Who are we?
A group of Da Vinci Charter Academy Physics Students
Zach Ronneberg - Physics Teacher


Team Blend is a group of high school physics students from Da Vinci Charter Academy. As a team, we are working to develop a simple, reliable bike-powered blender which can be easily assembled from off-the-shelf parts. Our goal is to deploy our bike blender in Sabana Grande, a small community in Nicaragua. There it will be used in a new off-the-grid restaurant. This summer, in collaboration with Grupo Fenix, we will travel to Sabana Grande, where we will work with the community members to replicate the human-powered blender using locally sourced materials. We will also participate in workshops to learn about how the community makes use of solar energy, and teach science lessons to groups of elementary school children.

While the construction of our product continues to progress with the combined efforts of our stealthy build team, we depend on the awareness and contributions of the climate conscious community we live in to reach our aspirations.

We hope to promote the use of renewable resources and raise awareness of the many practical applications of alternative energy, all the while encouraging students everywhere to reach out to communities across the globe.

We are currently working very hard to raise the money necessary to make the trip to Nicaragua and see our project through to the end. Please consider making a donation using the link on this page to help us on our way.


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