Lingerie and smiles are a great way to start off a sexual encounter

Sex. Most people do it and this is (most likely) how you came to exist in the world. As Davis is a college town, one shouldn't be surprised that the dorms and apartment complexes are as active as the bunny burrows in the Arboretum. Of course, quite a few people enjoy sex beyond their college years, so you might find it elsewhere in town as well. Start by saying hi to someone who interests you.

Sex Organizations/Groups

UC Davis related

The Davis Swingers Club (DSC)

Swinging activities can include watching others have sex; having sex with your partner while being watched; kissing, stroking, or having oral sex with a third or fourth person (called soft swinging); or having sex with someone other than your partner.

Although there is no known Davis Swingers Club, Aggie columnist, Michael Giardina referred to this mysterious pseudo-club as, "a group of people who get together regularly for a fun-filled night of safe frolicking. They get tested for STDs every month and have a Trojan party with 20 to 50 people every other Friday" in his column Horny Spring Crickets. Perhaps someone will eventually pick up from where the columnist left off.

  • MarieHuynh noticed that a number of people are amused by the idea but did not know of any official DSC so she created a livejournal community called davisswingers. The goal of the community has yet to be fully laid out but it involves intelligent discussion about the swinger lifestyle instead of just being lots and lots of meaningless sex. Suggestions are welcome.
  • For all intents and purposes, all attempts at DSC are dead. Sorry to those who were even mildly hopeful.

Non UC Davis Related Groups

Most sexually oriented groups for non-college adults tend to be much more discreet and/or informal.

Sex Toys

For some reason these little doo-dads are considered pretty risque. They're toys for sex... meant for either self pleasure or a fun addition to other bedroom antics with your partner.

  • Aella Boutique In the corridor between Peet's Coffee and Chipotle on E Street.
  • We also have our very own Athena's Home Novelties Goddess in town. She will come to your house/apartment and put on a tasteful, funny, educational demonstration. If you want to host a sex-toy party, it is totally free, the host/hostess gets a lot of free stuff and all you have to do is e-mail:
  • Dead Zone Novelties, on the corner of B and 2nd Streets, initially sold sex toys. However, the City of Davis would not allow it. It may be the case that there is no such official ban, but the owner of the store suggests he was constantly harassed for his choice to sell sex toys. Some might ask what purpose an anti-sex-toy law serves. It might be interesting to look into the written law. If you're desperate, there is always Sacramento or the Internet.
  • The Gender and Sexuality Commission sometimes holds sex-toy workshops which have stirred up a fair amount of controversy. (For the general public, or just for students?)

Some nearby stores are:

Before Sex

After Sex (There Is No Stork)

The DavisWiki has a lot of helpful information on pregnancy and parenting.

  • Abortion: If you're interested in information about medically terminating your pregnancy, you can find information on the abortion page.
  • Smoking: Sometimes after sex one might try smoking a cigarette.
  • Raiding the refrigerator: Sex is tiring and it expends lots of calories. Don't go hungry or become dehydrated during this intense activity!
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases i.e. herpes and HIV. Anonymous HIV Testing & Student Health and Wellness Center

Sexual Practices and Orientations

  • Straight ("Vanilla")
    • Sometimes referred to as "normal", a better label might be "majority". The most common form of coupling, it once meant missionary, but once less common acts such as oral sex and varied positions are now generally included. Nothing wrong with it; not only are a good chunk of the population happy with it, as the most popular form of relation, it's an important part of the sexual spectrum. The popularity of it also makes it easiest to find, whether searching for a simple short term sexual relation or a life long commitment. See also: Ass, Meat Market.
  • Gay/Lesbian Community
  • Asexuality
    • Asexuality is a sexual orientation which is growing in recognition as being equally valid to heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality.

      An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of the individual. Asexuality does not make the asexuals life any worse or any better, they simply face a different set of challenges than most sexual people. There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently. Asexuality is just beginning to be the subject of scientific research.

      Despite the fact that some people refuse to believe that asexuality exists, there are many resources for asexuals who seek support in a less than supportive world.

    • AVEN The Asexual Visibility and Education Network.
    • Asexual Association (A²)
  • BDSM
    • BDSM (Bondage & discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) is a term which describes a number of related patterns of human sexual behavior. For some it goes farther and allows people a path for inner exploration and growth. There are a number of groups in Davis and the surrounding areas, although they are somewhat discreet as there is some prejudice against many of the practices. The best way to find local people (in any town) is to attend the local munch, a safe, public lunch held in an announced location each month. The local munches are held by various groups, including Pleasurebound, the Sacramento Area Kinksters, and at least one other devoted primarily to gay male BDSM. There are also several groups in the Bay Area and a few nice groups (including pony groups) in Placer County. Be aware that there are many different schools of thought regarding the various types of BDSM, both philosophical and practical. There is no one proper manner to practice, although most groups have strong rules and traditions. In general, BDSM is known by practitioners as "the scene". There are also "scene lite" events, such as fetish nights, which tend to be public and held in clubs. For various reasons many people who are very active in the scene tend to actively avoid such events, partially due to "tourists" and partially due to a younger, less experienced and focused crowd who are interested in the trappings, but not the lifestyle. It has been said that the best example of BDSM is how many couples feel a kiss seems "stronger" when one partner places their hand on the back of the other's head. Sado-masochistic acts vary from biting and pulling hair to golden showers and servitude.
  • Cross-Dressing
    • That's wearing clothes of the other gender. Cool, huh? Also, this does not necessarily entail homosexuality. Statistically most crossdressers are actually heterosexual. It is likely that this isn't an alternate sexual lifestyle, in the way that being gay is, but more like a partial alternate gender identity, with the individual identifying with the other gender to an above "average" degree. Although the most commonly noticed crossdressers are male to female, there is also a smaller, female to male group. Either it's smaller, or more accepted, as a result of gender dynamics here. There can be a sexual component to crossdressing as well, it may tie into BDSM, see above, or a person may have a fetish with a certain objects, such as nylon stockings or pantyhose, skirts, panties, etc, and may purchase or otherwise obtain such items, and wear them for the purpose of sexual gratification. Cross Dressing is actually quite popular at the annual Davis is Burning drag show, although this form of crossdressing is not necessarily related to the transgender form of crossdressing. This form, commonly known as "drag" is crossdressing for usually humorous purposes, i.e. entertainment, or spoofing the stereotype of gay men as effeminate (i.e. drag queens). It should be noted that crossdressing is considered distinct from transsexuality, which is generally categorized as a dissonance between one's internal, mental gender and one's outward, physical appearance.
  • Exhibitionism
    • Flashing / Exposing in public. Watch out ducks, we're coming to show off our sexy sex-things. There were multiple instances of shady old men openly masturbating on the quad in 2004-05.
    • One innocent Thursday night, there were 2 male streakers by the Segundo Dorms. How prevalent this is needs to be looked into.
  • Polyamory
    • The practice of maintaining multiple relationships at once, where the polyamorous person actually loves multiple people at the same time. This is really hard to do, and some people just use it as an excuse to get more sex. Still, many college students and hippies have sexual and emotional relationships with two or more people, and there are a few triads and other polyamorous groups around Davis. (To better understand this philosophy check out and start with the FAQ.)
  • Voyeurism
    • Arousal from watching others in a sexual fashion, often times but not always when they don't know you're there. Peeping Toms, creepy people masturbating in the bushes outside your window, are not unheard of in Davis. The media reports on this occasionally.
  • Davis Wiki
    • A natural aphrodisiac is made from the hair of NickSchmalenberger. A much more mild form of this may be procured by printing out an image of his likeness and grinding it into a fine powder, which is then stared at until the desired effect occurs.
    • MichelleAccurso is rumored to be a sex goddess as well.
  • Conspiracy?
    • There is considerable evidence that sex actually does not exist. In fact, not a single instance of the alleged phenomenon has been scientifically verified, and every claim to sexual activity has proven fraudulent. Recent archaeological discoveries suggest that sex may have flourished in prehistoric times, although it is difficult to determine whether the acts depicted on certain relics contain more than mythical significance. If you would like to have what you call "sex" be observed and studied, please contact wiki people via the IRC. Alternatively, you may meet in front of the campus library every third and fifth Friday of the month to be studied in these "acts". Please bring your own pillow, sleeping bag, and identification. Along with a doctor's note stating you are physically fit for such activity.
    • The crash landing of the Arroyo Park UFO was used by the local authorities to enhance the local belief that sex exists in todays world. There was much use of the media to perpetuate this via terms involving the Aliens "probing" various locals.


People choose not to have sex for a wide variety of reasons. Abstinence can arise from religious prohibitions or practical considerations. Celibacy refers either to being unmarried or to sexual abstinence. A religious vow of celibacy is a promise not to enter into marriage or engage in sexual intercourse. Some writers use it interchangeably as a synonym for abstinence or chastity.

Groups and Events

  • Many churches sponsor coed events intended to foster non sexual relationships
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous has local meetings in the area. (Link is to Sacramento group).
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous does not publish local meeting information. You must contact them directly to find the local meeting.

Sex Products

Found at the Nugget.

Sex Toys

  • Goldie's Adult Superstore (in Sacramento — 201 N 12th St, (916) 447-5860) is pretty much the biggest adult store around.
  • Davis Municipal Code/40.26.410 prevents a lot of these stores opening in Davis

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