Strip games are games which are designed to cause players to be in various states of undress. Some are more popular than others. Players are often given a choice of taking a shot or getting naked. The end result is usually the same. See also Naked games and Drinking games.

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  • Strip Truth or Dare
  • Strip Jenga
  • Strip 'I Never'
  • Strip Monopoly - (give players only $200 dollars to start with, but each article of clothing is worth a certain amount. Underwear is worth more than a sweater, and must be taken off in order.)
  • Strip Twister - This may be how you were conceived!
  • Strip Poker - Ahh. The timeless classic.
  • Strip Blackjack - For people who don't know all the rules to poker.
  • Strip DDR/Pump It Up - A game that will never exist outside of TravisGrathwell's most ridiculous fantasies.
  • Strip Rock Paper Scissors
  • Strip Sex - Nudity without the BS.
  • Strep Trek