1660 Drew Circle
(South Davis, in front of Allegre Apartments)
(530) 753-4585
Affordable Housing units available
Loft (some units)
Free Wired and Wireless Internet
Central heat/air conditioning
Covered parking
Handicapped access
BBQ area
Exercise room
Pets allowed
Study room

Sharps and Flats offers two-, three-, and four-bedroom flats and townhouses ranging from $1750 /month to $2,950/month; pets of all sizes are allowed but subject to a security deposit of $500/pet and breed restrictions apply. All units have either a balcony or a patio connected. Sitting a block away from Safeway, these apartments are in a convenient grocery shopping location and are on the Unitrans M/W bus line. The phrase "Sharps and Flats" is a play on words, "flat" of course being another name for an apartment. The signage around the complex prominently features various musical notes; accidentals (actual Sharps (♯) or Flats (♭)) are noticeably absent. They feature wireless internet access as well as wired access in apartment homes, which is free for residents. The complex is managed by FPI Management.

You need a key to get in and out of the usually well-maintained pool area which features 2 hot tubs. The weight room includes following machines: 1 weight machine, 2 bicycles, one air-strut type stair-stepper, and a nice treadmill. They have recently undergone a renovation and now have a game room, 24 hour study room and offer a business center with free printing. 



Sharps and Flats offers newly renovated units which feature new carpet and vinyl plank flooring, new updated paint colors, granite style counter-tops, and new cabinets throughout the unit. 



If you luck out and get an apartment here with no problems, they are really nice and have spacious living rooms. They also are in an excellent location that is very convenient for students. Some say they have a much better living room set up than Allegre Apartments.


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Older comments from prior to the June 2015 change in management can be found in the comment archive.


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2015-08-02 16:16:25   Sharps and Flats is an OK place to live but if you plan on studying or relaxing on weekends forget it! The gardeners come on Saturdays and now are also coming on Sunday. This is in addition to coming a couple of times during the week. This is too much noise. The gardeners do a good job but they should come less often and not on weekends! —Nikee

-Hello Nikee. Thank you so much for your feedback about Sharps and Flats Apartments. I completely understand your frustrations about the gardeners coming on weekends, I have spoken with our landscaping company about your concerns and we will be adjusting the schedule so this no longer inconveniences our residents. They will only be coming to the property twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. If you have any other concerns about this issue or any other issue we welcome you to stop by the leasing office. -The Sharps and Flats Management EmilyDDare


2017-04-24 13:09:50   Maintenance is terrible! We have had repeated trouble with maintenance "fixing" things in our bathroom and not cleaning up afterwards. This wouldn't be such a big deal but there's dust everywhere and smudges left on the walls. They've left tools in the apartment before. They replaced lighting fixtures that were perfectly fine and left holes in the walls afterwards. Frequently, there's no one in the office to answer calls or talk to during normal business hours so I can't even make maintenance requests. They take several days to fix things, even if it's the toilet or the shower. There's stuff we listed on move-in that's still not repaired months later. We had a window fixed and they left the screen on our balcony, rather than taking it away. Anything involving maintenance is just a mess. There's hardly any airflow in the apartment. While this is likely not something that can be fixed by management, it leaves the apartment very stuffy. And on top of that, we were told there's a heating system installed that warms the apartment but we have no control over it. This significantly raises the gas bill in winter but residents have no control over it. The people who maintain the property seem to be around nearly every day. I always hear leaf blowers, lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc. It's never quiet! Lastly, my bedroom is ridiculously bright at night from the lights placed around the property. It makes it very difficult to sleep even with the blinds closed. I had to buy a curtain to cover my window at night. Look somewhere else for housing. There are better options in Davis. —maybelle