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Susan Lovenburg was re-elected to the Davis School Board on November 6, 2012. A 15-year resident of Davis, Susan has been a member of the Board since 2007. While on the School Board, Susan invested considerable time in understanding the budget. She worked with community volunteers to create District Dollars, a web-based, interactive program to explain the district’s budget situation and identify community priorities.

Susan has three daughters, ages 14, 16, and 22. The youngest daughter attends Emerson Jr. High, another will be a junior at Davis Senior High School, and her eldest recently graduated from UC San Diego.

A longtime parent volunteer before her election to the School Board, Susan has continued her community service as a member of Soroptimist International of Davis and a board member for Yolo CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

Together with city, county and school elected representatives and community members, Susan co-founded Saving California Communities to advocate for state governance and budget reform. Susan is a five-year member and past president of the Yolo County School Boards Association and a member of the delegate assembly of the California School Boards Association. Before serving on the School Board, Susan handled communications for the Willett Elementary School PTA for 9 years and ran the Willett gardening program.

Since March 2011, Susan has been Sacramento partnerships coordinator for California Forward, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization working to identify common sense steps Californians can take to make government work. California Forward accomplishes this through broad consultation and analysis of critical problems facing the state, and then identifies nonpartisan reforms that can make a difference. Susan was recently appointed director of the California Forward Partnership for Economic Prosperity.

Susan holds a bachelor of science degree from Cornell University and a master of library science from Syracuse University. She completed the California School Boards Association Masters in Governance program in 2011.


2012 School Board election endorsements

Elected and Appointed Officials (current and former)

  • Sheila Allen, Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Ruth Asmundson, former Mayor, City of Davis
  • Jorge Ayala, Superintendent of Schools, Yolo County
  • Janice Bridge, former Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Davis Campbell, former Trustee, Yolo County Board of Education
  • Delaine Eastin, former Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of California
  • Ann M. Evans, former Mayor, City of Davis
  • Lucas Frerichs, Councilmember, City of Davis
  • Richard Harris, Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Jim Herrington, President, CSEA Local Chapter 572
  • Keltie Jones, former Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Lisa Kaplan, Trustee, Natomas Unified School District
  • B. J. Kline, former Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Bill Owens, Trustee, Yolo County Board of Education
  • Cruz Reynoso, former Supreme Court Justice, State of California
  • Mary Jo Rodolpha, former Trustee, Winters Joint Unified School District
  • Joan Sallee, former Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Don Saylor, Supervisor, Yolo County
  • Stephen Souza, former Councilmember, City of Davis
  • Carol Souza Cole, Trustee, Woodland Joint Unified School District
  • Helen Thomson, former Assemblymember, State of California
  • Marty West, former Trustee, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Dan Wolk, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Davis
  • Lois Wolk, Senator, State of California
  • Mariko Yamada, Assemblymember, State of California

Titles are used for identification purposes only and do not imply support in any official capacity


  • Amy Abramson
  • Dan Abramson
  • Thomas Adams
  • Bob Agee
  • Jan Agee
  • Chris Agruss
  • Sally Albertson
  • Barbara Archer
  • Martha Beetley
  • Frankie Bennett
  • Jeanie Bennett
  • Jack Bernhardt
  • Janet Berry
  • Ann Bistolfo
  • Deane Bistolfo
  • Bob Blattner
  • Ray Borton
  • Verena Borton
  • Janet Boulware
  • Robert Boulware
  • Dirk Brazil
  • Nora Brazil
  • Adam Bridge
  • Alan Brownstein
  • Greg Brucker
  • Dave Campbell
  • David Chan
  • Jennifer Chapman
  • Pablo Chilibroste
  • Ed Clemens
  • Jake Clemens
  • Yvonne Clinton-Mazalewski
  • Celeste Cron
  • John Cron
  • Ginni Davis
  • Judy Davis
  • Mike Davis
  • Jenny Decker
  • Lydia Delis-Schlosser
  • David Dohn
  • Val Dolcini
  • Stuart Drown
  • Tom Duffy
  • Emanuel Epstein
  • Peggy Epstein
  • Floyd Fenocchio
  • Anna Ferrera
  • John Ferrera
  • Kim Foerster
  • Stacie Frerichs
  • Kari Fry
  • Dan Fuchs
  • Leora Gershenzon
  • Diana Glick
  • Ron Glick
  • Bill Goidell
  • Steve Greenfield
  • Teri Greenfield
  • Tom Hagler
  • Dennett Hanssmann
  • Joan Hanssmann
  • Mike Harty
  • Katherine Heck
  • Jim Hopp
  • Karen Hopp
  • Deborah Horowitz
  • Steve Horowitz
  • Michael Hulsizer
  • Susan Hulsizer
  • Hiram Jackson
  • Ximena Jackson
  • Mohini Jain
  • Stefen Janke
  • Gail Johnson
  • Pat King
  • Laurie Klassen
  • William Klassen
  • Joy Klineberg
  • Michael Koltnow
  • Jean Kridl
  • Nancy Lege
  • Steve Lege
  • Becky Linvill
  • Carl Linvill
  • Fran Maguire
  • Bev Maul
  • Dave Maul
  • Robert Mazalewski
  • Steve McMahon
  • Kingsley Melton
  • John Meyer
  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Kimberley Miller
  • Maria Mindlin
  • Solveig Monson
  • Rita Montes Martin
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • Sung Moon
  • Karen Moore
  • John Mott-Smith
  • Jann Murray-Garcia
  • David Naliboff
  • Karen Naliboff
  • Susan Osfeld
  • Pam Pacelli
  • Don Palm
  • Anthony Palmere
  • Terry Palmere
  • John Pamperin
  • Sheryl Patterson
  • Gavin Payne
  • Allan Peterson
  • Dorothy Peterson
  • Kari Peterson
  • Katherine Pope
  • Kemble Pope
  • Debbie Reed
  • Richard Reed
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Celina Rodriguez
  • Laurie Rollins
  • Lea Rosenberg
  • Jeff Roy
  • Julie Saylor
  • Amy Schulte
  • Susan Shelton
  • Gary Slizeski
  • Vicki Smith
  • Mila Spengler
  • Kristi Stokes
  • Susan Strachan
  • Elaine Talley
  • Cap Thomson
  • Kirk Trost
  • Dan Troy
  • Linda Troy
  • Rick Troy
  • Dana Uhlmann
  • Maria Ungermann
  • Louise Walker
  • Dick Walters
  • Shipley Walters
  • Ning Wan
  • Sam Warren
  • Spring Warren
  • Lindsay Weston
  • Mary Patricia Whelan
  • Shannah Whithaus
  • Naomi Williams
  • Linda Winter
  • Bruce Wolk
  • Judith Wydick
  • Richard Wydick
  • Reed Youmans
  • Carri Cummings Ziegler
  • Jay Ziegler

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2007-10-15 16:35:07   I’ve known Susan for over five years, and I support her school board candidacy. I have always been able to turn to Susan for information and insight into the schools – but more important, Susan has always offered a calm, reasoned voice. I know she will always listen to all points of view before coming to her own, fact-based opinion. —DanLawyer

  • Interesting comment from the Davis Enterprise article: "Lovenburg Seeks Second Term" (June 24, 2012):

"Let’s hope Susan doesn’t get reelected. She does exactly what she wants, not what the voters want. She is overbearing and does not listen to others’ point of view. extremely conservative and does not fit with the voters of Davis." If this is true, I might reconsider my vote. Am researching... RaoulDuke

That was a comment from an anonymous reader:

    • Hey, Don, Did you ever sit in on one of the School Board meetings? If so, did you notice if there was anything to what the anonymous commenter wrote...that she seems "overbearing and does not listen"? Or does anyone else have any observations of school board meetings to relate? Thanks, —RaoulDuke

  • I've never been to a school board meeting, but did serve on a committee with Susan. I found her very approachable, she listened well, and her input was useful and succinct. I have no idea what the commenter meant by 'extremely conservative'. I think she's a good board member, working well with her colleagues. —DonShor

2012-06-26 14:17:48   I have met Susan Lovenberg as well, and corresponded with her by e-mail. I was favorably impressed; she seemed intelligent and anything but overbearing. I have no idea what this comment on the Enterprise site is referring to. Since the author doesn't give his name and doesn't describe any specific issue, it suggests that he has some hidden agenda and that he doesn't want me to know what he's referring to. —GregKuperberg