Sumeeta Ghai is a candidate for ASUCD Vice President in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate alongside runningmate Ryan Wonders.

Sumeeta is a third year International Relations major from San Diego, Calif.

Vice President Candidate Statement

Hey there Aggies!

We are Ryan Wonders and Sumeeta Ghai and we want to be your next ASUCD President and Vice President! Ryan was elected to the ASUCD Senate in Winter 2013 and currently serves on the Unit Relocation Space Allocation Committee. He is a brother of Alpha Gamma Rho and also works as an Aggie Host Security Officer. Sumeeta is the External Director of Lobby Corps and works with offices in Sacramento to voice student concerns to legislators. Sumeeta served as a director on the 99th Picnic Day Board last year, and she is also currently a dancer on the Bollywood dance team, UC Davis Lashkara.

NOW wants to promote student interests all over our campus. We believe that ASUCD should be accessible to all students and be fiscally responsible.

INCREASE STUDENT WAGES UC Davis has a large population of hardworking student employees who often struggle to make ends meet. As the largest employer of students in the city of Davis, we believe ASUCD should set the bar for student wages and benefits. If elected, we will work with administration and unit directors to ensure the students employed by ASUCD are compensated fairly.

IMPROVE BIKE INFRASTRUCTURE Davis is one of the proudest bike communities in the world, but we believe that there is room for growth. We strongly support the expansion of bike infrastructure on campus through the use of innovative bike parking and diligent upkeep of bike paths. We will work with the city of Davis to ensure roads that see heavy bike usage at night like Anderson and Sycamore are better lit, so that students are safer.

BRING LIVE MUSIC TO CAMPUS In past years the MU was a host for live music, and we want to bring that back. We will work with administration and the Entertainment Council to turn the Memorial Union back into the go-to Friday night spot for food, drinks, and live performances by expanding outdoor lighting of the MU in the evenings and bringing late night dining options.

ADVOCATE FOR STUDENTS As undergraduate students attending a UC campus, we have the collective ability to voice our concerns, and make impactful changes. It is our goal to strengthen the advocacy of ASUCD, provide resources needed, recruit more students to engage, and ultimately involve more students into advocacy, so we can mobilize for causes that we as students care about, such as affordable tuition and transparent decision-making to move our campus forward.

INTEGRATE AND UNITE OUR CAMPUS Looking to the future of our campus, especially considering the 2020 Initiative, we are mindful there will be an increasing amount of students on campus. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to maintain a positive, welcoming campus culture and ensure the proper resources, programs, and faculty are available for all students to access as we grow.

Don't forget to vote WONDERS/GHAI for ASUCD President/Vice President and NOW #1-6 for ASUCD Senate Feb. 18-21 at! If you have any questions or concerns throughout our campaign, please feel free to email Ryan Wonders at or Sumeeta Ghai at


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