Tagalog is one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines. The national language, Filipino, is based on Tagalog but also draws from other languages such as Spanish, English, Cebuano, Ilokano and many more.

Tagalog is not offered as a foreign language on the UCD campus and Pilipino American students have been fighting for it for many years. Currently, Beginning and Intermediate Tagalog are offered through Sacramento City College and classes are held on the UCD campus. This is a trial run for Tagalog with UCD monitoring it. If successful, Tagalog will become a class at UCD.

Lectures tend to be during Monday and Wednesday evenings (approx. 6:30PM to 8:30PM) inside of Olson Hall. Beginning Tagalog runs from late August to early December and Intermediate Tagalog runs from late January to mid-May.

Students can take one year of Tagalog (Beginning and Intermediate) at SCC and transfer it to UCD to satisfy the one year foreign language requirement.

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