2121C Second Street , #109
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM M-F

SoliSys does everything under the roof from software development to IT support services. Most of their work isn't visible to the Davis public because of the nature of the business, but they do cool stuff. If you need help with technical things like wires, numbers, and pretty pictures, they seem like as good place as any to go to.

SoliSys owned the domain name californiaaggie.com from 1996 through to 2008. This caused some concern among later Aggie staff as co-owner John Reedy was business manager of the California Aggie from 1996 to 1997. Registration, hosting, and DNS of the domain was governed by multiple contracts between SoliSys and The Aggie. In 2008, The Aggie moved its site to a new domain, theaggie.org, after being unable to obtain the domain from SoliSys. Californiaaggie.com now points to a domain reseller.

SoliSys shares office space with Aria Communications and U.S. Housing.


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