Officially known as "Graduate Study Carrels", study cages are really creepy "cages" you can rent in Shields Library. They are on the second floor of the library in the north wing across from the window seats. The cages are big enough to fit a desk and a chair, with room to keep books and stuff above on shelves. The cage is to be used as an oversized locker you can study in and store your stuff in. Many of the cages have photos of loved ones on the walls or desks, which makes them extra creepy.

Note that all books stored in your cage must first be checked out at the front desk. The desks usually have outlets and Ethernet connections. Cages are reserved only for PhD and Masters students working on their theses. There is a surprisingly long waiting list. Cages can be checked out for up to a year and are free of charge.


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These really creeped me out when I was a freshman. They bother me less than they used to, but they're still creepy.ArlenAbraham

2007-05-12 18:26:19   I believe they also used to let Psychology undergraduate students have a study cage of their own. You could check with the Psychology Dept. —Jedron

2007-06-06 12:18:04   Creepy, yes. But I love the idea! When I was at Cal, much of the library space was on a big cage thing (the ceilings floors, shelving). Now it's all creepily underground like a big dungeon. —RocksandDirt

2008-06-14 04:33:11   Rather than creepy, me and my flatmates always thought this would be an awesome place to have Sex. It's practically screaming kinky. —KellyCorcoran