The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

A newer version of this service can be found at was a class planner that started out for UC Davis students. They have review lists of classes and teachers and a textbook lookup function. They now have support for a few universities across the country (although most other schools now have out-dated class info), and expanded features, such as "Find me a GE in:", letting you choose which type and whether it's upper or lower division. Siscast class planner offers you some flexibility in picking courses, letting you choose when you want your earliest class to begin, or your latest to end, if you don't want labs or classes on certain days of the week, or if you want to look up only courses that are still open for registration. You can also purchase textbooks through siscast. Siscast was started in fall of 2003 by Arjan Dehar, Kevin Widjaja and SeanRegan. As of 2010 Siscast is no longer available.

Siscast has expanded to include schools other than UC Davis. Siscast is now at:


  • California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)
  • CSU San Diego
  • CSU San Jose
  • UC Davis
  • UC Irvine
  • UC Los Angeles


  • Ohio State University


  • University of Texas


  • University of Puget Sound
  • University of Washington


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2006-03-26 01:10:49   it was better when it was simple and straight forward. simplify siscast, please? —AdamGerber

  • What do you find un-straightforward about it? All the new features they added are optional. - TravisGrathwell

2007-02-06 20:02:18   This resource should really be advertised more and should have more publicity, I am sure that not enough people know about this great tool. I was looking everywhere for something that would do the same thing; I wish I knew about it sooner. —SidGhodke

2007-02-06 21:05:30   I use Siscast for all my registration worries and I see people around me with their registration books trying to plan a schedule...poor uninformed kids. —GregWebb

2010-02-09 18:59:06   Never works for me, it does not include my classes, or at least never more than one. A shame, this is really needed. UCD really needs to chenge the registration system, it's beyond stupid. —amesguich

2010-02-10 21:50:48   For some reason, Siscast has not been updated for Spring 2010 —JeffKwong

2010-05-08 18:55:48   It makes me sad that current students will never know first-hand the wonders of Siscast. I wish I had it to plan out my first quarter.... playing around with the registration guide was simply too cumbersome. As you progress and your classes get smaller, it becomes less and less useful. But this was a godsend for me lower division. —WilliamLewis

2010-05-12 22:50:46   So, is Siscast dead forever? —JenniferGiang

2010-08-26 17:54:39   yeah, wtf is up, man? I heard rumors that siscast was up again but i can't find it —MattCorey

2010-09-08 02:21:29   So there is a siscast:, but it doesn't seem to work. —HarrisonM