When it comes to expressing on a sign that ahead in the road the pavement is intentionally uneven with the desire to cause motorists to slow down Davis displays no lack of vocabulary for which many other jurisdictions would resort to a single sign saying, "Speed Bump".


Speed Hump on Lillard Drive

Speed Table on Oak Avenue

Raised Pavement


A speed hump

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Pictures of Undulations, Speed Bump and other examples needed.


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2008-04-15 22:49:19   It makes me laugh that they are called speed humps here in California. In the Midwest, they are simply speed bumps. ;) —BrandonBarrette

  • They are speed bumps on the East Coast. I was amused as well for at least the first year of seeing the signs. —jw

2008-04-16 16:22:54   Brandonbarrette- Not California, Northern California —mikokuriko

2008-04-17 12:19:51   In Sac some signs ay "Bumps" and others say "Undulations". —MyaBrn

  • Ohhh... I want to see an "Undulations" sign. Where abouts? —BrandonBarrette

    • Off of Watt, south of I-80, turn at the ballpark on Auburn, just past the Discovery Museum. Drive through the "back of the park loop" that is Park Road and you'll see some. That park's bridle path is also a great place for a strip of nature walk in the middle of Sacto. You can also walk down and sit by the creek. map. The east side was (and may still be) a popular place for drug deals and random male sex, but fairly low key (I never had any issues, but figured I should toss that in for anybody who might). —jw

2008-04-17 18:19:42   I grew up in Northern California and have seen more "speed bumps" than "speed humps". —BradBenedict

2008-04-17 20:09:28   There is undulations sign behind New Nugget

bumps are a foot wide, humps are like 5-6, and speed tables are just huge (think oak st) —StevenDaubert

2008-04-18 13:40:55   Ohhh, I can see an undulations sign in Davis...Nice, I'm going hunting, with my camera of course! —BrandonBarrette