**Tercero A Building was demolished in March 2012 - Casa Cuauhtémoc relocated to Rienda Building**

Tercero A Building, also known as Casa Cuauhtémoc, was a residence hall located in the Thille Hall section of the Tercero Housing Area. It was a Chicano/Latino-themed building although one does not have to be a Chicana/o Studies major to live there. This cross-cultural residential opportunity offered an an emphasis on exploring Chicano/Latino thought and culture. The building had two RAs & approximately 70-75 residents.

This was also one of the buildings that was closest to the cows at the Dairy Cattle Facility.


According to legend, A building was haunted, which was why residents there host the annual "Haunted House" for Tercero every Halloween. There are several stories about A Building's strange history. The following are two of the most well-known:

The Suicide: It is rumored that years ago, a resident hung herself in one of the first floor rooms due to stress with her classes & home environment. Since then, strange events have been reported on the first floor like residents who can hear the faint sound of a sobbing girl late at night.

The Face-of-Death Stories: Before being painted in 2004, the Tercero buildings were all eggshell in color. On the underside of the third floor sunscreen outside Room 305, there appeared to be the image of a face. Legend has it that Student Housing repeatedly attempted to paint over the hand-drawn face but it continued to mysteriously re-appear through the paint! (Apparently, they succeeded in covering the graffiti in 2004, when all the Tercero buildings were painted in a darker shade.) But who's face was it? Who drew it & why?

The main story goes... Years ago, two identical twin girls lived in that room. Late one night, one of the sisters was out at her boyfriend's residence while the other was asleep in their room. The one asleep suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, opened her window, leaned out from her bed, and began to draw the image of a face on the underside of the sunscreen. She didn't know what possessed her to do it but she couldn't make herself stop. When she finished the drawing, she noticed that the picture resembled her own likeness. As curious as she was, she shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Early the next morning, the girl was awakened by the ring of her telephone. It was her mother, calling to tell her that her twin sister had been killed in a car accident while coming home from her boyfriend's house. Apparently, her sister's death happened at the precise time when she drew the image of the face. Other versions of the story continue on to say that the surviving twin was so stricken with grief over her sister's death that she lept to her death from the third floor window.

Further variations of this story can be found on the Urban Legends page.

*NOTE: These stories have not been verified by credible sources. If you live in A Building, remember that urban legends are not necessarily true and these stories could have been made up with the intent of scaring sweet innocent freshmen like you.


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