Talia Kennedy served as the 2006-2007 campus editor and the 2007 winter and spring-quarter features editor of The California Aggie. Prior to being a dual editor, she was a news writer for The Aggie's campus desk during the 2005-2006 academic year. During that time, she wrote stories for The Aggie's campus, features, science and technology and arts and entertainment desks. She wrote over 240 stories for The Aggie, more than any other single writer or editor then at the newspaper or since. At times in the summer, it felt like she was producing half of the Aggie's content.

In May 2007, some controversy came into play at The Aggie. In a public letter, 31 writers and staff asked for the resignation of the editor in chief, Peter Hamilton, and Kennedy. In response, both she and the editor in chief requested the resignation of the 31 people who signed said letter and wrote a letter responding to the group's allegations. She attempted to get back at one staff member for that person's role in the controversy by using a sockpuppet account to post mean things on that staff member's DavisWiki page.

Where is she now?

After graduating from UC Davis in two academic years, Talia attended the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, where she earned a master's in 2009. According to Facebook, she currently works at the San Francisco Chronicle. Oh dear.

She has continued to be published at UC Davis, in the form of a UC Davis Magazine article.

Other Davis activities

El Rodeo

She was student life editor of El Rodeo, UC Davis' now-defunct yearbook, during the 2005-2006 school year. She wrote a ton of articles for it.

The Davis Enterprise

Kennedy worked as an intern for The Davis Enterprise during summer 2007, after which time the The People's Vanguard of Davis wrote an article on a controversial story she wrote about the UC Davis sociology department.



Talia's work has been published in the following publications.

   The California Aggie Staff   2006 — 2007
Editor in Chief
Peter Hamilton
Managing Editor
Marion Everidge
Campus Editor
Talia Kennedy
Features Editor
Talia Kennedy
City Editor
E. Ashley Wright
Arts Editor
Melanie B. Glover
Sports Editor
Peter Ng
Copy Chief
Kacey Coburn
Science and Tech Editor
Michael Steinwand
Photography editor
Eric Lin