This is a call to all people who currently work to make this town interesting. There are many of you whose names appear on this very website. It has become clear to me in the time that I have lived in this town, that many students of UC Davis, particularly during the 1970's, decided to stay here after they graduated. Many of them started families, got jobs, bought property, and started businesses. It is my view that this tradition should be carried on. I will be the first to admit that Davis has a lot of problems, but it also has a lot of potential. Our community is poised to take a lead role in realizing that potential.

Davis has one of the largest and fastest growing UC campuses. It has high property values, good schools, and many high tech businesses. It has a high concentration of housing co-operatives and a reputation for its sustainable housing developments. These all make Davis an attractive place to live for many people. Unfortunately several things have fallen by the wayside in development of all of these things. Downtown is almost strictly geared towards middle aged homeowners. This combined with police antics and illogical noise codes create a strong anti-student atmosphere.

This must change, and most 70's alumni aren't interested in seeing that happen. I see a community full of energy and creative power, and I feel the need to call upon that community to sustain itself and make a lasting, positive impression on this place. We can make an impact by simply continuing to live here or by returning when the time is right. Perhaps I am alone in this view, but I have a strong sense that I am not.


Those who Stay in Davis may bring about positive change to the so-called Davis Apartheid issue.

I'm going to back DanMasiel up here, which is crazy. you see i'm only hanging out in davis for the summer, i'm going to get a job doing massage and save up some money and move back to portland. actually, yeah, i guess i'll stay and take classes at the sac city extension, its so close to my house! what? yeah, i guess i will stay here till the next summer. take a lease? (wrings finger under collar) i dont know. when MikeyBurke first told me he was going to school in davis i did a lot of brow wrinkling and spitting. i cursed mike burke and this little ville and then four years later i'm here, having a good time and generally surprised at what this town has to offer. in the last 3/4 of a year i have been to some of the most entertaining and creative live musical events i've seen for years. i mean, we have a house with a bomb shelter that has awesome shows in clement weather. and the pirate ship, how many pirates do you jerks know that live in an awesome house where you come from? not very many i'm sure. if asked if i will stay in davis i would probably say no. but you should stay, stay and proliferate!

This was my plan exactly, until Covell Village did not pass and really soured my outlook on Davis. I don't want to be part of such a close-minded, elitist city. -PeterMarleau

  • The Covell Village thing was enough to sour your outlook on Davis? Also, if you think something should be different about something you once liked, the better choice is to stay and work to change it, not run away. -ZacMorris