Though some would beg to differ, we all must wear shoes at some time. Sport shoes, ortho shoes, fancy shoes or just plain flip-flops, you can probably find something in town! And with the high cost of living in Davis, where's a body to get one's shoes re-soled? We've got a few options, but most generally come highly recommended, so don't sweat the drive to Sacramento or Woodland. If you're really at the low end of the pay scale, consider our thrift stores or dumpster diving. In any case, get shod locally!

Street Shoes

  • Generations Family Footwear has a selection of European shoes in kid sizes
  • Gottschalks was a small department store with a shoe department - Business has departed.
  • Riki offers a selection of dress and casual shoes that have been chosen to complement the clothing designs
  • Sole Desire offers a wide range of European brands

Specialty & Sport Shoes

Shoe Repair


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Does anyone know which places carry large shoe sizes? My wife is six feet tall, and most places seem not to carry anything over size 9 or 10 (she's size 11). —TomGarberson