A poster for a past show called "Empty Space and Light: An Undergraduate Installation Show" A poster for a past show: "30 Chairs 30 Days"

In the tradition of hiding things in basements, the Art Department decided to stash an art gallery in the basement of the Art Building. It is a student run gallery that accepts submissions from anyone, whether or not they are an art major. For more information on exhibits and submitting work, go to the art building and read the flyers, or email the Basement Gallery directors at student.art.gallery@gmail.com.

The Basement Gallery is a student-run, student-organized art gallery located on the UC Davis campus. Our mission as gallery directors is to create an exciting art space of sophisticated and professional art shows that appeal to diverse crowds and that highlight the quality work being made by students. By doing this, we hope to establish the Basement Gallery as a vital alternative space for seeing important new work and for experiencing interesting and innovative art shows.



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2005-01-27 18:50:40   I think that this should be called "The Basement Gallery" because that's what it's called. the article distingushes it from other basement galleries. it's not just a basement gallery, it's The Basement Gallery. —ArlenAbraham

2005-01-28 15:08:55   Are there other basement galleries? I think it's more appropriate to leave articles out of page names, such as in the case of the Arboretum. And wherever there is ambiguity, it's much better to add descriptive words to the page name rather than an article. Calling the page The Basement Gallery doesn't really resolve the problem of having multiple basement galleries. Perhaps Art Department Gallery or something along those lines would be more appropriate if there are truly several basement galleries. —MikeIvanov

2005-09-30 15:13:29   I get a 404 error when I try to visit the website. Has it been moved? —GeoffJohnson

2012-03-15 11:59:52   It's really cool walking through here. —JQuest

2013-01-01 17:52:32   Does anyone know what the art building hours for the art studios are? It used to be that the building would be open for art students to work in the studios from 7am to 7pm daily, including holidays and weekends, but I have noticed that it seems to always be locked now. Is there any dependable way to know when it's possible to access the studios to work on projects? —quarabaloosa