Where sasha came from or where she is going is a complete mystery. Her early years were spent under some mysterious but harsh conditions. It's obvious she was mistreated by her first owners as she has a slight aversion to people touching her feet, and cries every time you bump her with something. After that she spent some time in Doggie Jail where she learned to be a junkey ho like her idol Jerry Blank. She was the rescued by Faith and Wade and taken to their Rescued Animal Compound in West Sac. Faith and Wade's place was a sideshow all to it's self. Faith is an attractive nice person. When Faith had to leave for vet school in Grenada, JonDsouza was asked to be her new daddy, he accepted. Sasha now lives at the Nova House, and loves to get high at parties. When her daddy gets ripped she gives him a look that says, "Oh god, he's fucked up again" and then walks away.

Sasha has gained notoriety for her wholly unnatural (for a dog) way of sitting and her propensity for wearing clothing. She is also quite vocal, as she makes it a point to agrue or maike statements in the form of mooing. She is also known for being gentle (or just lazy) enough that she can be rolled around or propped one way or another, protesting only through moo-like groans. This hairy beast belongs to JonDsouza.

Edit: It's true, she really does moo. I've never seen another dog do it. -CN