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1919 F Street
(530) 530-304-0643

SynRG is a local arts and wellness center that offers a variety of dance and fitness classes. Formerly named "Fiesta DanceN' Fitness," the business is owned by Denise "LaRani" who specializes in teaching Flamenco, Latin dance, Belly Dance, Yoga and Zumba to adults and kids. She has been running the dance studio since 2008

SynRG has closed its downtown location, after 9 years in operation. SynRG is now (2017) "in residence" at the beautiful Davis Arts Center, offering World Dance for youth and adults, Yoga and Zumba. Stay tuned for regular performances by SynRG dance teams at one of the Davis Arts Center theaters and at local Davis events. 

Classes are offered for adults and children and range from $9-$15 per class.

LaRani, SynRG's director, teaches at various locations in the Greater Sacramento area. For for more information about booking LaRani for performances, private lessons, group classes on site, and more, visit LaRani's Wiki page. 

Summer camps are offered for children ages 4 to 17. One of the most popular camp programs is Disney: World Dance, which teaches children multiple cultural dances with Disney themes. The images provides a comprehensive list of 2016's summer camp offerings, as an example of camp themes.  

SynRG considers itself really community-minded and family-oriented--very friendly and inviting. Beginners and more advanced level dancers are always welcome.

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1. June 6, 2015. I've been here a handful of times and it is hands down the best yoga place in the world. It is very pretty and soothing, classes are small and intimate, instructors are super calm and encouraging. Because of class size, they can really adapt to the needs of people who attend. Prices are low, location is downtown. LOVE IT!

2. Sept 28, 2015.  Absolutely hands down the best yoga place in the world, well, or at least Davis!  The previous comment is right about everything: setting, classes, instructors, prices, location.  What is not to LOVE?  Denise has created a special place at SynRG.

3. Oct. 1, 2015. This studio is so great! They have everything from yoga to salsa to kung fu! All of the instructors are always incredibly welcoming and make you feel right at home. The great prices (especially as a student) are also a plus!

4. Aug 15, 2015. Yeah..... but. There are virtually no yoga classes left. Schedules change all the time, even within a week, classes get cancelled, times move around a lot. Also you sign up for a punch card but you don't have very long to use all of your 10 classes. Your classes get cancelled, your punch card expires, then you lose your money. The owner should definitely stop cancelling all the classes or no one will ever commit to them.