This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


630 2nd Street
Mon - Thurs 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm

As of June 15, 2009, Tangles is apparently closed. A new salon (?) called Strands is in its place.

Tangles was an upscale salon/spa. A "full-service" cut (shampoo, cut, blow-dry) was $50, but they also massaged your head, neck and shoulders with a really nice-smelling Aveda oil (unless you have color application). This was an Aveda salon, so they exclusively used and sold Aveda products here, which are environmentally friendly-great for Davis! Aveda is the place to go when you really want a treat.

The spa offered massage therapy (relaxation, deep tissue, and hot stone, in 30, 60, 90 minutes), body wraps, facials, waxing, manicures, and pedicures.

How was your Tangles experience?

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2006-03-05 17:40:26   Tangles also offers free WiFi internet. —CoryHamma

2006-05-24 16:09:41   I see a stylist named Kris every 6 weeks or so. She's great. She helped me guide my difficult to style hair into a cut that I'm really happy with. She is warm and friendly and just seems to know when I want to talk and when I don't. She has a daughter that comes to work with her sometimes that is extraordinarily cute and very well-mannered. I like the professional, yet family atmosphere. Well worth every penny. —SharlaDaly

2006-10-05 12:31:13   I had to re-cut my hair when I got home, because it was noticeably longer on one side than the other. Bangs were cut much shorter than I asked for. WAY overpriced. I get a better cut at Great Clips. —AngelBug

2006-12-18 10:52:36   Though I love Aveda products, this is a very inconsistent, overpriced salon. They had a great stylist named Angie months ago, whom both my husband and myself loved, but she was fired for unknown reasons and we were left without a stylist. Since then we have had our hair cut by other sytlists and have been disappointed in the quality of the haircuts we've received, especially for the high prices. My husband's recent haircut-by one of the apprentice stylists that they say are good-looks like a bad Supercut's haircut, yet he paid top dollar for it. Neither one of us plan to return and it is a shame because the owner's seem really cool. They just need to hire better stylists and/or lower their prices! —GradStudent06

2007-01-05 11:43:07   I've always had excellent haircuts here. My stylist is Ian, and I can recommend him. He listens very carefully to what you tell him. I agree it's an expensive salon, but I feel confident that I'll look better when I leave than when I arrive, and that has not always been true at other places I've been to, and it means a lot. —LynnetteWharton

2007-02-12 14:05:28   I went here a year or so ago and saw someone who I think said he was the owner? I could be wrong. Anyway, it was AWFUL. He didn't tell me what he was going to do and proceeded to thin out my hair. I DID NOT want it thinned out. Also very expensive for a haircut that i didn't ask for. I was expecting more. —KatieStorer

2007-02-14 23:51:52   2006-09-01 17:36:50   Natasha at Tangles (formerly at Hair Factory Too) is terrific. This is the only endorsement I've posted on the wiki - I've tried at least 20 different hairstylists in Davis over the years and Natasha is the best. I just hope she doesn't raise her prices when she gets "discovered". —JonFenske

2007-02-15 01:37:56   I saw you going to get your haircut, I wondered how it went —StevenDaubert

2007-04-29 11:06:21   tangles was great! I had a woman named Marisa and she did a wonderful job. I showed her some pictures of what I wanted and she far exceeded my expectations. I got a shampoo, cut, blowdry, and she flat ironed my hair to show me how the choppy layers work. It is a bit pricey I must admit....but since this was my first time there with this new cut, I'd say it was work the $45. —amanda

2007-05-12 13:27:28   Before they moved to their newer location, I loved going to Tangles and my stylist was Ian; he's great, but the price is too steep for me! But I'd still recommend him. At the new location I tried a massage, and the woman was awful! I went to relax, and instead got a very tense and unpleasant experience which cost a ton. She talked the ENTIRE time I was getting my massage, mostly about herself, and then said I had very bad skin that needed a "special" treatment (which costs $120) and that I should really book it right away. This is all while I'm supposed to be "relaxing"! She then dumped a ton of peppermint oil on my back, and roughly rubbed it around leaving me burning and definitely not relaxed. I was completely disappointed and pissed, and when I sent in the evaluation and asked for refund, I didn't even get a response. That ruined my Tangles attachment. —AdrienneW

2007-05-28 10:21:17   Ian at Tangles is fantastic- he cut my hair exactly as I asked him to and he's a very pleasant person. He wasn't available for my second visit so I saw Natasha and really didn't get what I asked for at all, despite having brought a good photo of what I wanted. Also the middle aged red haired woman at the front desk (I think her name was Joni) was extremely rude to me, making excuses for inconveniences instead of apologizing for them- not what I'd expect from the most expensive salon in Davis. Upshot: will return, but for Ian only. —GSB

2007-05-30 15:57:52   Ian is great. I always let him do whatever he wants to my hair color and cut & I always love it. You definitely get what you pay for. —AmLin

2007-06-09 11:51:25   I just went to Tangles for the first time and saw a newer stylist named Larisa. She did a great job on my hair with very little guidance. I just described what I hated about my current cut (hadn't had it cut in a while) and she did the rest. I am extremely happy with the end result and will be back to see her again! $45 for the cut, and well worth it I might add. If you expect to pay less, go to Greap Clips! —Alaga

2007-06-13 16:22:11   I got a haircut from Kristie, and she gave me exactly what I asked for. Granted, it was a pretty simple trim, but she cut off just the right amount and it looks good. The haircut also comes with a shampoo and head and shoulder massage, so it was a nice experience. $50 isn't bad for a good haircut either. —LeslieCooper

2007-08-25 19:33:12   Love this place! Tea when you come in, a head rub before you get shampooed, and Aveda everywhere! —ElisaWeller

2007-09-14 10:49:04   This is a great salon. Very comparable to the Aveda salon I used to visit in Chicago when I lived in Illinois. I got an excellent haircut, and my hair is very straight, so it's quite obvious when the cut isn't right. The stylist (Kara) did just what I asked her to do, she was very precise and took extra time to make sure it was perfect, and it also looked great the next day when I styled it myself (always an indication of a good cut—of course the stylist can make it look good, but will it work for you?). I'm very picky about where I get my hair cut, and this place was great. I'll be back! —CynthiaCCC

2007-09-20 12:30:44   I LOVE TANGLES!!!! i got the best haircut...i went from long frizzy damaged short and sleek it was SOOOO cute and everyone thinks i'm a hottie now!!! and the products smell good :) —ChristieKent

2007-11-01 19:56:09   I have been to Tangles Three times, and I see a stylist named Kara...she is just a terrific stylist and person. I just love her. She gives me the best hair cuts I have ever had, and I have had a lot of them! My hair looks great even when i just wash and wear it, not even blowdried! She is unbelievable, I put some bleach on my hair to cover some gray and I messed it up, She fixed it in nothing flat and it looks just beautiful! I'm telling you, you gotta go and try this stylist, you will love her! I just hope she doesn't go any where, and by the way, it is Worth the price, And the products are just Great! —Shelllie

2007-11-25 19:41:15   I have been utterly impressed with Kara, one of the hair stylists at Tangles.... She took plenty of time to ask me what I wanted to achieve in a haircut and color, while also adding her suggestions. She has an amazing eye for color and really sensed what I wanted in a hair cut. I think she went the distance to make my hair unique and beautiful on ME. I have red/chesnut hair and she did some highlights in all the perfect places. She truly loves her job-you can tell. I am a senior woman who still likes to be updated and stylish; I know what I like in a color and cut and she delivers. She is on time, gives a scalp massage when I get my hair cut, and always offers Aveda tea. She has even run over to Starbucks for me when my color is processing! WOW! —LynnL

2007-12-22 11:22:03   After searching for 2 years I finally found a Davis hairdresser who listens to her customer and gives a wonderful haircut - Natasha at Tangles. My hair hasn't looked this good in years and the neck and shoulder massage is wonderful! —sah133

2008-02-25 18:33:52   I love Aveda products and used to work at an Aveda salon, but I will NEVER go back to Tangles after a series of bad experiences. First it was an overpriced bad haircut. The final straw was the last time I went to get waxed. The woman answered her cell phone while waxing me!!! And had a conversation with her son on her blue tooth headset while putting hot wax on my bikini line!! Seriously, who does that? Of course the end result wasn't very good either, but what do expect with her only giving me half of her attention. So unprofessional - I will never go back! —smmc

2008-03-07 17:53:53   Hello everyone its Ian,as most of you know I am no longer working at Tangles. I am now doing hair at Ninas Studio the address is 241 F street its across the street from Bistro 33,the phone # is 530-758-9221. I do miss my friends at Tangles but needed to move on to grow as a hair stylist and person.I am very excited to be at Ninas Studio so to all my clents I envite you to come and join me at Ninas Studio in downtown Davis..IAN —IanN

2008-03-14 13:57:30   I cannot stress how stongly I feel about Tangles. It makes me sick to think of the money I wasted. I had previously colored my hair black and I put my trust in a Tangles stylist to change it back. She gave me very bad advice and refused to put bleach on my hair. Instead she tried to lift color with more color (which is not possible) and the treatment did absolutely nothing. I saw some red highlights for the first week so I accepted it but those faded and the black came back. I would not recommend this salon to anyone as they are not knowledgeable or trustworthy. I hope this saves someone their 90 bucks... —Mclaire24

2008-04-24 16:26:58   I have had my hair cut twice now by Alyssa. I highly recommend her. She's really talented & meticulous, she does a fabulous job. I just had her do a big job - cutting lon hair short, & it looks really great. —Dora5

2008-05-27 17:49:03   I have naturally curly, thick hair and have always wanted straight. Alas, finally learned to love what I have which is made possible by Aveda hair products and someone who knows how to cut curly hair. I have seen Kara a Tangles for a year now and she doesn't try to make you "look" like your dream hair. She takes the hair you HAVE and makes it dream hair. Go Kara! And thank you for making me love my curls! —Kristy894

2008-06-05 00:13:47   Hello everyone, this is Natasha. Please note that I no longer work at Tangles. My new location is Pomegranite Salon. It is just around the corner on 135 F Street. Please call (530) 753-3559 to schedule an appointment. I look forward seeing you at my new location. —natashahairstylist

2008-06-05 23:58:03   Hello Everyone! This is Alyssa! Just so everyone knows I am no longer with Tangles/Strands. I now style hair at Pomegranate Salon located at 135 F St. (right around the corner from Tangles). I would love to see all your friendly faces again so please come in and visit me at my new home! The number to Pomegranate Salon is 530-753-3559. Hope to see you all soon! -Alyssa Younan —AlyssaHairStylist

2008-06-10 11:26:01   Hello Everyone! This is Larisa. I am no longer at Tangles. I am now at Pomegranate Salon located right next to Tangles. I am very excited about the move and look forward to seeing all of my clients in my new home at Pomegranate. The number to the salon is 530-753-3559. Thank you, Larisa —LarisaHairStylist

2008-06-16 12:45:20   Hi there Tangles fans!! This is Antainette stylist from Tangles just letting you know that I have moved salons and am now at Pomegranate Salon located directly behind Tangles telephone number (530)753-3559. come in and visit cant wait to see you there!!!! —antainette

2008-10-07 15:28:00   GREAT HAIRCUT! they gave me a short but free massage before my hair was washed and cut. Love the cut, I went in their with only a description and Jamie listened and spent time doing exactly what I asked for. I also got my eyebrows waxed by Nicole and they look great. I will definitely be going back there. IT is $50 for a haircut, shampoo and style. A little expensive for a college student but well worth it!! —Ldish949

2008-11-14 13:59:51   The WORST hair service I have ever had. Could have done my hair color better myself from a box. Went to someone named Jamie. Heard good things but changed ownership and now called "Strands." —LaurenL

2009-03-31 17:37:59   I went to Tangles (Strands) for the first time today and was VERY disappointed. I showed Amber, my stylist, about four pictures of what I liked and four pictures of what I DIDN'T like, so that she could have a great idea of what I wanted her to do. She seemed to be paying no attention to what I was showing her, just nodding her head. I told her I was very picky, and she didn't even tell me what she was planning to do, after I repeatedly asked her questions about what it would look like. I had previously had super streaky highlights, so I asked her to tone down the streakyness of those. She that that very well, but my hair is basically back to brown now, with the streaky highlights that she added on the top. I had a few very blonde highlights before that had some major brown roots, and she didn't even cover them up! She tried to put a 'low light' over them, but 'she guesses it didn't take.' I didn't want a low light AT ALL because I told her I am trying to get my hair increasingly LIGHTER! I made another appointment to go back in two days to have her fix it, and if she charges me I will be so mad. She needs to fix the mistakes she made. —AnnaGarzon

2009-03-31 17:39:14   Also, Amber didn't give me the head and shoulders massage that they advertise. Very very disappointing. —AnnaGarzon

2009-05-15 23:51:45   Hi Strands/Tangles Guests! It's KARA... I have just opened my own little salon in downtown Davis! It's called Studio K and it's located at 229 C St. (behind Coral Bay dentistry) My WEBSITE, has online booking! I look forward to seeing you soon! Fondly, Kara —KaraSmith