There has been an extensive Target Controversy in Davis for years. Target expressed an interest in building a store on 2nd Street near Mace at what was to be called Second Street Crossing. At the June 30th 2006 City Council meeting the council voted to put the Target plan on the November ballot as Measure K. Doing so made Davis the first city to vote on the arrival of a Target. Davis did vote and elected to have Target come.

Target promoted for the passing of measure K with ads in the mail and even The Aggie. To represent their side, Target also set up This campaign for Measure K was successful, and Target went forward with building a store in East Davis.

There also exists a site for the group opposed to this development, Don't Big-box Davis. The site even includes a list of current downtown retailers opposed to Target. Also opposed to Target are the Davis Anti-Authoritarians as well as Mace Ranch Neighborhood Association.

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