The Terminal Hotel was a building in downtown Davis that first opened its doors in 1922. In its heyday (1927), it housed a hotel on the second floor (later known as Hotel Aggie), cafe, meat market, and Greyhound bus station. For many years, it was the only Davis establishment to be open all night on a regular basis. It was generally seen as the hang-out place for all the cool people. Sadly, the building was demolished in the year 2000 and replaced by the Chen Building. John Lofland wrote a book, Demolishing a Historic Hotel, about the history and demise of the Terminal Building. The building, along with its Terminal Cafe, can be seen in a 1944 photo of Davis' Main Street from Eastman's Originals Collection. It was owned by Tingus & Belenis until 1946. It was home to Natural Food Works and La Esperanza and had the Davis Arch mural painted on the north side. The back side bearing the brick upon which the mural was painted remained as a last vestige of the building into 2004 or so. It was then torn down.

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