This is a page for Speedee Oil Change & Tune Up archived comments from 2005-2008.

2005-06-13 17:30:09   I would just like to say that the old manager/new owner of the Speedee oil change really cares about her customers. To make a long story short, when I was there having some service done to my car she drove me home to get my cat, then to the vet, then back home to drop the cat off and then back to Speedee oil change to pick up my car all during her lunch break. Her personal touch definitely made my day, not to mention they did great work on my car as usual, they will have my business as long as I live in the area! —JamesParmenter

2005-06-13 18:38:29   I love going to Speedee. Not sure if this is normal protocol, but I've gone there for random foibles (a burned out tailight, and a stuck parking brake lever), and had both replaced/ fixed for no charge and a smile. —LacyCollum

2005-06-13 21:27:56   The manager is really nice! I went to Speedee right before embarking on a quick trip to SoCal for a funeral, and I didn't really know how to get there, but she gave me great directions and told me to be careful over the Grapevine because it would probably be hailing, which it was, haha. Last time she only charged me for a basic oil change, and I had gotten the high-mileage one, which is more expensive. Very nifty. —SummerSong

2005-06-14 10:21:30   I don't know when the change in ownership occurred, but I have been here twice and had bad experiences. The first time was for a simple oil change. They weren't that busy, but it took over an hour, and they tried to pressure me into replacing additional parts. The second time I went because they quoted me a great price over the phone to replace my water pump. When I arrived I was told that the person who answers the phone doesn't know anything, and that the actual price is much higher. I wish I had had the experiences these other people did, but as it is, I never plan to go there again. —MattCzarnowski

2005-06-14 15:39:53   I've had really great experiences here! I'll confirm that the manager is a really nice woman, very enjoyable to talk to, always seems to be in a good mood and is very helpful. I had to do a smog on one vehicle, and Speedy let me leave my car there overnight after they tweaked it to pass smog. Another time, I thought I was due for this expensive maintenance thing, and the guy who checked me in said I had loads of miles before I had to shell out for the major maintenance. Saved me a hundred bucks! —AlphaDog

2005-08-03 20:07:19   I can't say I care for the oil change. It took an hour and a half. I mean, yeah, sure the "oil change" included a 17 point inspection but even then the wait time simply isn't acceptable. What I really have major gripes about is that a couple of customers who came in after me had their jobs done first and left before me — and I was in simply for an oil change and my vehicle checked out just fine from the inspection. So, if you don't mind digging deeper into your pocketbook and risk wasting half the afternoon in waiting time, go SpeeDee by all means. But if you're like me, and think PoKee would have been a more appropriate name for SpeeDee, you would do well to avoid them (or this particular franchise anyway) and bring your business elsewhere! —StanleyField

2005-08-04 09:25:50   It's pretty easy to change your own oil. You just need a $5 oil pan from Ace, Kragen or Napa. I think DWR recycles oil at the curb too. —ArlenAbraham

2005-10-24 14:42:20   I will never go there again. the last time I brought my car in for an oil change, my A/C stopped working. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but if I was I would say Speedee stole my freon.otherwise just a weird coincidence —MyaBrn * More likely the belt to your compressor got screwed up somehow, or a fuse got blown/damaged. rocksanddirt

2005-10-24 16:00:45   Could have been. My dad is a mechanic though and when he looked at it he said things looked fine.Thanks RocksandDirtMyaBrn

2005-12-15 22:12:39   The owner is majorly nice and recommended some good places to fix things they had found during my oil check. And they did a tiptop job of cleaning up my car. It ran to about $25. —ApolloStumpy

2005-12-15 22:45:31   Speedee is the best! They have the nicest employees and a pretty decent waiting room. —MargotParfitt

2005-12-16 06:53:32   the magazines are pretty old, though. only one entertainment weekly, and that had Johnny Depp and the Chocolate Factory on the cover. —ApolloStumpy

2006-02-27 15:38:34   I was very impressed. Just like most of the other positive responses here, the manager/cashier is a woman who is super friendly and has a very positive, customer-oriented attitude. She was telling me that they feel that the customer should be explained how things work if necessary so they can make the most-informed decision possible—I haven't seen this since I was back home at my old mechanic (who I would, no qualms, give a blank check). Absolutely no pressure to get a couple of things replaced, which was nice, because then you don't feel like it's a scam (and it's my boyfriend's car, so the pressure would be futile). Highly-recommended. P.S. They also happily—and for free—reset the battery and found the stereo code so there is once again a radio/CD player in the car...sweet! —JulieEickhof

2006-07-05 19:59:24   Not to be the wet blanket, but I recently had to have a ton of work done to my car (brake realignment, another oil change, cleaning battery corrosion, etc.) and my mechanic placed some of the responsibility on where I had my oil changed. Don't get me wrong—the management and employees are very friendly and never overcharge. I just could have had one bad experience. But still, the fact that my car was in worse shape after the oil change than before is not a good sign. —ShayneMarguerite

2006-07-06 14:26:02   I've gone to SpeeDee tons of times to get my oil changed and have never had a bad experience there. They are generally fast, inexpensive, and friendly. The radio in the office/waiting room is always turned to something horrible though, so bring your own waiting music. :) —AlexPomeranz

2006-09-15 19:46:25   Never been to the Davis Speedee, but the one in Woodland has been pretty good to me (knock on wood) good, that I've been a repeat customer for about five years. —DukeMcAdow

2006-09-19 03:10:02   My first experience here was definitely positive. I get coupons in the mail from this place every week it seems, so I decided to go in for the 17 point oil change. They were really quick and efficient. I was probably in and out in less than 15 minutes. And once they were done, they gave me a rundown of everything they did and recommendations on maintenance I might need soon. They actually did everything they said they would (I’ve had too many experiences where the oil change place neglected to do things like clean my windows or top off the fluids – services I paid extra for). This is probably the place I'll be going to when I need an oil change in Davis from now on. —JaneNguyen

2006-10-21 14:28:50   They don't care about your requests when they have clients in line! You should remind them for everything several times. Their estimate for changing a headlight bulb was 20$ but they charged me for ~35 bucks for a piece of crap which costs about 9$!!!! They even didn't accept the coupon for discount. THIS WAS THE LAST TIME THAT I WENT THERE!!!! —LeonGardner

2006-10-22 13:35:52   They couldn't reset the oil light of my car. They didn't top off the coolant of the engine so I had so much problem with the alarm light cuz I didn't know what's wrong with the car!!!! I couldn't understnad why they manipulated the car clock and changed the time ??? I don't recommend them for any mechanical problem, even for the tire pressure! —AmirArdeshir

2006-11-05 16:41:50   Really great service. Probably the nicest people and quickest service I've ever had during an oil change, ever. Even without the SuperSaver card, the lady applied the discount and saved me a couple bucks. She even referred me to a place where I could get free nitrogen for my tires! —AliPezeshkpour

2006-11-18 08:47:34   dam expensive but you get an oil change in 30 minutes.. cant complain. —VinhBoy

2006-12-28 23:27:03   Holy shit, they did the whole oil change in 10 mins. Of course, I went near closing time when almost no one was there. Costs seem slightly above average. They also gave me the discount, even though I forgot to bring the coupon. They put a reminder sticker in my car for my next scheduled service, but they wrote the next schedued service a lot sooner than what is recommended in the owners manual. —JohnWong

2007-01-15 18:20:05   SpeeDee was great to me. I've used them for two oil changes so far, with no problems. But I just went to them because I was trying to change my O_2 sensor myself but the sensor's threads were seized up. Everyone at SpeeDee was very nice, straightforward, and honest, and up front about the costs. They quoted me 1 1/2 hours labor, and I'm pretty sure they went over that, but still only charged me for the 1 1/2 hours. They also were very up front about the very real possibility that my manifold needed to be replaced. The mechanic was as excited as I was when he finally got my old sensor out and I didn't have to replace the manifold. They even installed my new O_2 sensor for me for free, even though I didn't ask them to! —LucasSabalka

2007-02-18 15:08:53   They flushed the coolent system of my car, but they didn't bleed the air pockets from the coolant system and this made lots of problems for the car. Honestly they don't know anything about Audi!!! —AmirArdeshir

2007-04-07 10:46:38   I hate to do this because I like the people there: They are *ususally* nice. Unfortunately, when I found one of my headlight was broken after it was serviced with them, all I heard from them was excuse. I cannot go back to them again because they don't trust the customers, and they would rather hang onto their pride than business. Be forewarned when something goes wrong and expect a reasonable response. —Shin

2007-04-12 09:52:48   I don't like leaving bad comments, however, I was really angry with their service. They did a crappy job on my oil change. For some reason, later on that day, my engine light came on. I called them and they said it was unrelated (which is true). I went to go get it checked out and the mechanic who checked my car said, "Whoever gave you and oil change put way too much oil in here and caused a leak." Also, the management was very unhelpful. —LenaLim

2007-06-11 15:42:01   I've been there twice now and both times have been treated well. Today, I was in and out of there in 20 minutes. It's about what I'd pay back at home for an oil change. I do, however, have to shell out an extra few bucks for my particular car because it takes a canister oil filter. This is true at any shop.


2007-07-21 19:51:56   i usually go here to get my oil changed. However i was driving down covell and i forgot where that do it yourself carwash was. Then i noticed a sign for Davisville Express Lube that said free car wash with oil change. Since i was going to get my oil changed this week i thought why not? Funny thing is i noticed that the usual mechanic i have had at speedee now works for this place. Interesting. Both places are pretty similar. Speedy tops off more stuff for free, but this place has the modern waiting room and the free carwash. They are both about the same price its a toss up. —MattHh

2007-09-21 14:26:30   I have been a customer at speedee in davis for several years now, getting the majority of my regular maintenance there, and have always been pleased with their professionalism and efficiency. unfortunately, the last time i was there, i received far-below average service. it took them about 5 minutes to even greet me, with only two cars in the shop. to their credit, they did seem fairly understaffed (only two technicians as opposed to the three to five i'm used to seeing), but i was still rather dissapointed with their service. Its hard to put up with that kind of service with so many other options in town. —JohnRose

2007-09-28 23:53:28   so i came to speedee. i heard it would be an awesome/great experience, but i really did not have a similar experience. i was disrespected and treated extremely poorly. i was not at all satisfied with my experience, and felt like i had been cheated by their service. overall, i could not understand the high attendance rate. —philpeterson

2007-12-05 16:55:21   The management is really nice, but I think some of the employees took advantage of me last time I went there. They tried to make me pay a lot for work that did not even need to be done. I took my car back and took it to a mechanic I trusted who told me it only needed the front brake pads replaced. I thought I would have better luck with an oil change and I decided to let them do that, turns out a month later when I had my mom's friend look at it they had not even changed the oil, they just filled it back up with the wrong stuff!!! I would just be cautious when going there...bring a male friend perhaps? —mcnabb

2007-12-16 18:26:48   I just read some of the comments and I am really glad that I did not read them before I went to speedee. NONE of the issues that I read here apply to the terrific experience that I received. My oil light was on and I had to get off the freeway, I ended going down a back street and ended up at this speedee in Davis. They were very helpful and informed me that if the engine were to have started seizing up then it could cost a bundle, but they will look into the issue. As it turned out I was just very low on oil so I got a full oil change from them, nothing was wrong with my engine and they did NOT try to make me fix stuff that did not need to be fixed, BUT they did show me that I had a headlight that was out so they fixed that for me. The staff and management was very helpful and friendly. They even gave me a coupon discount when I did not have a coupon, they washed my windows, vacummed my car, topped off other fluids... they are the ONLY place I will take my car from now on. I even noticed some other services that they offer, I will definitely be back! —davisdaniel

2008-01-28 10:14:00   Just wanted to say I took my car here to other day and get terrific service. The entire staff was so nice and friendly. I highly recommend this spot!!! —gradstudent

2008-02-05 12:03:27   A place do not go. There was a guy took advantage of me, and gave me an over priced quote on replace Oil pan gasket. Material is $75, and the labor cost $415. 4.5 hours, $90 per hour. Man! I went to another place, and the mechanic told me I only need to reseal the gasket,and $150 is the total price including oil change. What a huge difference??? —ronanzj

2008-03-08 16:27:09   I went here the other day for an oil change and all in all it was a great experience. The staff were super friendly and the service was quick...They even put my skid plate back on correctly, something that few places ( in my recent oil change history) have done. The only thing to watch out for is that they automatically give you the more expensive brand of oil. When I questioned it, the guy was quick to offer the cheaper brand, so if you're concerned about price, be sure to specify which brand you'd like. —AllyAnaheim

2008-03-21 08:41:42   WOW... excellent service! Highly recommended. I was way overdue for an oil change so I stopped by and they not only changed my oil, but they adjusted my tire pressure, topped off all my fluids and made some recommendations for my NEXT visit.. no hard selling, just honest service and upfront information. I am very pleased with the staff and management here.... AND, I had my laptop with me and they told me that they are a HOTSPOT for the Internet and that I was more than welcome to connect through their connection during my visit!!!! I was able to get some work done while waiting for my car to be serviced. This place is the best! —Partyof7

2008-05-17 22:00:07   I went there today for an oil change, and the woman behind the counter and the mechanics were really nice. The service took about 20 minutes or so, and they did a good job. They even fixed my wipers, which is awesome. When I went to drive away one of the mechanics noticed my rim (which is bent in one area) and recommended some places where I could get a cheap replacement, but a good mechanic to do it. It wasn't one of those "your car is going to die on you right now!" talks, but more like one of those "by the way, you might find this helpful later on .." talks. I will definitely go back to these guys. —Kayla

2008-05-23 15:20:33   I had a great experience with this place. I went for an oil change and had no problems. The staff is very nice. I felt completely comfortable there, unlike JiffyLube. —MicheleTobias

2008-10-07 07:49:34   In summary my car was brought in 2x for a smog test and they kept flunking it due to a engine light that was on. I clearly stated to the technician that I needed to have the light fixed because I need to register the car. They disregarded my request and charged me for another smog inspection!! —TAB1961

2008-12-13 00:30:38   Leakage of engine coolant stopped after I brought my car for oil change (they fixed it?). We need to wait more than 30 min but I think they are carefully inspecting car. Safety is more important for me. —TomoKurobe