South Silo
M-F 8am-4pm

THIS BOOKSTORE IS NOT OPEN ANYMORE. So like, make sure you don't get to school 10 minutes before your 8:30 a.m. final planning to grab a last-minute scantron here or something, because that will not work. The Silo Bookstore is an extension of the UC Davis Bookstore that caters to law students. Every savvy senior's favorite place to get a last-minute blue book, the Silo Law Bookstore is located at the eastern edge of The Silo building. The entrance is under the awning and is somewhat difficult to recognize as a bookstore. I have it on good authority, however, that they do sell books there, in addition to the precious, precious scantrons and blue books (which are located to your left as you enter). They also sell sodas and snack food for much less than the Silo. For example, a 20 oz. bottle of soda costs over $1.50 at the Silo, but only $1.25 at the Silo Law Bookstore.


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2010-08-30 09:29:24   For most purchases, I'd recommend buying books elsewhere such as from online retailers like Amazon.com, etc. The Silo Bookstore sells nearly all books at list price and, as a result, is overpriced. The store's price matching process can be more trouble than it's worth. —LawStudent2011

2012-05-06 21:27:57   They also carry UCD engineering sweaters, shirts, et. all in addition to the law school stuff. —HarrisonM