510 Arthur Street in West Davis, next to the Davis Animal Hospital

Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm

(877) 872-3851
Email: SundanceApartments.Daviswikiorg.Tandem@aptleasing.info
Sundance Apartments website
Types of Units
1br/1ba, 2br/2ba with loft
Price Range
$1,230 to $2,100 for fall 2018

Sundance is one of the many apartments in Davis, but one of the few which is located across the street from UC Davis. It is directly across Russell Boulevard from West Village. The complex is managed by Tandem Properties who are very prompt in addressing issues/complaints.

Residents have commented that they like the bus stop across the street, proximity to UC Davis, new central heat and air, and the clean pool, large spa and saunas. Others have commented that noise sensitive people should look elsewhere as there are known to be late nights, loud neighbors and thin walls.

Management Notices

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Features & Amenities

Free DSL
Pool, Spa & Saunas
Laundry Center
Central Air & Heat
BBQ Area & Courtyard
Resident Events
No Pets Allowed
Resident Club House
Covered Parking Available
Spacious Closets & Cabinets


Public Transportation - Sundance is located on Unitrans D, K, and P/Q bus lines. The commuter express Yolobus 230 route stops nearby at Arthur St & Alameda Ave and will take you to Sacramento and West Sacramento in the morning and bring you back home in the afternoon.

Bicycle - Directly across Sycamore Lane, there is a connection to The Davis Bike Loop. Some really nice bike paths and bike lanes will also take you to the new Westlake Market grocery store, some services and dining at Westlake Plaza (1.4 miles) or head over Highway 113 to University Mall.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, the Westwood Park is really close and Arroyo Park will connect you to the entire Greenbelt system. If you're into gardening, the Experimental College Community Garden is a ~0.3 miles away, just over the Highway 113 Bike Bridge.

Parking - Covered and uncovered parking available.

ADA Accessibility - Unknown.

Floor Plans (pricing from 2018)

Apt Size Sq ft Rent Deposit Comments
1 bedroom x 1 bath 760 $1,230 per month $300 1 or 2 outdoor patios depending on availability
1 bedroom x 1 bath updated 760 $1,365 per month $300  
2 bedrooms x 2 bathroom with loft 1,300 $2,100 per month $600 Most students convert the loft into a third bedroom since it has its own walk in closet.

1 Bedroom Apartment 2 Bedroom Apartment


Large Spa Clubhouse Fireplace View of the pool

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2006-04-28 14:31:54   Is there really a sauna here? —ChuckFrank

2006-06-06 10:39:27   Yes, there are two saunas - they are fairly small and only hold up to three people. —EmmyMelton

2007-05-13 14:58:48   I lived here for one summer a few years ago. It was ok and kind of closer to school than most places, but I have to admit that the a/c was totally old and expensive. It was not good at all, so I didn't bother turning it on. Summer in Davis with no a/c? What was I thinking??? The walls are paper thin. You hear people walking over your head all the time. Hopefully, they fixed the a/c by now. —Jedron

2007-06-06 16:03:11   actually, the management has installed new central heating into the apartments that work really well to cool or heat the apartment. they've done a lot of renovations to the complex throughout the school year, which was somewhat of an annoyance. —JasminCamacho

2008-07-19 16:23:01   Does anyone know if this apartment complex allows dogs? —kferguson

2009-11-08 11:23:42   This place is the worst I've been. Noisy and disrespectful neighbors. Sounds like the ceiling is collapsing, dry rot visible in main support beams. No pets allowed. No covered parking, every tree drops fruits or seeds to rot on your car. Parties allowed in office, usually go past allotted time and have routy people who will pee on you property such as your bike and door handles. Overall bad place to live. —scruza

"2010-3-22 11:16:37"   In response to this post, there is covered parking available for $15/month, and parties are NOT allowed in the office/clubhouse. The clubhouse is available for residents to rent out and the residents that used it and had a party were in violation of the clubhouse rules/policy.

2009-11-08 23:06:50   this is the WORST apartment complex i ever lived in my entire life as a student in davis. when i lived there last year, the walls were extremely thin. you could here ppl walking up the stairs, alarm clocks, music playing from your neighbors place, anything and EVERYTHING. i'm talking PAPER THIN. do not i repeat do NOT use their dsl. it's the slowest thing i ever used in my life and i even had to switch to comcast because i couldnt deal with my internet going in and out when i had to turn in hw the next day. the refrigerator is pretty old looking and the oven doesn't even have a timer for baking. also, the apartments do not come with a microwave. oh! and another thing that drove me nuts was when my neighbors would shut the door really loud, it sounded like someone was trying to open your door because you can hear it so clearly. i would never live there again and i'm glad i'm out of that hell hole. worst place ever. don't live here. only plus is that the bus stop is right in front of the apartment complex. but not worth it to live in. you'll be miserable if you choose this place. —cristinad

2010-03-18 13:47:32   Just as a counterpoint to those above, I thought I'd comment—it's a pretty decent place to live, I thought. The heating and A/C works well and is energy-efficient (so you can use it all the time in summer), and the insulation in the walls is good as well, so you don't need it that much; when it was 105 last summer, it was 79 in here with the A/C off. The ceilings can be noisy if you're on the ground floor, though; my upstairs neighbors are quiet most of the time but scamper around a lot occasionally... not a huge deal, unless you get crazy ones. Their free Omsoft DSL is indeed slow; it's 1.5 megabit, which means it tops out around 150k a second for downloads. But, it's free, so. Never had it "go in and out" in two years, though, and that's with lots of WoW and BitTorrent uptime verification. Appliances were new when I moved in (there is no microwave included, though). I can't comment on "dry rot in the main support beams," since they aren't actually visible, and I neglected to bring my X-ray specs. Covered parking is indeed available, although with a caveat: regular parking is free, but reserved, covered spaces are $15/mo. The adjacent Davis Small Animal Hospital did fling dog poo out their window one time though, hitting a couple cars parked at Sundance. The other problems seem to be with shitty neighbors, so I can't really comment there. I'd say there were about five huge parties in the pool area in all of 2009, give or take a couple. Annoying as hell at the time, but eh... I expected worse, since most people are noisy idiots and this is a college city. At least the management keeps it clean; there's an old guy who's out cleaning the pool area whenever I'm biking to class at 9ish. They're pretty quick with maintenance, as well; I made an online request at 10AM when my water was being weird, and when I got back from class at 1, it was fixed.

So the price is a little high. One non-made-up problem I've had is that the window frames seem to have been crappily installed, and the paint around them is a little suspect; not really an issue in practice. The laundry room is a genuine annoyance here, though; $1.25 to wash, $1.00 to dry, but the washers are tiny and the dryers don't do an awesome job, so a week of clothes/gym clothes/towels usually ends up taking like $5 in quarters to properly wash and dry, which sucks. I also don't like their Friday afternoon landscaping thing—I guess that's the best time to be using leaf blowers, but when I still have studying to do, it's a pain in the ass. So yeah, if it was $900/mo for a 1br, the free DSL was 3 or 6mb, using a freeze-ray on your neighbors was non-fictitious and legal, and the laundry room was awesome or free, Sundance would be fantastic, but as it is, it's pretty good.

Just as addenda, since this page doesn't really address it: -They re-did the pool area, now there's just the pool and a big hot-tub. - Only caged pets are allowed (bah!) -I think they're open on Saturdays as well. -I dunno what the "Study Area" in the "Amenities" section refers to, but unless they mean the main community-ish building, I'm pretty sure that doesn't really exist. —JuniperMonkeys

2012-05-24 20:47:06   2 Bedroom / 2 Bath with loft (floor plan above) is available, unfurnished, from July 1 to August 31, 2012. Download a flyer with pictures from Dropbox: http://db.tt/cknpFvZ3NomaPride

2014-06-22 23:41:06   Lived here for a year. Overall a pretty decent place with huge rooms. WARNING: There are spiders on spiders in these complexes so if you're planning to live here, be prepared to love living with them or become a pro spider annihilator. —mcs