The classy elegance of E Tercero E Building was located in the Thille Hall section of the Tercero Housing Area until its demolition in March 2012. The building had two RAs and approximately 70 residents. It was unique in its layout, considering that the first and third floors housed solely women while the men lived on the second floor. In 2005, the building collaborated on a pirate/ocean themed mural that spanned all three stories.

Current/Former Residents

PrevinWitana KellyCorcoran

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Photo Request: The 3 story tall mural.

The mural that was on all three stories was the three story-tall mural. If you put the pictures together, its one picture. Under the sea, mid-under water, pirate ship on the surface.

Okay, so right now I can only supply a (albeit crappy) picture of the uppermost level on the third floor. Maybe the other current residents who actually possess cameras can help me out here. It's a pirate ship Also, the current "theme" for our nametags is caterpillars and mushrooms, not naval related at all, but my caterpillar lost one of its eyes, so I'm now a cycloptic caterpillar.