For those of us who like (or occasionally have little choice but) to dine at restaurants alone, there is the dreaded act (or art) of Solo Dining, with two possible outcomes:

  • You can fall into a bottomless-pit of fear, intimidation, and self-consciousness...


  • You end up enjoying an evening out, treating yourself, and focusing all your attention on the food!

"The single diner has no other agenda but to eat in your restaurant. They're not there for business, they're not there for romance. They're there for the restaurant's food and service." (NYTimes)

TIP: If you feel funny about dining alone, bring a book or something similar to keep you entertained while you are waiting for your food, etc. You'll feel much less awkward.

Please add to the list below and share your positive solo dining experiences (emphasis on dinners and restaurants with waitstaff):

Restaurant Solo Diner Friendly?
Burgers and Brew Some disagreement about whether this is solo-friendly — see comments below.
Cafe Bernardo ??
Caffe Italia ??
Crepeville Great for this as long as they are not totally swamped.
Davis Oshio Cafe Not terrible. You have to refill your own cup anyway and food still takes forever.
Delta of Venus Not too bad actually. The outdoor seating is solo-friendly.
Davis Noodle City Yes during non-peak hours. Otherwise, tables are scarce and wouldn't recommend going solo.
Fuji Chef Yes, and you are more likely to get a seat at the bar during busy hours.
Kathmandu Kitchen Yes for lunch. You likely won't be the only lone diner.
Monticello Seasonal Cuisine Start coming to the Tuesday wine tastings, have some bar food. They have an amazing atmosphere and the staff is amazing.
Mustard Seed ??
Osteria Fasulo yes
Raja's Yes for lunch.
Seasons ??
Silver Dragon Yes, especially during lunch hours they will constantly fill your glass up.
Sophia's Thai Kitchen Usually very packed and I do not think I have ever seen anyone eat solo here.
Sudwerk If you don't mind sitting at the bar, it's not too bad. Plenty eat solo there. You can pretend you like sports and stare at the televisions too.
Thai Nakorn ??
Tommy J's Always a good option. It can be a bit crowded at peak hours but there's usually a small table open. Not sure about bar service but if you're drinking and its not crowded I'd ask.
Tucos Wine Market and Cafe Yes, you can walk-in and sit at the bar or call ahead and reserve a table.
Village Bakery With small outside tables and benches, you can people watch by the Amtrak station or grab a slice and sit by the fountain across the street and relax
Zen Toro ??

Good Spots to Dine Solo


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