The Bo Tree Yoga Studio
803 Second Street, Suite C-1
(530) 400-6292

The Bo Tree is a lovely green yoga studio built with only non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable materials. The Bo Tree is the oldest and most comprehensive studio in Davis. Many types of classes with a vast range of levels and intensities offered, including Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga, Healthy Back Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Teens. All classes are safe and balanced. The Bo Tree has a number of highly qualified instructors, all have completed at least a 200-hour training, and all are registered with Yoga Alliance. Dennis Eagan is the master teacher and offers a 200-hour teacher training, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Classes can be paid for on a drop-in basis. Discounts for multiple classes, seniors, students. Plenty of parking available nearby, and there are bike racks out front.

The primary instructor was formerly Meghan Bowen who practiced prana flow. Prior to May 2007, they were located on Peña Drive, and then, prior to 2011, 817 4th Street.

The Bo Tree has no connection to The Face of Boe.


The new studio

The entrance to the 4th Street location

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Older Reviews

Current Reviews

2007-06-14 23:59:18   The new studio is certainly aesthetically pleasing

2007-09-19 21:14:16   The new studio is stunning, and Meghan's classes continue to be inspiring and enlivening. Long live The Bo Tree. Anyone looking for a real yoga community would be lucky to find this one. —Calvin

2008-02-22 15:39:10   i've liked meghan's classes in the past, but find that other instructors are often more centered and focused. overall this is a very nice studio and a very special place to practice yoga, tho i get the sense that they'd benefit from having a better balance of teachers. —LMS

2009-04-24 08:13:56   The primary instructor, Meghan Bowen, left Davis in June 2008 and the quality of instruction has really gone down hill. The Bo Tree seems very amateurish and I don't like the vibe. —janec

2009-04-24 11:13:29   I just went for one class and was really impressed with the instructor's (Christine) teaching ability. I think it is a great environment for a yoga practice. —YK

2009-05-28 17:56:34   What a dump. I agree with Jane C that this place has seriously gone down hill. Total wast of your time and money— i would have a beter yoga experience in my living room— and it would be cleaner, too.


2009-06-04 11:35:35   Had my first class last night with Christine, it was great, looking forward to the next class. —Rebbax

2009-06-10 14:29:10   What a great experience I was able to pay on-line, and sign up for the classes I wanted on-line. All I had to do when I got there was sign in and begin - it was fantastic. I sent a note to the owner Teri, and she responded in a few hours. Great service. Not sure what a couple people refer to when they say it is not clean - maybe they were in a different studio. Great vibe on the two practices I attended. The 5:30 class fills up fast so get there early. —Rebbax

2009-10-04 18:06:33   this is my first yoga studio in davis and i can only say great things about it. I love the cork floors and wonderful lighting. they provide such a comforting and peaceful environment in which to practice. the floors are so quiet that you hardly notice when the teacher walks around or someone comes in late. i have only been to christine's vinyasa classes and they are amazing. she is always willing to help you into a more challenging pose and allows each student to constantly challenge themselves. it would be awesome if there were better prices for students, but $110 for 10 classes is pretty good for the high quality that you receive. —AlexandraEllis

2010-04-28 23:16:51   This is the best yoga place ever in Davis. I am a very beginner, rescently got into yoga so much, and tried many different yoga places in Davis, but most places is just like watching DVD with sclient teacher- teachers only name the position of Yoga, and usually I was busy with watching other people and try to mimic, and usually my mind end up being busy and tired and sometimes hurt myself becuase I did not know the correct way to practice yoga. In bo tree you can actually learn real yoga in a correct way. Instructors in bo tree always explain the details of different yoga poses. There are many different teachers in this place, and I believe I attended at least half of them, and all of them were extremely nice, helpful and knowledgeable. You can actually practice highly quality yoga in this place, and by the end, your mind is very calm and relaxed in spite of quite intense yoga practice. Plus, this place is so clean and decorated nicely, contrast to other places in davis-stinky and out of fashion. I highly recommand this yoga place, must be the best in this city. —Eunlee

2013-08-16 10:34:48   I was there once and it was great! I recommend it to everybody! —GeoMichael