SuperShuttle is a national chain of shuttles that drives people to and from the airport. Locally, they are based in Sacramento and they do door-to-door service. Their fare to Sacramento Airport is $23. Their web site has an entry to tip in advance with a somewhat steep default 18% tipping rate.

  • Davis Business License- No. Located and licensed in Sacramento, not Davis.
  • Sac Airport Permits- Yes
  • Yolo County Business License- As of Mar. 31, 2010 No License on record with Yolo County, possibly restricting transportation outside of Davis, if not within the Davis city Limits. They are licensed in Sacramento.

As of 03/19/2013, they do not offer any service to SFO.

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How was your ride?

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2010-01-02 10:12:52   I'd been a Davis Airporter customer for the longest time, and finally after one lousy experience after another, I switched to Super Shuttle for this last trip, and it was soooo much better. You can pay in advance online (something that seems to ALWAYS go wrong with Davis Airporter, resulting in their incompetent drivers insisting on you paying AGAIN in the van, and then telling you it's YOUR responsibility to go into the office to reverse the first charge), they don't FILL the van to MAXIMUM capacity for each trip, meaning if you're the first pickup you don't need to go around Davis for 3 hours picking up 25 other people like always happens on Davis Airporter. The driver was right on time, picked up just 2 of us, and took us to the Airport easy as can be. I'm a switcher. -David —DavidBenjamin

2010-01-02 17:15:42   Early on, I had one very unimpressive experience with SuperShuttle that I documented on this page. The phone reservation woman was an incompetent bully, while the driver (although he was nice and did get me there on time) was also incompetent and didn't drive safely. However, I haven't seen that driver since then and I probably wouldn't talk to that reservation lady again either. Morever, at times I have also had negative experiences with the Davis Airporter.

SuperShuttle has improved a lot since it first started service to Davis. On the whole, it is more reliable and faster than the Davis Airporter, even if it is a bit more expensive. The Davis Airporter may have to do something to compete for service to SMF, because travelers who want to save money can just as well take YoloBus 42. —GregKuperberg

2010-09-02 13:57:58   I called SuperShuttle to schedule a ride the for next morning. My flight was at 6:45 and central booking told me (on the phone) that the shuttle would pick me up at 4:45. The email confirmation explained that there is a 15 minute window, and that I should be ready at 4:30.

At 3:35, central booking called to say the shuttle would be there between 4:10 and 4:15. I told the person on the phone that I might not be done packing by then, but I would try, and that my reservation was for 4:45 plus or minus 15 minutes.

At 4:12, the shuttle driver called me to tell me he was there and that central booking had promised I would be ready by 4:10. I told him that was incorrect and went back to packing. At 4:21, SuperShuttle central booking called to scold me, including saying things like "4:30 to 5:00 [my sceduled window] isn't when we do pickups". I explained (sternly) that the email and booking agent from the night before had said exactly the opposite.

I finished packing and boarded the shuttle at 4:24, but I forgot 3 things for my trip due to my haste. I was dissatisfied with my SuperShuttle service. —PleaseDoNotUseANickname

2011-08-24 22:02:23   I have used super shuttle many times. The drivers are typically friendly. Our cat accompanied us on our most recent flight. About two miles into our Super shuttle trip we realized we had forgotten her necessary paperwork. The driver turned around and was very courteous despite our mistake. The only problem is that they are supposed to call and warn you when they are close but rarely do. They are also sometimes very early, arriving up to 15 minutes before the beginning of the pick up window. I am very satisfied overall and will use super shuttle in the future. —LoriOrf

2012-01-02 11:10:27   I recently used SupperShuttle over the holidays and was so pleasantly surprised! After reading the comments on this page, I was apprehensive about using it, but my experiences have overall been good. From my experience, they will pick you up promptly and on time from your home (or departure destination) to SMF. How long it takes to get to SMF depends on the number of riders and traffic, but I've never been late to the airport. The one downside with SuperShuttle is coming home from the airport. Once you check into the counter, you're told that it will be about 15 mins. For me, each time it's been more at about 30 mins, even when there weren't many others waiting for rides. But the way I see it, I am paying significantly less for the ride than I would for a taxi, so it's a good tradeoff for me to wait a little longer to get home. Out of the four drivers that I've had, only one so far has been surly, all others have been warm and friendly and I've had good conversations on the way home. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone looking for a reliable, safe, cheap way to get home.


2012-02-06 12:08:28   I used Super Shuttle last night and was very disappointed with the service they provided. I made a reservation for a shuttle to pick me up at Sacramento airport and take me back to Davis when my flight landed at around 12:45am. Our flight landed early, and when we got to the Super Shuttle kiosk at the airport, the man there said that they could not get ahold of any vans or drivers and that we would have to wait for an unknown amount of time. There was no apology for leaving multiple people feeling stranded at the airport. After asking him to call his dispatcher multiple times, we were told that we would have to wait for an hour or possibly longer. A van finally came about an hour and 10 minutes later and I got home at about 2am (which felt like 5am since I was coming from New York). The driver told me that it was hard to get drivers to work the night of Superbowl Sunday. I find it very irresponsible that Super Shuttle takes reservations but at the same time does not organize reliable drivers to pick up the people who have paid for transportation in advance. I have called Super Shuttle today and expect a full refund for the unacceptable and poor service I received. I would definitely not use Super Shuttle again. —KatieSahyouni

2012-02-08 21:56:46   I contacted Super Shuttle about what happened and they have approved a full refund for me. —KatieSahyouni

2012-03-26 00:44:54   I've taken Davis Airporter twice and never had any issues. This is my first time using SuperShuttle and it couldn't be going worse. Despite my making a reservation and prepaying, they apparently cannot provide rides on time for all their customers. A group of about 30 people, most with reservations, were waiting for rides, some for as long as 2 hours. Some gave up and took taxis. Many were understandably angry and upset. I've been here since 1045 pm. It is now 1245 am, and I am still waiting. I will avoid this company at all costs from now on. —Danielychoi

2013-01-01 18:21:54   I suppose it's okay once you make peace with the fact that it's going to take at least two hours to get home (to Davis), starting from check-in. Bonus points for a creepy security guard who was trying to harass me for using "his" power outlet in the SS waiting area at Sac airport. —ZuzanaMajkova