The bathroom is outside, but is lovely nonetheless

424 G Street
Tuesday–Thursday, 5-9 PM
Friday, 11:30-2:30, 5-10 PM
Saturday, 12–10 PM
Sunday, 12–9 PM
(530) 758-7775, (530) 758-7779
(530) 758-7779

Thai Nakorn is a welcome addition to Davis' already good choices in Thai restaurants. It seems almost always full at night. Once you get in the door the wait doesn't stop there, for many claim that the service tends to be painfully slow, especially if you are really hungry! Lunch hours are less busy. Favorite vegetarian dishes include vegetable Tom Yum and eggplant with tofu. A carnivore friend is very fond of the duck curry. Those who actually like eggplant should taste the Eggplant Special (best with pork if meat is desired). Great place to eat before hitting Regal Cinemas Davis Stadium 5 for a show.

Thai Nakorn allows take-out and does catering. Lunch specials start at $7.45. During warm weather, there is lovely outdoor seating in the Plant Plaza.

Planning a big dinner party and bringing your own wine? That's fine; however, there is a $6.00 corkage fee per bottle, so factor that into your budget!

Check out their website for a 5% off coupon. This is not a very big discount, but it's something. Bring your ucd student I.D.card and receive 10 % on Monday and Tuesday Dinner. Not valid with other offer

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2010-01-22 13:21:51   I just came from lunch there. Both my friend and I found hair (not ours) in our food. After I complained to the waiter, the owner came out and insisted we could not have possibly found hair in our food, not in her restaurant! And yet, there it was. —mnightingale

2010-01-22 13:38:00   I went to Thai Nakorn with three friends today. The soup that came before our meal looked great, filled with vegetables. And it tasted OK. We were disturbed when one of our party pulled a hair that clearly belonged to the server out of the soup. He threw it on the floor and we decided one hair, no big deal. Then another of us found a hair in our meal. When the girl who filled waters eventually came around to fill our long empty glasses, we mentioned the hairs to her. We also asked for our thai iced coffee refill (says refill on menu).

A woman came storming over looking angry to our table. "What is this about hair." We explain..."There was no hair in your food. You make it up. It is impossible they wear hair nets. You are wrong. Where are these hairs." Um, OK, we aren't asking for free food, we're telling you there WAS hair and if we found two, others will find it. And we threw the hair on the floor. She bellows "well, what do you want from me. What do you want me to do" in a very rude and angry voice and then walked away. The she comes back later with a full pitcher of thai iced coffee and proceeds to "refill" our glasses exactly 1/3 full. Menu should say "partial cheap-ass refill. And that's my story.


  • You can't seriously expect stellar service from some who (maybe wrongfully) is angry with you. I went there recently with a few friends and was surprised at the generous refills they give. (we had quite a few Thai coffee/teas) —TR

2010-01-22 13:56:05   bfaiathd and mnightingale - I assume you two were from the same party? Just curious, since that'd be a heck of a bad day for Nakorn if there were two similar incidents. —TomGarberson

2010-02-26 23:08:46   I have now tried eggplant dishes at Thai Recipes, Thai Bistro, and Thai Nakorn, and while all three are quite good, I have to say that Thai Nakorn does the best job. I am looking forward to comparing other dishes. —Kyonghwa

2010-04-24 18:33:03   Just had their Roast Duck curry with my family - YUM. It was delicious and even though I was full almost halfway through eating it, I couldn't stop. —OliviaY

2010-06-04 21:43:05   Went to Thai Nakorn today and we were amazed by the friendly service!! we ordered the Spicy Chicken Wings. at first i was skeptical because they give you six wings for 6.95, but after the nice lady talked me into it, boy was i happy! we also got the Pad Thai, and the pineapple fried rice. the pineapple fried rice was the bomb. overall one of my favorite places to get thai food in davis. BTW the thai iced tea is really good too. i wish they would have some lettuce wraps or spring rolls on their menu though... —dookies

2010-06-14 01:48:38   I went there at about 7 PM today and the service took a very long time. They were busy, most of the tables were full, but they should have more cooking staff if this is common. Curry comes in a pretty small serving for how expensive it is—I can't eat much in one sitting so this is fine for me, but I usually like to take it home to eat latter.

On the plus side, they give free refills of Thai tea, and the food is decent, if not spectacular. The red curry I had tasted a bit off (a bit too sweet?) but that's probably a matter of preference. I don't recall them actually charging for the tea; if that was intentional, it was very kind of them. I drank quite a bit.—sundeimasu

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2010-06-16 16:33:47   Thai Nakorn is an amazing place to dine in. The atmosphere is pleasant and the service is also decent. The food is amazing and I'm loving the free thai ice tea refills. I ate here for lunch and had a very tasty pad thai~ It was well seasoned and the pork with it was delish~ Definitely coming back here again! —Carry

2010-06-16 17:05:04   I had a great time eating here during my graduation. I have been eating here all of the time throughout my time in college and decided to bring my family to come over and eat too. I like the pad thai, roasted duck curry, and pad kee mow very much. These dishes are delicious. For lunch, their specials are of reasonable prices. —Jiahui

2010-06-16 20:27:20   I was here for my graduation dinner as well...and love love love the roast duck curry. The silver noodle salad made for a great appetizer for our guests and they were very kind about letting me bring in my own cheesecake for dessert. —OliviaY

2010-06-16 20:51:49   Wow, how is it that I have never commented on my experiences with this restaurant? I *love* Thai Nakorn. It is my favorite Thai restaurant in Davis — and that is saying something, given that are are now... what — 7? 8? (losing count) Thai restaurants here. The curries are rich and flavorful, veggie dishes come with lots of good fresh vegetables, and the menu has a wide assortment of yummy dishes and appetizers (try the mango curry... yum). We always get prompt and extremely friendly service here, not to mention, they have a dog friendly outdoor patio. Definitely recommended. —CovertProfessor

2010-08-15 01:30:40   The food is great, I always get the duck curry, and you can get extra rice with that too, making the proportions very generous. The people there are very friendly, and I would say this is the best Thai restaurant in Davis in terms of the portions for the cost, and the quality of the food. —PeterWang

2010-08-27 06:10:14   I think this place has the best pad thai in town. —NorCalFoodLover

2010-08-27 16:22:57   This is my favorite Thai place in Davis; I go there (or get takeout) probably once a month or so. But last time I was a little disappointed: the green papaya salad was rather lacking in hotness. But free refills on Thai iced coffee? That rocks. —DanLawyer

2011-04-05 21:48:05   Good food, good service. Would recommend the salmon dish (chu chee? can't remember the name exactly) and especially the yellow curry, though not if you're a fan of spicy food as they're both pretty mild. Thai iced tea was not quite as good as some other places but they do give free re-fills. Overall good experience. —cmwhit

2011-04-13 13:00:22   this is the best thai place in town! i keep coming back for more and more —anonymousaggie

2011-04-26 16:26:58   Best thai in town. I always take my sister here when she comes to visit me in Davis. Yummmm nom nom nom. Staff is great too, super great service, fast, friendly, clean. —NikiRose

2011-09-08 09:13:10   Great food, great staff... warm and professional. My personal favorite is the "Fresh Ginger" with chicken... very fresh, and not too many @#$% mushrooms. The chicken satay is also pretty good here. —OldDavis73

2011-09-08 10:38:01   This is by far my favorite Thai restaurant in Davis. The food is always good and the service is great. The owners are so nice and make it such a welcoming place. Best duck curry around, hands down. —Aaron.Curtin

2011-12-16 16:50:38   good food, will go back again. —JeffA

2012-01-06 11:45:53   This is the best Thai place in town hands down. I love everything about this place. The food is always fresh and delicious! Oh I have not had lunch yet. I am on my way! —ashleyinthemist

2012-01-12 12:50:36   I have been to Thai Nakorn several times and they definitely have the best Thai food in town. Service has also been excellent and I will keep coming back! —DrS

2012-01-15 13:39:39   We got the Roast Duck Curry last night because it had the most positive reviews on the wiki. It had a lot of duck skin. I don't like eating duck skin or any animal skin for that matter. I filled up a Chevy's salsa dish with unwanted duck skin. The curry itself and the duck meat were pretty tasty though. —MikeyCrews

2012-03-05 23:09:15   This place is one of our favorite Thai food restaurants. We go here all the time for their pumpkin curry, but I get it with chicken instead of prawns, and this makes it a little cheaper too. Soooooo Good! We also love their Tom Kah Gai soup! Yummy! Their Thai Iced Teas are also delish, with free refills. :D —EmilyHarris

2012-03-22 10:33:20   The Good: Good Food (Flavorful, Good Portion for amount charged, Bottomless Thai Tea) Good Atmosphere: Tastefully done Good Service: Clean Restroom! They don't charge for extra rice. (Anyone that does otherwise should be a crime) easy to find parking (Parking garage nearby)

The Bad: Place is a bit small when the place reach capacity. Food should be brought in together. Closes a bit early. You have to go outside for the bathroom

Overall: Like it, would recommend it. Go try it!

PS. Be sure to get their 5% discount on their website.


2012-03-23 10:53:51   I love Nakorn, it's not just our favorite Thai restaurant, it's our favorite restaurant altogether. We're hooked to the food, especially the duck curry and the eggplant dishes. Now that they offer free refills on Thai ice tea, it's a bonus. And to top it all off, the boss and the servers are just lovely! —NicoleR

2012-04-24 20:21:39   I finally got a chance to check out this place Picnic Day with a rather large group (while rocking sweet dinosaur hats from the geology department!) We got our food in a prompt and courteous manner save for one dish that took a bit longer to come. Ordered the Pad Thai (hey, it was three in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything ALL DAY) and found it somewhat pricey but delicious. Rest of group quite enjoyed food and multiple Thai teas; glasses were filled quickly and often before they were empty. Dishes were a bit too pricey for my liking ($9.75 for Pad Thai?) but I wouldn't say no to another visit. —HarrisonM

2012-06-21 22:28:40   Out of the hundreds of Thai restaurants that overwhelm Davis (why are there so many and yet not one decent Dim Sum restaurant??) Thai Nakorn is my favorite. The pad thai with tofu and the broccoli delight with your choice of meat are the only things I get and love. I'm not one to step out of my comfort zone so once I like a dish I'll continue ordering the same thing at a restaurant. Service has always been nice so nothing to complain about! Go for their lunch specials, it's decently priced. —Jujubean

2012-07-02 17:29:35   This is my favorite of the Thai restaurants in Davis. I've been there probably 30 times in the last 10 years. Great food, delightful service and a nice atmosphere. It is just like being in Thailand, except the air is not a yellowish broth of humidity and exhaust fumes... —sys$hobbit

2012-08-12 14:23:49   It's too bad their dishes are too expensive for me otherwise I would eat here more often. I love their duck curry. Amazing stuff. —OliviaGlass

2013-03-12 10:05:39   I come here quite often, averaging 1-2 times a week for lunch. Around 12:00pm this place fills up rather quickly. They often have larger parties for lunch, so if you can come earlier at 11:30am you will most likely avoid crowds and slow serving time. The food: I highly recommend the Hot Basil with beef lunch special. The flavor is fantastic, portion is huge, and since I've cut out carbs I requested extra lettuce to which they obliged with no hassle. The quality is consistent, I can always expect it to taste great. I've ordered pad-thai, duck noodle soup, pineapple fried rice, curry, calamari, and eggplant stir fry before. I gotta say the dishes are all above average (flavorful and consistent, no hit-or-miss). —JessicaYang

2014-07-12 19:05:54   I really do like this place, but their prices are so high. I normally get the Tom is the best Tom Kha I've ever had but it's always been steep at $10 a bowl, with a small side of rice. I called today to order it and was told that the small portion of rice would now be $1.25. The soup itself is not filling enough to justify $10 on it's own, and almost $12 for a bowl of soup for lunch is just a little ridiculous. I probably won't be going back much, which is a shame because I've yet to find Tom Kha that is as good. I guess I'll start looking again.

The rest of their food is hit or miss- I like the pineapple fried rice a lot. The pad se-ew was ok one time I got it and very flavorless the next time. My coworker got some duck noodle soup for lunch about a week ago. It was also in the $10-12 range and he said it was so bad he couldn't finish it. —KianaFreitas