Name: Steve Pop

Phone Number: (916) 447-7878

Office: 2801 J St., Sacramento

Email: spop (at)

Personality: Steve is a realtor with Lyon Real Estate. He operates out of Sacramento, but often works in Davis and throughout Yolo County. He's been an agent for over 20 years, and is familiar with every aspect of the real estate business. Once you get in touch with him through his office number listed here, he's always quickly reachable by cell phone or email.


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2009-02-06 14:52:06   My fiance and I have been working with Steve Pop in the downtown office. He is the most phenomenal real estate agent I've ever met! We are purchasing our first home, but actually went through two agents before Steve. The first agent tried to unload his garbage onto us, and the second agent was never available to show us houses we found. In a fast moving market (such as we have now in Sacramento and Yolo County), you just can't afford to have an agent who isn't at the top of his game. Please note that the other agent was not with Lyon.

When our second agent refused for the umpteenth time to show us a property we liked, we called Lyon and asked for someone who would always be available to show us places. They connected us to Steve and we saw the property that day. He was incredibly informative and actually went beyond the usual agent. he had the insight of an inspector and the financial knowledge of a broker: he not only knew where to look for dry rot or cracked foundations, he could also tell us how much we could raise the value of the house by, say, adding wood floors, or what kind of steps we should take to lock in our interest rate.

And when we were outbid (by an investor paying in cash) on the first house, he was there to show us the second. And when we lost the second house because people bid tens of thousands over the asking—Steve was there to show us the third. Honestly, rain or shine, this guy would meet us anywhere.

In the end, we even switched from Sacramento County to Yolo county and he didn't even blink (even though this lengthened his drive to the houses we wanted to see). Both his flexibility and availability got us our first home...the exact home we had imagined.

And at the final stages of closing, he is still here...calling occasionally to ask if we need anything or check on our stress levels. He has said time and time again that we could call him in the middle of the night if we start to freak out. He's an angel.

If you're really ready to buy a house and are ready to go at it full on—this is your man. I would recommend him a thousand times over. Actually, I made this yelp account so people wouldn't have to fumble around with bad agents like we had in the beginning.

I have no doubt that if you need someone to sell your house, you couldn't ask for a better agent. He will go to amazing lengths to make sure you're a happy client.

Amazing! Fast, helpful, caring, and fun too! This couldn't have been a better experience. I mean...I was ignored by some agents for only having about a 200k budget, but Steve respected me and treated me like I had a 2 million dollar budget. Amazing! I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy, sell, or flip a house anywhere in the area. —natalies

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