Tercero F building was often referred to as "Farmhouse". It used to house the Communications Academic Theme Program. Some said its official motto was "F all day, F all night," yet this may be dated. There may or may not be sexual connotations involved. The building was demolished in March 2012.

F building also had someone running for ASUCD office every quarter from November 2001-February 2004 (please ignore Fall 2004)

- Is this true? I lived there 2002-2003, and I dont remember anybody running for anything. Granted, I didnt pay much attention either. - DavidKoppel

Yea I live in Tercero last year and we didn't have any ASUCD candidates.

"- I've never heard that motto, I'll do some research next week during Willing of the Halls - I'm an RA '05-'06 in Tercero F building. Also this building is in Pierce, not Thielle. -VinceBuffalo"

No, F building is in Thille, but it was spelled Theille or Thielle when I lived there from '76-'78. Maybe they changed the spelling to ease pronunciation. Megan