In Spring 2010, the ASUCD held a special Election. On the ballot were two issues:

A vote of no confidence in Mark Yudof:

Passed, 986 for, 103 against, and 25 abstain

N = 1114, 88.5% yes

A vote of no confidence in the UC Regents:

Passed, 993 for, 91 against, and 26 abstain

N = 1100, 89.5% yes

No .blt files were made available for this election, which had only ~5% turnout. The actual text of the measures is no longer available on the ASUCD website.

There's no word on why the UC Regents are more hated than Yudof.

However, this vote came a couple of month's after Yudof's decision to resign.

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