This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


231 G Street , Suite #25

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy founded by L. Ron Hubbard, the notable Science Fiction Author. The Church of Scientology is controversial. There have been allegations that Church teachings lack merit and the organization is a cult. However, there are sincere Scientologists who believe in their faith and are part of our community. Consult the links below to weigh the evidence and form your own opinion. The first church was formed in 1954 at Los Angeles.

It is referred to as an applied religious philosophy as no one is asked to accept anything on belief or faith. Rather one studies the writings and works out how they can apply the philosophy to their life and observe the results for themselves.

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy in the oldest traditions of religion in its recognition of the human spirit. It holds certain fundamental truths that man is an immortal spiritual being with experiences that extend well beyond one lifetime, and its goal is the attainment of one’s own understanding that he is himself a spirit.

There are presently more than 7,700 Churches, Missions, and groups in 164 countries worldwide.

In 1993 the Internal Revenue Service granted full religious exemption to the church after an extensive and thorough examination of its records confirming the Church’s religious nature, at least as far as the IRS is concerned.

The founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is a widely published author as evidenced by his recent inclusion into the Guinness Book of World Records with two awards as the most published and most translated author of all time.

There is a Scientology mission in the building at 231 G Street. AJSmith works in the office across from it and has yet to see anyone there. They handed out treats and Scientology information from this location for Halloween 2008. Note that this is the same building where the Christian Science Reading Room is located. Despite the similarity in names, the two are different religions, and located in separate suites. Sacramento has a branch. They may also have a branch in Woodland, as they occasionally host "stress tests" (their instruments measure galvanic skin response which may or may not correspond to stress, depending on the situation) outside Walmart.

They appear to be opening a new branch in downtown Sacramento at the corner of 6th and J. There was some sort of grand opening event on the afternoon of January 27, 2012.

Scientologists had a rather large tent set up in the quad on 10-20-05. Scientologists had a Dianetics table at the Farmer's Market on 10/01/05 with what looked like modified 1980s-era battery testers, used allegedly to read your emotional level. The device registers the subject's galvanic skin response, similar to many "lie detectors." They have also appeared at the Whole Earth Festival with e-meters and discussed using niacin / detoxifying drinks to cleanse the body.

There are also those who are critical of Scientology as well, due to it's shady practices, mistreatment of members, and infiltration of the U.S. government in order to destroy records that portray the Church in a bad light.


On February 10th, 2008, there were protests both silent and visible against the Church of Scientology in Davis and throughout the world.

There are a couple of places that people protested: Sac and SF. Before you protest, make sure you know the rules.



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2008-02-09 01:00:56   I would like to point visitors to the talk page. —JakeLosh

2008-02-09 03:44:45   this page has little to do about Davis, although I did see a scientology tent at the whole earth festival, they were doing e-meter tests —StevenDaubert

2008-02-10 18:57:10   I like the current page setup best. Gives a few words about scientology, acknowledges controversy around it, but most importantly, gives local relevance. —MattBlair

2008-02-10 20:18:32   In the 1970's Scientologists were very active in Davis; one member told me the Davis group was one of the largest in the state. If you were studying on the quad or in the MU, you were very likely to be proselytized by a Scientologist, a member of Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ, or a passing group from the Children of God. The Scientologists rented a house on 1st or 2nd Street where they had meetings and conducted their audit sessions. —DonShor

2008-02-10 20:40:37   It is my understanding that Scientologists used to live at the old Sigma Chi house back in the 70's. —RobRoy

You are correct RobRoy, I've seen the huge universe mural in what used to be the meeting room —StevenDaubert

  • The Sigma Chi's moved into the house near Cuarto, their were doors with rectangular holes at the bottom and locks that could not be opened from the inside of the room -JimSchwab
    • This should be the sig ep house now —StevenDaubert
      • It is now the Sigma Nu house. I've heard a few stories (I'm not sure if they're true or not) about some of the creepy things the scientologists left behind or did to the house during their stay. —EvelynMerit

2008-08-06 09:18:21   There is actually a scientology mission in davis. 231 G Street, Suite 25. I work in the office across from it and have yet to see anyone there. —AJSmith

2008-10-05 22:13:45   Early last year Anon was making an effort to promote Project Chanology by putting up posters in Wellman (and perhaps other places). I was a little disappointed to see it slack off so quickly. —AndrewHarrison

2010-06-16 10:50:17   I was sorry to see that Scientology is back in Davis. Did you know that a terrible being named Xenu took a bunch of people and froze them in propylene glycol, put them in bombers or spaceships (I forget which) and launched them into volcanos and that those little guys are now stuck all over your body and are the cause of all your physical and mental ills? That's what you find out on the level called OT 3. Did you know that you are going to get pneumonia because you have seen what I just wrote? I was in Scn for 13 years (embarrassed to say) so I know. It costs thousands of dollars to find out this stuff. Many thousands. It's a bad, crazy cult. Stay away from it. —KarenKane