These are reviews of the Strelitzia Flower Co from prior to 2011. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-02-28 09:14:54   Strelitzia is my first pick of Davis florists primarily because I like that they keep their flowers out so customers can create their own bouquets. Staff people are always very friendly and they are great about arranging bouquets of customer-selected flowers. Even if you're just picking up a couple stems, staff will add a little greenery for you and wrap it nicely. —AlphaDog

2006-03-06 17:49:26   The only time I bought flowers at Strelitzia, they died a few days later...the product didn't seem like very good quality to me, which is unfortunate, since I paid a lot for the arrangements. I prefer Mengali's for my flowers, especially contemporary and unique arrangements that take a lot of design skill. —AmandaCaudle

2007-02-08 15:10:00   I really like Strelitzia and always go there when I need a pretty bouquet. They've never let me down and always make great arrangements. Their prices are pretty low and I always end up with more flowers than I thought I could buy for that amount. I recommend them to anyone. —DaveCar

2007-08-23 16:14:34   Pros: the truffles are from the local chocolate shop in Davis and are quite good, I've been told (fair-trade, organic chocolate? not likely). Most important: the flowers were considered "artfully done" by my partner. Cons: I ordered a dozen roses for delivery, indicating a specific time, 6:00 p.m., and slyly arranged to have my partner available at that time, so she'd be surprised; but not only did Strelitzia fail to deliver on time (they tried to deliver an hour and a half early), they actually ended up calling and arranging to have her come pick up the flowers from the shop. Now, if you're paying $100 or more for flowers/chocolates, you'd think they'd care about delivering according to the special instructions stipulated in the manifest. Half of the "effect" of delivering flowers is the surprise, so when this is taken away, the whole act is devalued. If by chance they are unable to deliver past five o'clock, which may be an explanation of what happened, they need to say so on the webpage. —ZN

2007-10-06 10:51:42   We missed a delivery of flowers from them, but they left a note and a phone message about how to request a redelivery. Normally they would redeliver on the next day, but when they found out the flowers were for my sick wife, they made a special trip just to bring them over right away. The flowers were beautiful and my wife was very happy. Thanks Strelitzia! —CarlMcCabe

2007-10-06 11:52:01   Great service. They are always friendly and are a great help for someone with no sense of color coordination. —AlexJohnson

2007-12-05 13:43:58   Their amazing flower arrangements light up the window in our hair salon, Nina's Studio. They add so much color and style to our shop that compliments our own business attitudes. The extremely friendly staff personally bring over new arrangements and advise us on how to keep them alive ;) —NinasStudio

2007-12-22 10:11:34   As the owner of Strelitzia, I am always trying to improve our customer service. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Anytime flowers don't last very long, there may be other factors involved, including flower handling after purchase, environmental conditions of the home or business, or there could have been grower problems in transport or harvesting, that is why we offer replacement when notified in a timely manner. Regarding deliveries, Strelitzia offers an express delivery option where we will deliver within a one hour period. We cannot offer a specific timed delivery because there are always other factors involved, such as traffic, quantiy of deliveries, previous orders received, etc. We also do offer after hours delivery as with advance notice and an express delivery fee. In the future we will be offering a new service where we will email the customer a picture of the recipient as they receive the flowers and we can also email a picture of the arrangement after it is completed. Let us know what other services you would like to see. We go directly to the growers and therefore offer the freshest flowers and best prices. By going to our website and contacting us, the email goes directly to the owner and I respond to all inquires. Visit our website to keep updated on our move to a new facility located at 4614 Second Street on July 1st, 2008. —Strelitzia

2008-02-14 18:11:20   COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL! I put in a an order a week before Valentine's Day hoping to secure my order. I specifically told them that the order needed to be delivered before 4pm on Valentine's Day. The day before, I called in to confirm that they had the order right and the delivery time confirmed. At around 3:45pm on Valentine's Day, I call in to confirm that my order has been delivered before I need to drive my girlfriend to class. They put me on hold for about ten minutes, so I hang up and call again. I am put on hold for about a minute and I again ask to confirm the delivery of my order. They say that it is in transit but do not know if it has been delivered yet. Their delivery supervisor tells me that he will call me back as soon as he tracks down my order. By that time it is too late and my girlfriend has to go to class. So, I end up picking her up and asking if any deliveries came, essentially ruining the surprise. After driving her to class, I go to the store at about 4:30pm to get some sort of clarification because I did not get a call back. They tell me they still haven't made any progress in tracking down my order and will call me asap. So, I end up going to my girlfriend's apartment again and waiting there for the flowers myself while she is in class. The flowers end up coming at around 5:15. I asked the delivery person what was going and if he knew they were supposed to be delivered before 4pm. He told me that he only picked up the flowers to deliver at 4pm!!! and seemed clueless about anything else that was going on. I finally get a call for the delivery supervisor at almost 6pm to notify me that my order has been shipped and that I they will credit my delivery charge back. If I am paying $75 for a flower arrangement and place the order a week before AND confirming the delivery time the day before, I am expecting them to perform that service. I understand that Valentine's Day is a busy time of the year, but this is your business and you should be more organized and professional. This has been a total nightmare and I want you know that I am extremely upset and I will not be using your services again. —Lawrence

2008-02-15 07:35:46   hey Lawrence, take advantage of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, like the owner said in their comment and see if that would apply to your case. —MyaBrn

2008-02-27 Warning: If you want to get flowers delivered and they ask you how much you want to spend, plan to spend about $15 more than the amount they tell you. At the beginning of my telephone call, the clerk asked me how much I wanted to spend, I said an amount and asked if that would deliver a nice bouquet, and she said yes. Then when she gave the total later, it was literally about $15 higher than what I had said, "with tax and the delivery charge." —TomHinds

2008-07-06 15:09:44   For the month of July 2008, we are offering sunflowers at $2.99 bu (5 stems), dozen rose bouquets $9.99 (cash and carry) and one dozen medium roses arranged for $29.99 (delivery $10.95 in Davis) Look for more specials on our farm grown flowers. —Strelitzia

2008-12-31 17:59:03   Wrong Phone # listed. It should read 530 758-5050. Photo needs to reflect the address of the new store, too. —DrewCarlson

2009-02-17 17:29:59   I really wish I had read some of the comments here before experiencing their unprofessionalism firsthand. First of all I would like to say that I am generally apathetic about minor snafus when it comes to customer service, accidents happen etc. etc. First of all I ordered Valentines day flowers for my girlfriend which neither came with the vase it was advertised in (they told me that ahead of time, however the vase they gave was ugly and plain) and the flowers did not look as advertised. After the flowers were delivered a plant was also delivered, I thought that perhaps they were making up for the ugly vase or something along those lines. When the plant was delivered they asked for my girlfriends name to confirm it etc, she later told me about it and I said I never ordered a plant but perhaps it was something else they were giving out because I paid extra for the bouquet (to get their deluxe edition with better flowers or whatever, don't bother it was worse than what the regular bouquet looked like online). A day later they call her saying they need the plant back which I find annoying since their mistake now becomes our headache, kind of takes the romance out of ordering valentines day flowers imo. I call them and say the best we can do is have someone else living at their apartment leave the plant outside because they have to go to work, the gentleman who I talked to thanks me and offers to send me a bouquet to make up for the trouble (which quite frankly I find appropriate, though I did NOT ask for anything in return). I later find out the plant is taken but no bouquet is delivered which annoys me not because of the lack of flowers but because I was basically lied to as a form of appeasement. I called their company today and after talking to the same man (who has the audacity to call my girlfriend a liar, claiming she knew the plant wasn't hers because there was a card on it with someone else’s name, which she never read... why exactly would we offer to give it back or help them out then if we wanted the plant so badly?) was told if I didn't like the way they conducted business I could order flowers from somewhere else... well I will certainly be taking that advice because these guys are extremely unprofessional as you could probably tell by some of the other testimonials on here. —xelad1

2009-02-19 07:52:00   concerning xelad1 comments. There were a lot of deliveries sat and the last delivery I was given was attached to a plant. I delivered the plant and made the mistake of not looking at the card, since I had been told to deliver it. The next day I could not find a deliver that was due to go out and realized that it had been delivered incorrectly to this mans girlfriend. When I called to ask about it, she hesitated when I asked if she had looked at the card which was clearly listed with someone else name and address. In all my years of delivery the first thing everyone has done is to look at the card to see who sent it. This was clearly not an order for her because she acknowledged that she had already received flowers. Most people would call and acknowledge that they had received someone else's flowers. This did not happen. When I called and asked to pick up the plant, the man got on the phone and was not readily agreeing to return the plant. He later called back and said that the plant would be left outside, but he wanted to receive flowers for returning an order that did not belong to them. When I realized that she had hesitated when I asked her if she had read the card, and then passed the phone over to her boyfriend, I realized that the were not being completely honest with me. When I went to pick up the plant the card was clearly visible on the plant with someone else's name and address. Later the man called and was very abusive to my staff so they asked me to call him. I did and received the same comments. I told him that the plant did not belong to them and should have been returned. I am not sure what his point was because his girlfriend did receive her flowers and he never complained about the flowers, only about returning the plant, it's the honest thing to do. —Strelitzia

2009-02-19 11:33:31   I can understand both sides of the 2 comments above, but really, you would really ask for the plant back? That is beyond tacky.

On a side note, my mom always orders me flowers from here. I have lived in my house for 1 1/2 years, yet its not yet on a map, so they have had a hard time finding my house. So now, when my mom orders, she leaves very specific directions and her phone number if they need additional help. Last time I got flowers instead of calling her, they called me for directions, but yet they didn't want them right then. They wanted to call back (when I'd be in a movie) 2 hours later to get directions from me. Seriously?? We tried to make it foolproof, but to no avail. —AmLin

2009-02-20 20:56:44   Wow I think its pretty funny how you can blatantly lie in your post about what happened. First of all my girlfriend never even looked at the note that I left her on her own valentines day flowers, why? Because it was buried under a bunch of pamphlets and cards you stick with your flowers. That being said I think its pretty funny how you're trying to make me out to be some sort of plant hostage when all I did was say that we would leave the plant outside. YOU offered me the flowers to make up for the inconvenience of your own free will after our first talk (I didn't ask for anything at all from you), I didn't call back with some sort of list of demands as you're making it sound. I was annoyed after the fact when you didn't leave the flowers you said you would (not because I desperately need your flowers but because I was lied to, don't offer something at all if you aren't going to deliver it), in conjunction with the whole hassle. Yes I did get angry at your staff and at you for this whole scenario because it was very annoying. I don't know why you think I was somehow obsessed with taking your plant after paying 80+ dollars for a flower arrangement, believe me if I want a plant I'll buy it myself. Either way I will say thank you for your guys delivery of roses to my girlfriend (which is what I originally came on here to do) today as I can respect someone willing to swallow their own pride. —xelad1

2009-02-21 09:31:59   All these comments about asking for a plant to be returned. Yes I made a mistake and delivered to the wrong address, so yesterday I delivered a premium dozen roses with a thank you card for returning the plant. —Strelitzia

2009-02-28 00:39:21   After going to Mengali's where it was overpriced, I drove the extra stretch to Strelitzia. I had a specific budget and they worked with me. Their shop is pretty huge. Jennifer gave me great customer service and arranged my two bouquets making them big and beautiful like I wanted it and within my price range. The recipients loved their bouquets! Thank you! —MichVan

2009-03-08 09:46:52   Strelitzia recently provided flowers and plants for our wedding, and all I can tell you is it was EXACTLY what we were hoping for! The flowers were exquisite, and the service was stellar. Most of the flowers they provided were beautiful more than 3 weeks later! Thank you guys! —Davidlm

2009-09-15 15:45:56   I have been buying flowers from them for awhile now. They have a great selection and great prices. When I placed a large order, they also went above and beyond trying to get the right flowers for the right price, when their competitors never even bothered to return my calls. Their flowers have always lasted a long time. —lemurific