen just about every major racial group represented among the tenants here, so I'm a bit skeptical. —TomGarberson

2010-05-07 00:25:08   Yes, I forgot to comment on prejudice, shame on you Saratoga West Management! —newcustomer

2010-05-20 01:05:57   As an African American female resident (4th year college student) who just so happens to live with 3 other African American female college students I am appalled that one would imply that someone is "racist". Seeing that in today's progressive society, using that term "loosely" can be a severe threat to someone's position, life, and future aspirations. In your statement, there was no evidence that Shirley was being racist. There was no direct, subtle or blatant, discrimination directed towards you or your children. I would hope that with you being a parent of two college students, you would not reduce yourself to the immaturity's of internet bashing, but rather critique a situation holistically. (What other factors may or may not have contributed in the treatment you received?) As the person above me stated, there have been multiple comments questioning as to whether the management is rude or business orientated, but never has someone, aside from yourself, who might I add does not live here, questioned as to whether she is a racist. Please allow yourself to think throughly about your thoughts before making (public internet) judgement that will adversely affect someone's well-being. —mmuganzo

2010-06-10 10:49:05   one bedroom with den available for the 10-11 year. please call chelsea at 9198015734 if you're interested —ChelsAlex

2011-01-17 14:44:03   Overall I would recommend this place, the apartments are nice and spacious and the maintenance is fast. For example, our refrigerator was broken and a few days later they replaced it with a brand new one for free. Also a bunch of the blinds in my room broke and they came in the same day to replace them. My only complaints are that it smells weird outside.. I can't describe the smell but I think it may be the plants.. And the kitchen isn't set up very well. The dishwasher opens in front of the sink which makes it hard to do the dishes.. and a few of my drawers won't open because other drawers are in the way. Otherwise the place is great and I would recommend living there! —JulieQuattrocchi

2011-03-01 17:26:33   I'm pretty sure the smell has to do with the plants; I've seen the plants they have around there elsewhere before, and there was that smell then too. —DChang

I live in a 2bed/2bath. Our Apt is really nice and it is a great place to live. Giant rooms that fit 2 ppl extremely comfortably. There is a washer and dryer in the unit. I recommend living here. With four people rent price is very affordable. Walls are decently thick and there is so much cupboard space! Only P/Q buses but I don't usually mind the 15 min bike ride. I haven't had any problems with management and they are quick to fix things, most same day or next day. Only problem is that the spa is luke warm.

2012-02-27 14:27:21   All i can say about Saratoga west is that it's amazing! the rooms are so large that they all can be shared. i lived here from 2009-2010 and the rent for a 4 bedroom was 2340. However, the rent has gone down since then. The only problem with this place is the location, if it was on a different busline that came quicker and more often, then it would be an amazing complex. Other complexes should take note on how to to build future apartments —DavidThompson2012

2012-06-30 00:16:33   My wife and I are coming to the end of a 3-year stay in Saratoga West and we're both sad about it. We're looking forward to something new, but it has truly been a wonderful home for us.

Management: We moved in while Shirley was a manager and we both got along with her very well. She's the one that some previous tenants and applicants have said was rude and whatnot. To my mind, she was abrupt; I can see why some would find that rude, but I didn't find it to be so. Regardless, we got along well. In the past year or so, however, the old assistant manager, Sharon, has become the manager. I don't think anyone could ever call her rude, abrupt, or anything else. She's always friendly, helpful, and cheerful. They also have a newer maintenance guy who's absolutely fantastic (the old guy was great as well).

Location: It's farther out than many places and not within easy walking distance of shopping (although I've walked to both Safeway and IGA... it's long but not horrible). I think it's out on the P/Q line, which I hear isn't the best bus line to ride, but it's not that far over the J/G, which I imagine is a lot better. I honestly don't know that much about it because by the time we moved in here I had graduated. I've only taken the bus for picnic day. What I can say is that it's awfully nice being a little out of the way if you're looking for a complex with great amenities (read up for examples) and nice floor plans. Don't get me wrong, it's not hard to get to campus; you're about the same distance as living up on Sycamore, and you're right along some very nice bike paths on the green belts. It's a very easy bike ride, and I'm sure the bus isn't too bad.

Living situation: Aside from one or two residents over the last few years, it's generally been very quiet and pleasant. We made good friends with some of our neighbors. The gym, the hot tub, and the lap pool are all generally free and uncrowded, but never seem abandoned. They've added a nice little trellis situation over the grill and picnic area, making it extremely pleasant even on hot days. I haven't played any tennis in my time here, but I sometimes see people out playing. Seems like a nice court (not that I've played anywhere for comparison in the past decade or so). It's the apartments themselves that really shine, though. It's not the cheapest place in town, but you get what you pay for. The living area in our 1/1 with a den is spacious and extremely well laid out. Having a washer/dryer in the unit is wonderful. We've got bumped-out window sills which give the place a nice look, extra storage space, and space for our cat to stretch out in the afternoon sun (did I mention cats are welcome?). There's an overhead fan in the living room which is a big plus... one in the bedroom would be awfully nice, but you can't have everything. As an avid cook, I like the counter space in the kitchen a lot. Tons of room to work with. A little more storage space for kitchen gadgets would be nice, but you can make up for it with a small shelving unit — which is only necessary if you have a lot of gadgets.

Parking: Some of the old reviews complain about parking. It hasn't been a problem in the past 3 years. Maybe 2 and a half years ago, there was one night when I had to park on the street. Aside from that, I haven't had to park more than ~20 spaces away from my apartment in the entire time I've lived here. It's in the lease that they can enforce parking, so I wouldn't abuse the situation, but I haven't heard of any guests getting towed or running into any problems here in the past 3 years.

Amenities: Pool - great. One of the best in town. Hot tub - great, although they're strict about the 10 p.m. close time. Huge, though. Gym - very good, now that they've extended the hours. Limited weights options but lots of cardio machines. I haven't used the computer room or the study loft so I can't comment on those. The morning bagels + coffee and the afternoon cookies + coffee were a huge perk while I was working from home and while I was unemployed. The continental breakfasts during finals week seemed to go over extremely well. The office is also good about receiving packages for you.

That's about all I've got. More than enough, I know. I can't recommend Saratoga West highly enough. I'm looking forward to moving into a house, but I'll still be sad to leave. If you have any questions about the place, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (my address is on my user page - just click my linked name below). —TomGarberson

2012-09-10 22:41:21   I started my search for an apartment 10 months before move-in. Saratoga is the best value. Many people are thrown off by the high price tag, but Davis apartments are all priced very high. Apart from all of the wonderful amenities listed above (that are all wonderfully maintained btw), the apartment's crown jewel is the apartment manager Sharon. You will never find a nicer, more understanding, more helpful person. I will be living here until I move out of Davis. Thanks Sharon. —TomasRodriguez

2016-08-10 01:51:56   Beware they retaliate if you make them aware of not doing their job. I moved into a studio, sublease. It was not cleaned, black mole in the toilet, air and heater were not working, water leak in the bathroom sink, front door had a two inch opening at the bottom that I had spiders, lizard, ants coming into the apartment. I had to keep fogging the studio until Sharon the manager finally had the door replaced. However, she is so unprofessional when they made a new door. They made the door with the same two inch opening. I again had to address the spiders, lizards, ants coming into the studio. Then her creepy maintenance (gawking) claimed he fixed the air conditioner and stated he was sending someone to fix the heater. No one came. I called Sharon to call me regarding repairs. The creepy maintenance man comes to the studio early morning with no notice, knocking at the door when I am still in bed and not dressed. I had to yell through the door for the creepy man not to barge in. Of course, Sharon did not take responsibility or what the hell did this creepy maintenance man think he was going to happen. I had to tell him to stop gawking, he is creepy and very unprofessional. When the lease end, I was not given the option to renew my lease. She leased the studio to someone else, could not even communicate, she has failed to return the rent (which is extra) that I paid. Definitely, reporting to California Fair and Housing. They are so unprofessional. To have so many repairs after I moved in and the black mole in the toilet is inappropriate. Oh yeah, their landscaping employees, they look into tenant cars when they are blowing their make believe leafs. I caught one of their landscaper employee looking into my car when I was sitting in my car, getting ready to leave for work. They pretend they are blowing leafs or dirt around the cars parked, walking really close and looking to see what they can see what is inside tenant's cars. shady! —slim