Memorial: November 11, 5:30pm-7:30pm @ Third Space Art Collective

Celebrate Steve Inness - Come gather to celebrate the life of our recently departed friend, Steven Inness.  Bring memories, remembrances, objects, images, and other ways to pay our last respects.  Share this invitation with those that may have known him.  See you there!

If possible, respond on Facebook 'Steve Inness Memorial Gathering'



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I think he has a sister who died of Huntington's Disease last year (2014).  He liked this page on facebook: and she was born 5 years after him in 1965 in Palo Alto in according to this obituary: What's the word on the memorial service? -Angel

I attended on Friday night, and there was lots and lots of people.  It was actually very nice to see so many people rallying for Steve.  He had lots of friends and support in town, and I while I don't know all the details (I only knew him on an acquaintance level), his closer friends seem to be on top of the arrangements for a memorial service. Somebody on FB had apparently already organized a memorial group page for him, and set up the compassion bench gathering before this talk page was even started.  I did some searching on FB and was not able to locate the group, but if there is one out there, maybe someone can link it?  There is supposed to be more memorial information there.  -JT

Denise Hoffner linked to in a comment on his facebook page, but that's the only link I've seen, and it doesn't work for me and at least two other people. -Angel

Hmmmm, that link doesn't work for me.  Says it's either an expired event or only visible to an audience I'm not a part of. I wonder if that's a private event at this point. -JT

Did they say on Friday when we could expect to find out more?  -Angel

I got there late, and there were multiple groups so I couldn't talk to everyone, but a couple different people said I could look up more info on FB.  I wasn't able to find much though afterwards, so I'm kind of in the same place as you.  I didn't know Steve super well and we were not connected on FB, so I'm a bit out of the loop on that end.  Hoping someone can provide some more direct links.  I'm sure there would be others who are interested as well.  -JT

Steve's facebook page is set to be visible to friends-of-friends, so you should be able to at least see his facebook page.  My partner is facebook friends with steve, and he was also unable to access the event link I posted above.  So I'm not sure who has access to it. -Angel


2015-10-06 02:14:04   From the facebook comment thread: "Denise Hoffner Hi all. There's nothing set up that I know about. I'm more than happy to be a part of things but I'm pretty overwhelmed today. If someone else wants to take the lead I won't feel like my toes are being stepped on. Otherwise I need at least a few days-still dealing with Steve's stuff and behind on all my neglected responsibilities." —Angel.York

2015-10-06 18:56:27   So I made a call over to the Yolo Co coroners office today to check in and see how Steve's remains were being taken care off. One of the agents let me know that Steve's family have been contacted and will be handling his arrangements from here. I didn't inquire beyond this, (again I didn't know Steve very well and his family is entitled to their privacy), but I was happy to hear that someone is taking care of him. —jefftolentino

2015-10-07 11:29:34   From Facebook: "Keep November 11th open for a local memorial gathering for Steve." —Angel.York

2015-10-28 17:26:33   Thank you so much for keeping us updated. —jefftolentino

2022-02-06 09:24:32   RIP Steve. Been a few years, but still sad that I never really got to say goodbye. Still missing hanging out. I never got to see his revolutionary flashlight prototype! Damnit Steve! I guess I still carry him with me, in a way? Be kind to everyone. —Darach