Sit-down Location
1392 E Main Street, Suite #B, Woodland
Truck Location
1460 E Main St, Woodland
(the parking lot of Wood's Flooring and Supply Co.)
Lunchtimes and in the afternoon on weekends.
Should also be there at night.
Price range
tacos $1, burritos $3, Tax included
Payment Methods
Website (under construction)

This business started off as a humble taco truck, but the owners have since opened a sit-down version with a vastly expanded menu lineup. YAY! The truck is just off the 113 Freeway in nearby Woodland, and is considered by some to be the best truck among several in that town. The sit-down location is located on the same road as the truck and fairly near to it. {Perhaps the truck will be closed down someday, but it still seems to be operating at this point.) Proximity to Davis and superior quality make it easily worth the trip, considering that the Mexican food in Davis is generally blander than that from towns with a larger population of hispanics.

To get there from Davis, head west from 113 and it is on the south side of Main in the parking lot of Wood's Flooring and Supply Co. Watch out for the hidden dip in the driveway if you are driving a sedan.

Excellent tacos are comparable to those from fine trucks in Oakland and LA, and are served with a lime wedge, rabanito (radish) and red or green salsa. Choice of meats includes:

  • azada/asada/beef
  • adobada/al pastor/marinated pork
  • carnitas/deep-fried pork
  • lengua/tongue
  • pollo/chicken
  • cabeza/beef cheek and head (particularly moist and tasty)

Also has burritos (vegetarian available, but may not be vegetarian) and drinks such as jamaica/hibiscus.

see also El Paisano Taco Truck



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2006-09-10 22:54:01   The tacos at this truck are much better than anything I've tried in Davis (from Chuy's Taqueria, El Mariachi and the South Davis branch of Taqueria Guadalajara). Not as good as the best of the Fruitvale neighbourhood in Oakland, but we should be thankful it is not too far away. —SimonChan

2006-12-11 08:56:29   oh my god. Finally i have found some decent mexican up near davis. There adobada is so good, almost as good as the best places in LA. Tacos are only a dollar including tax. what a deal. however their horchata is not very good —MattHh

2008-02-06 16:49:52   these are some good tacos —DagonJones

2010-02-20 14:15:58   My partner and I (both vegan) had the veggie burritos here. We didn't ask, but didn't notice any indication that they were anything but vegan. And they were delicious to boot! Good thing, as the vegan dining options in Woodland seem pretty limited. We'll be back. —IAmNewHere

2010-05-05 22:27:15   This place is awesome! I had azada, carnitas, y pollo tacos and they were all good but I was surprised that pollo was my favorite of the three. Great spice to the meat and the tortillas are fresh with the perfect amount of crisp on the edges. Note that the menu on the truck is only in Spanish, so make sure you know the translations above (ie, if you didn't already know that lengua was tongue, etc... haha). Tripas was not an option when I went, but maybe it's something they only have sometimes? I'm also not sure how people ordered a vegetarian burrito... was it just beans? The burritos looked like they were just meat and beans to me, though I have not tried them yet. —SRB

2010-06-21 13:49:34   The vegetarian burritos are just rice, beans, and cilantro/spices. They are delicious, though. —IAmNewHere

2010-07-22 11:45:12   Just went there yesterday. They don't have tripe anymore but everything else is still there and a dollar. Their tortillas really make the tacos amazing, I'm not a big fan or corn tortillas but these are perfectly grilled so their lightly crispy on the outside. I think the carnitas is the best followed by the adobada. The chicken and the asada is good too. Their lengua was too soft, i usually like lengua tho. Cabeza was flavorful but too fatty. Overall, great taco truck, super cheap, super good. —nqbui89

2010-08-13 13:25:08   Fresh hand made corn tortillas, great meats and a variety of salsa. Did I mention the tacos are 1$ each. Order 4 tacos and bottle of coke for an even 5$. Incredible and easily the best tacos around. —mjwood

2010-12-20 16:04:23   My fiance and I checked out this place last week, and it was definitely worth the trip to Woodland. Cheap, delicious tacos almost exactly like those I've had in . Mexico. They don't have horchata or any other drink besides can sodas, which was the only, minor disappointment. —JasonEdmonds

2011-03-04 12:17:06   Man, I was so excited when I learned about this place! Sadly it disappointed. I'm addicted to tacos from taco trucks like a drug addict is addicted to heroin. And this place is definitely the closest I've gotten to REAL tacos since leaving my hometown, but they sadly fall short. The meat is not the best I've ever had (Drake voice!) but it's ok. The tortillas are sometimes a bit too crunchy, which I like, but my boyfriend disagrees with. I love the onion chunk they give you, it is so delicious. The salsa, oh man the salsa... was not good at all. A mexican place makes it or breaks it with me based on their salsa, and this was a very "white" tomatoey salsa with no spice whatsoever. I understand that some people don't like it as spicy as I do (NOTHING is ever to spicy for me), but it would be nice if they offered a hotter version to those that consume spicier foods. You can't beat the price, for $5 I can get 4 tacos and a soda, unbeatable! All in all, when I'm craving tacos I would go here again, but I'll be dreaming of the tacos from home... —jwieland1989

2011-06-25 11:07:57   I am from Southern California and this is as close as it gets(both price and taste). Much better than mexican restaurant in Davis. They put a ton of meat on their tacos. Their burritos are a bit dry for my taste, so I ask them to add salsa verde(green salsa) in it and the lemon helps too. My favorites are the lengua and the cabeza. It is definitely worth the 10-15 minute drive!

Theradish, jalapeno, lemon, and a chunk of grilled onion on the side adds to the flavor. It is the little things that makes a big difference! —kkha91

2011-07-03 23:39:05   I love this place. Both the taco truck (for to-go meals) and the restaurant (also has a wider selection) are delicious! I went to the restaurant after my graduation ceremony and also on my birthday this year so I love it! —BryceH

2013-01-11 21:48:37   Two tacos is probably sufficient for one person, but I tend to eat four. I prefer the Asada and Adobada over the Pollo and Carnitas. Some day I'll day I'll toughen up and try the Cabeza and Lengua. It can get pretty busy here at peak lunch and dinner so prepare to wait accordingly. Definitely in contention for best soft tacos in Yolo County. —MikeyCrews