4836 Chiles Road , Davis, CA 95618
8:00 am-5:00 pm Every day, storage access till 9pm
5x10 unit (smallest): $68/mo. + $68 deposit + $5 one-time administration fee
5x12 unit: $70/mo.
10ft box truck rental $19/day + misc

South Davis Storage is one of the businesses offering self storage in town. They also offer moving trucks for rent through Budget Truck Rental.

  • Stuff! If you got too much and you want to keep it, you need one of the storage units in Davis!


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2006-08-26 23:08:02   Erin and I rented a 16' Budget truck with this place as the origination point. The truck was ready on time, in good shape, and exactly as promised. The guy who works here at the storage place was a bit crusty, but he was just making sure he didn't get screwed over. Once we showed that we were responsible and honest, he softened up. The truck worked out extremely well - it was reliable, ran well, and was perfect for our move. All in all, I'm happy and would definitely go back. —GrahamFreeman

2008-09-23 14:53:48   rented a truck here recently through budget online. Truck was less expensive than other companies in town and the online reservation went smooth when it came time to pick the truck up. The office staff working there was a young guy and I felt pretty bad for him given that the owner who seems to live adjoined to the office is a massive smoker. The place smelled like a huge ashtray and I swear sitting in there all day is going to give him cancer via second hand smoke. Maybe they don't even smoke in there anymore but the lingering stench was powerful. Truck was gassed, smooth operating and efficient. No hidden charges and check out went smooth. Certainly will use again should the need arise. —loneshark

2009-05-07 21:47:25   I rented a smaller Budget truck here recently, and it worked out really well. They had everything ready for me, including the blanket rentals, and called to remind me of the pickup when I was running late. The truck was clean and all gassed up. I drove it to LA without any problems. —CoryHamma

2010-04-04 20:24:26   I rented a unit over the summer of last year and it was good experience. The 5x10 was pretty spacious and the couple that works there are really nice and friendly. —kiddmit3

2010-06-13 16:22:52   Absolutely a rip off. We wanted a refund of boxes and they would not provide it. They said that their machine doesn't have the ability to do any type of refund but yet their credit card machine could do it. I would avoid this place for any type of business. See my full review at http://www.yelp.com/biz/south-davis-storage-davis#hrid:SHyo-0xKLNXl1y-_12hT1Qatwong

2010-06-15 19:11:45   Older couple working here are helpful and friendly. I had a good experience here renting a U-Haul (which article should note, since they don't rent Budget trucks anymore).

Also, kiddmit3- There's a big ol' sign saying no refunds on boxes, so I don't think it's fair to accuse them of ripping you off. —WigglyWizard

    I think you mean the user "atwong," not me. I don't even understand why you want to refund boxes, let alone even buying them in the first place when you can get some for free too. And oh yeah, thanks for the heads up about the U-hauls because this place came up in the available areas which kinda puzzled me when i saw it there. —kiddmit3

2011-10-20 22:15:06   We rented the big 26 moving truck there a few months ago. Picked it up, they had it in stock, used it, they have easy after hours drop off that made returning easy, fuel and mileage and fees were all correct for the final bill. We also rented a storage space many years ago. Both times we had a great experience. Would highly recommend them. We are going back soon for another rental storage space. We live in West Davis and would prefer the Stonegate Storage (so much easier) but we had a really bad experience there in years past. We rented a moving truck for 24 hours, we wanted to return it early to be nice so they could maybe rent it out again that day, they totally SCREWED us and said we ilegally parks and that they had to call a lock smith to move the truck. The truck was only in their lot for 1/2 hour. There is NO way they called a locksmith. LIARS !! (DON'T GO TO STONEGATE STORAGE !!!) Stick with South Davis Storage if you want a pleasant experience. —JohnKennedy

2013-12-06 15:10:59   Rented a 5x10 unit here for a few months. Didn't have a problem with security or anything and the size worked well for a studio apartment worth of stuff (the biggest items being a queen mattress set and a small couch). The unit is pretty sawdusty but otherwise clean. The only real complaint I have is that it is basically impossible to live in a different town and rent a unit here, unless you have a fax machine (which who really does anymore?). I've had to fill out several forms along the way and they won't email you anything and they don't have a website. Have to give two weeks notice to move your stuff out, which means you have to either go there in person and fill out the form, or tell them several weeks ahead of time so they can snail mail you the form. But if you happen to have a fax machine or are staying in Davis while you rent, then this place is a good option. —Annastina

2014-01-18 16:27:12   I rented the unit for longer than a year. I informed them that a Semi-Truck would periodically pick up pallets from my unit, this was agreed to by the management. And this is what I have been doing for the passed year or so. Last week when the truck came, as usual, one of the managers came out and began yelling at the driver. Today when I was at the unit, She informed me that Semi trucks were not allowed on to the property. As far as I know, the rules haven't been changed and the contact says nothing about semi trucks not being allowed on the premises. The manager was very unprofessional. When she first spoke to me, she said that the storage units were not allowed to be used for business purposes. (they clearly are, she even went to look it up and later told me that it was allowed). She was just saying things without even knowing what the policy was, obviously. —Jhon

2014-05-09 18:30:12   The manager's are quite unprofessional. Find another self-storage spot; it's not worth the headache. —ZeyZey