Squid Hickeys placed second in the 2005 Battle of the Bands, and have played at The Graduate and the 2005 WEF After-party. They are currently on indefinite hiatus.

Nicholas Barbulesco: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Bethany Faith Daniels: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Bryan Jungers: Drums and Percussion

Patrick Proctor: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar


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2005-06-11 18:10:40   I've only heard them play two songs, and they were both great! —NiareeHopelian

2005-11-16 16:04:25   I've recently taken to listening to the "Live in Studio A Album" which I compiled, and I really think it's great. They should play some shows! —JohnDudek

2005-12-07 00:28:53   Oh my god, Bryan is so hot. Did you make this page, Patrick? I can't wait to live in your town.—JessaRego