Type of food
Middle Eastern, halal
Right next to Silo on campus
Price range
$7.00 for rice platters; $6.00 for gyros
Service speed
< 5 minutes
Type of restaurant
food trailer
Payment Methods
Cash; Credit Card ($0.24 fee)

Shah's Halal Food is a food trailer on the UC Davis campus that serves sandwiches and rice platters with falafel, grilled lamb, or grilled chicken, similar in style to the halal food carts of NYC such as the famous cart on 53rd and 6th. Prices for rice platters include a soft drink. There are three choices of sauce, white sauce, hot sauce (Sriracha), and BBQ sauce.



2009-10-01 13:51:49   Tried the mixed (lamb and chicken) rice platter today. Overall, quite good and similar in quality to the ones in New York City. You get white sauce automatically and will add Sriracha as hot sauce (they don't seem to make their own). I hope they make it and hope to see more of these types of campus food options. —spencerchang

2009-10-05 16:06:38   is this actually a campus sanctioned food vendor or just some random guy selling food on campus? —StevenLee

2009-10-06 22:03:01   They ended up forgetting my order and two people in front of me as well. I waited around 10 extra minutes for the lamb gyro sandwich. The wait was worth it though, everything was hot and very flavorful. Not too expensive either. —KevinAdamski

2009-10-07 00:46:58   How does this place compare to Sam's and Ali Baba?

I saw that they include a drink in the price. Is it possible to get food from them for less without the drink? (Not everyone wants to drink soda or have a cup of liquid to carry around.) —IDoNotExist

2009-10-08 21:25:17   I saw this place a few weeks back and I was really pumped to try it. Alas, it sucked. I should have just walked away when the dude taking orders apparently thinks I want a "jye-row". I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm sorry, if what you do is sell gyros please AT LEAST recognize the correct pronunciation is NOT "jye-rows." The meat wasn't bad but the gyros was just meat, lettuce and tzatziki. For real is that it? Not the most intimidating looking gyros I've ever seen either. Oh well. —Patrick.M

2009-10-09 13:09:01   There are several different "correct" pronunciations for gyros, including "yeeros", "jie-row", and "gee-ros" (with a hard g). —IDoNotExist

2009-10-15 16:54:50   Bring a bathing suit if you eat at this place, because the lamb, while tasty, is literally swimming in yogurt sauce. The food wasn't bad, although it doesn't compare to Sam's in quality or taste. The gyro is more like what you would get at Sam's than at Ali Baba, but Sam's is definitely better. Shah's lamb is rather greasy. While I liked the taste of what I got there, I could feel the grease spreading down through my stomach, and I felt kinda greasy on the inside hours after eating there. If you were going to have to choose between Shah's and the Silo, which is a short walk away, I'd have a hard time recommending one over the other. Both are a bit overpriced and not very healthy. But if you weren't restricted to eating in that general area, I'd definitely suggest taking a few minutes to bike to Sam's or Ali Baba instead.

On the IDoNotExist SushiMeter (TM), this place scores rather poorly, as it doesn't serve sushi. On the IDoNotExist MediterraneanFoodMeter (TM), this place scores a 4/10 (tasty food, but unhealthy, WAY too much yogurt sauce, and unpleasant greasy aftereffects...) —IDoNotExist

2009-10-17 10:24:19   I Loved their food it was so good. Much better than Sam's. —CRITIC

2009-10-19 09:42:41   I went to this spot on the corner of Hutchinson and California for the first time on Friday. I got the mixed rice plate and it was great. Also, a lot of food for the $6.50 price tag. I stood in line for about 3 mins and got my meal in 2 more, service was fast. UMMMMMM, was the white sauce good; a little heavy but very good. Monday, ima try the Gyro, Eruo or however it is pronounced. —Pinnacle

2009-12-06 21:04:19   cant really compare this place to a restaurant, its a foodcart afterall. id say the lamb gyro was pretty good considering it was premade and served to me in less than 5 mins. price wasnt that bad either considering all the overpriced dishes here in davis —betabeta

2009-12-26 13:56:44   Someone's deity clearly blessed me for finally providing something that isn't the Silo to eat. I'm in the Physics building and don't entertain the idea of going the MU or off campus to eat usually. Shah's is new, extremely tasty, and I do not foresee getting sick of it any time soon. I've eaten it 3 times in a work week and been excited every time. You can eat for cheaper at Taco Bell if you wanted... but why? If you have tried this place, do so. The lamb is processed, but good. The chicken = happy me. —MichaelAWoods

2009-12-27 14:27:26   I for one love the yogurt sauce, the guys who run this trailer are pretty cool! The food is amazing, I love getting all my orders spicy. They chicken gyro is amazing, and the lamb rice platter was pretty solid as well. —StevenDaubert

2010-01-13 15:52:33   I came here today and got the lamb over rice. Was a bit pricey but I was satisfied. Maybe I am not familiar enough with this kind of food, but the lamb didn't taste or feel very "lamby" to me. Despite that the meal was very tasty and I will most likely return to try the chicken over rice.

I asked them not to put in the hot sauce, but they accidentally put it anyways and were about to remake the meal before I told them it's okay. I was glad the sauce was there, because I think the meal would've been dry otherwise. If you don't mind the spice and calories, make sure to get the sauces. —BrandonWong

2010-02-03 10:45:45   I liked it. Lamb over rice was great, and is enough to be filling when I want a meal. The orders (or at least mine) come with a drink, too. All food is wrapped to go, of course. It was reasonably fast, too. Will definitely be going there again. —KayChang

2010-05-29 15:01:08   I really like this place although I've only tried the lamb over rice and chicken over rice. I think the portion is really generous. For lunch, my boyfriend and I can share one and still be full. And for dinner, I can only eat like 2/3 of it while my boyfriend can barely finish it. The bad part is the onions in the salad which I can't ask for them to leave it out. —snsdgee

2010-05-29 17:48:26   Chicken Gyro is still very bomb, highly recommended —StevenDaubert

2010-06-08 16:55:03   The chicken gyro is the best thing you can order on campus. so tasty!! —KatieP

2010-06-30 16:49:47   Messy, spicy gyro goodness. Great deal and they are always super nice. —LokiAbbi

2010-07-06 20:29:33   Can someone please tell me where they moved?? The school construction has now expanded to that corner. —WengFF

2010-07-07 15:14:32   They moved to the grassy area in front of Hutchison Hall on California Ave. It's just south of Admundson Hall and across the street from Kerr Hall. —JoeCastillo

2010-07-14 13:02:22   I keep hearing rumors that they have falafel. Has anyone tried it if so? —IAmNewHere

2010-07-15 12:31:39   Answered my own question about falafel: they have it and it's good. I still prefer Sam's, which gives more for the same price (though drink is included here and extra at Sam's), and I prefer Sam's flavor just a bit more. Definitely would come here over Ali Baba or Café Méditerranée for falafel, can't really speak to anything else. —IAmNewHere

2010-08-02 15:56:15   Overall, this cart is great. Quite delicious. Today I got a chicken YEERO ( ;D ) although what I really wanted was a lamb one. I asked the guy if it was really lamb or lamb-beef mixture, alas it was the latter (read labels, folks!). This isn't their fault, Kronos sends out the pillars of gyro meat from the factory that way, but I hate beef so opted for the slightly less reprehensible (food, inc. anyone?) chicken. Also, while the food may be halaal it is definitely not kosher, if that is a concern for you. But to return to my first point, I'll definitely be hitting this place up again, at least until 2019 when they finish revamping the coffee mall. —YesItsMe

2010-09-02 11:54:39   does anyone know where they're located now? —MBui

  • South East side of the Silo Daubert

2010-09-29 22:50:44   I had the chicken gyro and chicken over rice here last year. They were delicious. Yes, the gyro is a bit messy and greasy but SO good! Today I had the chicken over rice again, and it seemed to me like the yogurt (or white sauce?) was a bit tangier than last year? At any rate, I always ask for hot sauce and it comes standard with the yogurt (or again, is it yogurt or white sauce?). I definitely recommend! —redbike

2010-09-30 09:29:21   I could eat this food every day! I go to the stand on a pretty regular basis (so much so that the cashier guy recognizes me and kind of laughs when I tell him what I want—the same thing every time). I've tried everything on the menu, but my favourite is definitely the Lamb over rice! The chicken is not excellent in my opinion, it's just like any chicken you'd find in a cheap taco joint. However the lamb is delicious! Most people complain that the lamb is ground up and not whole pieces, but I prefer it this was—I mean come on, would you really want whole chunks of lamb in there? They'd be tough, less flavorful, and cumbersome to eat.

Anyway, I'd recommend this place a million times over, and I think that the foodis definitely worth the price (hey, it's usually at least 2 servings worth for me)! —AshleyMatson

2010-09-30 22:27:23   I really love this place. I've only ever ordered the chicken over rice, and I think it's delicious, especially with extra spicy sauce. I've wanted to try the gyros, but I always end up falling for the platter. And for under seven dollars, the dish serves up a main course (the chicken), a side (the rice), a salad of sorts, and a soda, so not too bad, but a little more than I can afford on a daily basis. Plus the guys that work there are really nice, and you get your food quickly even when the line is long. —jwieland1989

2010-10-20 00:39:25   The majority of people get the chicken over rice (I know this because I was waiting in their long line [usually gets long on the hour] and listening to what other people ordered) Out of ten people about 7 got the chicken over rice. IMO I think it's the best dish on the menu. If you're a vegetarian, they can accommodate you as well. I am addicted to Sri Racha Red Rooster Sauce and I love the fact that they (upon request...ie "Can I get extra hot sauce?") slather your dish with it. The white sauce is not spectacular (and rather greasy), I once peaked inside the truck and saw hidden valley ranch bottles so I'm guessing they either 1)only use hidden valley ranch as their sole "white sauce" or 2)they mix the ranch with yogurt. The meat is tender and flavorful (except for Lamb). The rice is sometimes a little too firm (I prefer my rice to be more fluffy). Overall I go here because of the convenience and because of the customer service. The price is a little steep but for the quality of the dish it's well worth it.

Now, I wish we had more truck foods on campus...I believe there is a petition on FB to get a taco truck. The link is :http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_162048093818919 If it doesn't work, search "Bring a Taco Truck to UC Davis!!" in the FB search bar. As much as I love Shah's, I need to have a diff. and cheaper place to go in between visits to Shah's. —rootmeansquare

  • This would be so much easier if we could loosen Sodexo's grip on us. I seriously do not understand why people have to pay them to operate on campus. Utter nonsense. The higher-ups who allow this need to be force fed the garbage they serve in the dining commons for over ten dollars a meal. —hankim

2011-11-14 20:35:14   I usually get the Lamb over fanta NO SPICYYYYY!!! YUM!!! This place is good but sometimes Travis shows up —KCSlater

2012-03-01 13:59:21   In my opinion, this is the best food on campus by a long shot. I eat here nearly everyday and always get plenty of great food with excellent service. The cost is comparable to all other campus food venues considering how much you get, and a drink is always included. I recommend their food to everyone! Keep up the great work, Shah's! —JohnSchreiber

2012-03-01 17:03:43   The chicken gyro, spicy, always makes my day. Om NOM.

I always look down upon those eating from the fast food places at the Silo whenever I get food from Shah's. I just wish there was a taco truck on campus as well. I know it would do killer business. —CecilioPadilla

2012-06-20 13:58:20   Very good food, I agree with most of the comments. Sadly, I will not be going back. Today I bit into a piece of glass I found in my food, then cut my finger removing the glass from my mouth. I took it back and got a refund, but they pretty much just shrugged it off, saying, "it happens.". They should really be more careful with what they're feeding people. I'm really disappointed. This was my favorite campus food. —NancyPants

2013-12-03 23:38:10   I love this place, it's sooooo good. Prices are reasonable but buying too often will be pricey. I always get the chicken over rice with extra meat. Gets me SO FULL. The wait is quick they literally give you your food in about a minute of ordering and it isn't cold. If I knew I wouldn't get sick of this place I would eat there everyday! This is a must try at least once if you are in Davis. —LILP'