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Section 8 Housing Vouchers Program is a Federal housing program which provides housing assistance to low-income renters and homeowners. This assistance comes in the form of rental subsidies, limiting the monthly rent payment of the assistance recipient. If one qualifies, it reduces the rent of a participating facility to roughly 30% of your income. This program has an extremely long waiting period for qualification in light of the 'new economy' we live in. In order to qualify, one must be a low-income person (below 50% of the Area Median Income). Vouchers, once obtained, are transferable to any state in the nation, so if you obtain one in Davis and find yourself needing to relocate for an reason, you may use your voucher at any facility in the area you are moving to providing they have available units.

Beginning in the 1930's and constantly changing for the needs of the recipients, Section 8 Vouchers are now the norm for lower than median income earners. The program is intended to provide assistance to those lower income households so that they may increase their productivity and have a little less to worry about, with aid to help them survive and, in some cases thrive. There are congressional requirements for many apartments to provide a certain percentage of units for the purpose of Section 8 Vouchers but most smaller apartment communities are exempt. Usually it is approximately 10% of all newer complexes, but some apartment communities are designed to be 100%.

One problem for users of the program is the stigma of discrimination and the feeling of worthlessness that comes with it. It's not just the housing complexes, it may be your peers, but there is no need for this feeling to enter your minds. It is designed to aid you to better your life while giving you enough breathing room to function. It is not designed to make you feel inhuman or any other negative view of self worth.

As with many programs designed for the assistance of the poor, the Section 8 Voucher program has come under scrutiny for being abused, allowing a more even spread of criminal activity and for removing motivation from the families involved to improve their life status. Most of these criticisms have been debunked but there are some cases of abuse, and those caught fraudulently using the program or for overextending their vouchers after failing to notify of income increases may face severe criminal penalties.

Fraud may be reported at City of Davis: Affordable Housing Program

Participating Facilities in Davis:

Adobe at Evergreen, 1500 Shasta Drive, (530) 297-0342 Alhambra Apartments, 4500 Alhambra Drive, (530) 297-7368 Allegre Apartments, 1659 Drew Circle (530) 750-2200 Arlington Farms, 2900 Portage Bay (530) 756-3566 Becerra Plaza, 326 Becerra Way (800) 466-7722 Cesar Chavez Plaza, 1220 Olive Drive (530) 759-9887 DaVinci Court Apartments, 1666 DaVinci Court (530) 750-5100 El Macero Village, 4735 Cowell Boulevard (530) 756-1618 Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, 675 Cantrill Drive (530) 753-3400 Fox Creek Apartments, 1515 Valdora Street (530) 757-4436 (CHOC) Heather Glen, 2324 Shasta Drive (530) 757-4440 (CHOC) Homestead Cooperative, 2610 Grambling Court (530) 756-4443 (CHOC) Moore Village, 2444 Moore Boulevard (530) 750-2444 Olive Court, 1414 Olive Drive (530) 757-4439 (CHOC) Olympic Cottages, 1707 Olympic Drive (530) 757-4440 (CHOC) Owendale Apartments, 3023 Albany Avenue (530) 753-2573 Pacifico Cooperative, 1752 Drew Circle (530) 297-1222 Rosa Parks Apartments, 1205 Fifth Street (530) 757-0862 (CHOC) Rosewood Park Apartments, 616 Ohlone (530) 757-4439 (CHOC) Sharps and Flats, 1660 Drew Avenue (530) 753-4585 Shasta Point Retirement Community, 1501 Shasta Drive (530) 747-7095 Sojourner Truth Apartments, 1220 Fifth Street (530) 757-0862 (CHOC) Sterling Court, 803, 805, 807, 809 10th Street (530) 757-4440 (CHOC) Summerhouse, 2525 East Eighth Street (530) 757-1294 Suntree Apartments, 2033 F Street (530) 753-5115 Terracina Apartments, 1800 Moore Boulevard (530) 758-1267 Tremont Green, 5663 Marden Street (530) 747-0368 Tuscany Villas, 2526 East Eighth Street (530) 757-4403 (CHOC) Twin Pines Community, 3333 F Street (530) 792-0400 University Retirement Community, 1515 Shasta Drive (530) 747-7000 Villa Calabria, 2537 East Eighth Street (530) 757-4443 (CHOC) Walnut Terrace Apartments, 3101 Fifth Street (530) 757-4438 (CHOC) Willow Glen, 310 Becerra (530) 757-4439 (CHOC) Windmere I & II, 3030-3100 Fifth Street (530) 757-4438 (CHOC)


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